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Talking To Himself: Comedy

  • Eddie Izzard does this on-stage, as would most stand-up comedians who do voices. However, he regularly lampshades it. Also, the only voices he can really do are Sean Connery and James Mason. Which he lampshades too.
    • Particularly amusing is that it is Eddie Izzard playing James Mason playing God, scolding Eddie Izzard playing Sean Connery playing Noah :)
  • Jeff Dunham is an exemplary showcase of this trope, what with being a ventriloquist and all. Epically lampshaded by Peanut in Spark of Insanity, after Peanut jokes about the pronunciation of Jeff's name:
    Peanut: You know, the weird part is I am actually pissing him off. And he would like to kill me! But he will not because that would be a form of suicide!
    • Peanut also flat-out calls him on this during the appropriate-titled Arguing with Myself:
  • Michael Mcintyre has been known to perform conversations with himself on stage, often adopting different voices while doing so.
    Mcintyre: I've been down there and it's not pretty, they're all wearing trousers, so we're gonna open with a skirt. Modelling it here is Scott. You alright, Scott? I'm alright. But you've got me in a skirt. I'm not happy about that yet.
  • In the comedy miming duo The Umbilical Brothers Shane often does all of the voices - including David's, who will often simply mime - and all of the sounds.

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