Tabletop Game: Mist Robed Gate

Which is more important: your desire or your life?

Your life's work, uniting warring kingdoms under a banner of peace and prosperity.Your one true love, a blind musician whose entire family was slaughtered by mercenaries.Your integrity, healing your name from the blood and bruises of a violent, reckless youth.Your freedom, forbidden to you by your iron-clad place in a privileged, insulated world.

You can never have both.

-Back cover text

Mist Robed Gate is a tabletop roleplaying game written by Shreyas Sampat which emulates emotionally difficult kung-fu action, such as Wu Xia and some more Melodrama-inspired anime. Mist Robed Gate games almost always swing between Tearjerker and Kill 'em All. And, of course, Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting in every game. It is available here.

Common tropes: