Tabletop Game: Yomi

Yomi is a card game that simulates a fighting game. It is a card game designed by David Sirlin, a known champion fighting game tournament player and tournament organizer, and is part of his Fantasy Strike universe which features several games with the same characters and settings. It tests your ability to predict how your opponents will act (Yomi is the Japanese word for “reading,” as in reading the mind of your opponent) and your ability to judge the relative value of cards from one situation to the next. Also, it lets you do fun Combos and be a panda. There are 10 characters to choose from, each with their own deck, abilities, and style. Each deck also doubles as a regular deck of playing cards.

Its setting and characters are heavily inspired by Street Fighter, and feature fantastical martial artists participating in a tournament for the sake of competition and bringing conflicted cultures together.

Players perform combat by taking their turns simultaneously and each placing one card face-down, then revealing. There are four combat options in cards: attack, throw, block and dodge. The winner of the combat is determined in a Tactical Rock-Paper-Scissors:
  • Attack beats Throw
  • Throw beats Defense(block and dodge)
  • Defense(block and dodge) beat Attack

If both players choose attack or throw, the faster of the two wins. If both choose defense, nothing happens, although blocks are returned to their user's hand on such a neutral result while dodges are not.

If one wins with an attack or a throw, there is the option to combo. All attacks and throws have different attributes that show their ability to be used in a combo. Winning with a dodge allows the winner to automatically hit with one attack or throw. Winning with a block allows the winner to draw an additional card, as well as return the block to their hand. The loser of the combat can use a face-down Joker to escape further damage or try to bluff by using a face-down normal card.

Despite its seemingly simple Rock-Paper-Scissors style, there is a lot of thought and possibilities behind each possible choice. Do I want to make great combo strings? Knock the opponent down with just one throw? Increase my hand size to improve the power and amount of my options? What is the opponent going to choose? Also, every character has their own special ability that affects the play, and every deck is different, forcing you to adapt according to your own and your opponent's deck.

A character sheet can be found here.

An electric adaptation of Yomi is available online .

This card game provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Assist Character: A 2v2 mode simulates a tag-team match where one's benched ally can come in for a special attack or throw when requested, if the proper resources are spent.
  • Combo Breaker: The two Jokers found in each deck can be used in this capacity. A joker used after losing the combat negates any damage not received from the card the combat was lost to.
  • Combos: Simulated by playing extra attack cards after landing a hit.
  • Confusion Fu: When Zane starts a combo, he reveals two cards from his deck and can use one to continue the combo. Zane doesn't even know what he's going to do until he does it.
  • The Dominatrix: Persephone, from the expansion, has major elements of this. Her passive ability is called Dominance and some of her unique abilities include Do As Told, Bare Your Soul, and Mistress's Command. Plus the outfit.
  • The Gambler: Lum is a panda who likes to take risks. His special Dodge results in a one-sided game of Blackjack, where you can end up doing 21 damage to your opponent...or none, if you get unlucky. Any time you hit with an attack, you can Roll The Dice by discarding the top card of your deck for useful, if unpredictable, effects. And he has the option for a Poker Flourish, using cards in his discard and hand to create poker hands for bonuses.
  • Glass Cannon: Setsuki has the fewest HP in the game, and is rewarded for throwing out fast combos...if she starts a round with 1 or fewer cards, she gets to draw 5.
  • Gradual Grinder: Argagarg's special power is that he inflicts 2 damage on his opponent at the end of every round if he isn't knocked down. Arg tends to play the long game, and is really happy when both he and his opponent block. His Ace card can create a shield which pumps it up to 4 damage per tun and negates the next damage he takes.
  • Immune to Flinching: Rook's Windmill Crusher throw beats most fast attacks, even though Rook still takes the damage.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Grave and Jaina, siblings. Grave is a dedicated, serious samurai who specializes in controlling the opponent, countering their abilities, and then crashing down with massive damage. Jaina is a fiery risk-taking archer who can burn her own HP in order to get the cards she wants.
  • Super Toughness: Rook is literally made of rock, has lots of Blocks, and doesn't dodge. At all.
  • Oh Crap!: This is the reaction you get when you hit the opponent with an Ace attack or throw, especially if you hit with an attack requiring all four.
  • Tactical Rock-Paper-Scissors: The essential mechanic of the game, with some significant changes. Think of it this way: there are two kinds of Paper which act differently but both beat Rock. Also, a fast Rock can beat a slow Rock, and a fast Scissors can be a slow Scissors. And after hitting with Rock or Scissors, you can then follow up with more Rocks and Scissors as a combo. Plus every character has a completely unique array of rocks, paper and scissors, many of which have special abilities. OK, so it kind of breaks down after a while.
  • White Mage: Gloria's subtitle is "Hopeful Healer" and she can discard from her hand in order to heal herself.