Tear Jerker / A Scotsman in Egypt

  • The death of Edward and Edmund Canmore, complete with this awesome and touching ending line:
    Edward: "Do you think there'll be women?"
  • The death of Domnall as well, especially when combined with "The Eldar".
    Domnall: "I'm so proud of the man ye became Aodh, and Father would be too.. and Uncle... but the story of my death is the story of my life.... I was nae Edward Canmore."
    Aodh: "Aye... ye were better."
  • Nevin of Shetland's death.
    "I will see ye again, Nevin of Shetland," Aodh insisted, and Nevin nodded weakly,"I WILL see ye again!"
  • In Chapter 20, there's a brief scene showing two grizzled old Scottish Highlanders, who were cousins that part of the force that stormed Jerusalem. One of them has died in battle, and the other is weeping over his body, while he himself bleeds from a mortal wound that he's refusing to acknowledge. Its one of the quieter but most powerful scenes in the story, that serves to remind the reader that these battles involve people.