Tabletop Game / The Spoils

The Spoils is a CCG created by Tenacious Games and released in November 2006.

The game borrows heavily from Magic: The Gathering in terms of gameplay, with a few changes here and there to streamline the gameplay. For instance, all players begin the game with two resources in play to avoid Mana Screw.

The game is, like MtG, divided between five different colors, or trades, each of whom uses its own type of resource:
  • Arcanists - Magicians and cultists. Uses Obsession as a resource.
  • Bankers - As the name suggests, these guys utilize money to get their way. Uses Greed, fittingly.
  • Gearsmiths - Engineers and creators of the fantastic and weird. Speak in 1337. Uses Elitism.
  • Rogues - Gamblers, scoundrels and con men, Rogues rely on quick wit and reflexes to survive. Uses Deception.
  • Warlords - Soldiers, berserkers and knights, Warlords rely on brute strenght. Uses Rage.

The story is this: Sometime in the future, the universe spontaneously resets; the stars shift positions in the sky, the laws of physics are rewritten and the great works of man disappear, leaving the world a blank slate. Several millenia later, life has returned to the earth, now known as Luridia, in the form of the the Mau, the 31v35, and humanity. The story begins with 1st Ed. which takes place 150 years after the fall of the Marmothan Empire. The Seed Cycle, the first expansion set, serves as a prequel taking place during the fall of the Marmothan Empire.

The game is also notable for the heavy amount of Memetic Mutations cited in its flavor texts, with references to/from Family Guy, Futurama, SpongeBob SquarePants, Predator, the Beastie Boys and so on.

Tenacious sadly went under in early 2008, but the rights to the game were picked up by Arcane Tinmen, who are currently working on the fourth expansion to the game.

This game contains examples of: