Take That / Pinball

  • In Red & Ted's Road Show, one of the random signs in the window of Bob's Bunker is "Secret Video Mode", a mocking reference to the missing "secret video mode" from Star Trek: The Next Generation game.
    • Subverted; it doesn't actually reveal a video mode, but a different secret instead.
  • Dr. Dude boasts its Gazillion-point jackpot as a jab to Williams, who incorrectly claimed that their Comet pinball had the first ever million-point shot.
  • In Capcom's Breakshot, executing a "Capcombo" (Bank Shot or left Super Cue followed by right orbit) shows an animation of a moose kicking a cow. Now remember that cows are a long-standing pinball Easter Egg originating from competitor Williams Electronics...
  • Scared Stiff:
    • Greg Freres admits most of the faces on the Stiff-O-Meter are his former elementary school teachers.
    • One of the videotapes on the backglass is "Black Thursday" by "UM", a reference to a day when everyone at Williams Electronics was laid off en masse. "UM" refers to "upper management".
  • The Video Mode for Data East's Lethal Weapon 3 is a shooting gallery game. A cow occasionally appears as a target worth one million points; some have interpreted this as a Take That against Williams Electronics, who started the "Hidden Cows" tradition in pinball games.
  • No Good Gofers takes aim at SEGA machines, in this case Twister, when Bud yells "Everybody underground now!" during the multiball restart.
  • Mr. Gore, the Man Behind the Man of Crüe Ball, is based on Al and Tipper Gore's founding of the Parent's Music Resource Center, which infamously crusaded against metal bands and other "scandalous" acts in the 80's.
  • The playfield for Bone Busters shows a massive sinkhole with a stretch taxi that's fallen in, a subtle dig at Williams Electronics' Taxi.