Tear Jerker / Adele

  • From 19:
    • "Hometown Glory" is an odd one in that is sounds fantatical with how Adele describes the city, but the the overall sound and the situation that caused it's writing (Adele not wanting to leave for university) make it rather depressing.
    • "Chasing Pavements" is sad in just how desperate she sounds on the track.
  • From 21:
    • "Someone Like You" is so overwhelmingly heartbroken that SNL parodied it in a sketch with Emma Stone.
    • "Don't You Remember" tears at all the right heartstrings too.
    • "Turning Tables" also gets damn close to that, thanks to this beautiful piano accompaniment.
  • From 25:
    • "Hello," about an attempt to reconnect a broken relationship, is so damn sad that it practically went memetic over how sad it was.