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Tabletop Game: Maelstrom
Maelstrom is a interesting classic game from the 1980s. Published by Fighting Fantasy and written by a 16 year old named Alexander Scott. It took place in Tudor England and had a focus on the common people, rather than adventures. It is also notable because you didn't need magic or fighters to have a good party, butchers, tailors,labourers and travelling players could have a perfectly good campaign by themselves. Contained a detailed magic system that was entirely optional to use. Several books; Maelstrom, in 1984 and new stuff by Arion games in 2010. Worth a look.

This Rpg contains examples of:

Low Fantasy: There is very little magic, what little there is is wrapped in superstition and the whole set of rules can be removed altogether with little change to the game. Blends into Historical Fantasy.

The Houseof Tudor: The dynasty that rules England at the normal games start. A later campaign may follow into The Houseof Stuart
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