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Mitos y Leyendas (lit: Myths and Legends) was a Chilean trading card game, launched in the year 2000. Gameplay-wise, the game was heavily based on Magic: The Gathering, pretty much like most collectable Trading Card games, but there are two points that make this game remarkable. First one was the art, which was beautiful to say the least. The second was that, since it was produced for Latin America, it included a lot of folklore and legends from Latin America that are rarely seen anywhere else. There also are from places all around the world (like Greece, Japan or Egypt), but the Latin American ones are the most noticeable. Having a card based on "San Martin" is something you don't see everyday!

Since the game was produced with the Spanish-speaking market in mind (and not globally like Yu-Gi-Oh! or Magic: The Gathering), the company who produced the TCG went into bankruptcy in 2009, leaving the game on "undefined hiatus". You should be aware that there are English and German translations of this game, but they were not the main target.

While no more cards are being produced, there are internet communities still interested in the game, who keep on producing different ways to play it (like Of course, most of them only speak Spanish, so ...

Since this article doesn't seem to be edited a lot, we recommend you visit The Other Wiki for information about this game here. Also, there is a DeviantArt user of Mitos y Leyendas artists, who are planning to compile their best work for Mitos y Leyendas there. In case you are interested, you can see it here.

A new version "Furia", made by Klu! and Fenix Entertainment, was launched in 2014. Being uncompatible with previous versions of the game.

This game provide examples of: