Tear Jerker / Ascension

Ascension is filled with sad moments throughout the game, from the lives of the main characters all the way to the Crapsaccharine World that many places in the Ascension-verse are.

Chapter 1
  • Sky's guilt over not measuring up to her mother, who died trying to protect Sky.
  • The flashback into Aida's Dark and Troubled Past that ensues after Aida passes out from touching an incubus is probably the saddest moment in this chapter. Aida's grandmother was killed and Aida was mortally wounded by King Kael. Notably, this is the first time that Aida had felt pain in her life. The fact that blood is spattered onto the screen, along with the Heartbeat Soundtrack and the heavy breathing in the background puts this in the Nightmare Fuel category.
  • Sky's father being murdered by the Eagles, especially Sky cradling his head with tears streaming down her face.
  • Aida being trapped in the crumbling castle. The rest of the crew mourn her supposed death.
Chapter 2
  • Little Seena tearfully agreeing to leave her Lith clan, without anyone to take care of her, because she is "bad".
Chapter 3