Tabletop Game / Linnare: A Hyrulean Strategy Game

A complex board game made by Lockon Lockon that is best described as Chess meets Tactical Rock-Paper-Scissors. It is inspired by The Legend of Zelda series, and is supposedly played in Hyrule.

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The game of Linnare is quite complex. The game is played on a 15 by 15 (15 intersections on each side.) And the pieces are played on the intersections. The first 3 rows on either side is your “territory”.

  1. Players determine who goes first. At the beginning of the game, the player chooses what type of pieces they wish to use.
  2. Players alternate each turn, moving their pieces.
  3. Pieces capture with a rock, paper, scissors mechanic. Power beats wisdom, wisdom beats courage, courage beats power.
  4. The player wins when his or her opponent A) cannot capture anymore pieces or B) their general cannot avoid capture.

Pieces: There are two sides, and each side has pieces in power, wisdom and courage types. Each player has one general, eight serfs, four lances, two cavalrymen, two swordsmen, and a hero.

  • General: Can move one space in any direction. Can only capture a piece in one of these eight spaces. Serves as the game's "king:
    • Pieces per type: 1
  • Serf:May move twice forward on first turn. Otherwise only moves one forward. Captures forward, or to the immediate diagonals. May promote to Hero. Serves as the game's "pawn"
    • Pieces per type: 8
  • Lance: May move up to three spaces orthogonally. Can capture pieces two spaces diagonally as well as orthogonally.
    • Pieces per type: 4
  • Hero: Can move up 5 spaces vertically or horizontally, can change direction mid move, as long as total distance does not exceed five. Can capture a piece adjacent to its endpoint. Serves as game's "Queen"
    • Pieces per type: 9
  • Cavalryman: Must move 3 spaces orthogonally and 2 the the perpendicular of the previous move (like a chess knight, only with an additional square tacked on). Can jump over pieces, and can capture one piece it jumps over.
    • Pieces per type: 6
  • Swordsman: Can move up to 7 spaces diagonally. Can capture pieces in its target square. Is the game's "bishop"
    • Pieces per type: 6

Design: Pieces are circular wooden tiles with designs on the front to indicate what they are.

The board will likely be made of wood, and will have the territories painted in a different color from the back ground. Embellishment is likely.

This work provides examples of: