Tabletop Game: Last Night On Earth

Last Night on Earth is a zombie-themed modular board game created by Flying Frog Productions in which players are split into two groups: Heroes and Zombies. The game objective changes based on which of several different given scenarios has been selected for play. The game takes great care in its thematic elements to achieve the look and feel of a zombie movie, causing the game to exhibit some of the most classic horror movie tropes.

This board game contains examples of:

The Heroes

A listing of the playable heroes and the tropes that apply to them if not to the game directly.(From the original game)(from the Growing Hunger Expansion)(from the Hero Pack 1 Expansion)
  • Victor, Escaped Prisoner
    • The Berserker - Gets an extra fight die for each Hand Weapon he has.
    • Enemy Mine - If playing a game with Law Enforcement heroes.
    • Face of a Thug - Starts a game with the Zombie Card "I Don't Trust 'Em".
    • Master of Unlocking - His Lock Pick ability lets him get through a "Locked Door".
  • Stacy, Investigative Reporter
  • Mr. Goddard, Chemistry Teacher
    • Kill It with Fire - Always counts as having a "Fire" ability, and can ignore the effects of "Lights Out"
    • MacGyvering - Can discard two items to immediately draw a Hero Card, or take an Event (outside of Play Immediately or Townsfolf) from the discard pile.
  • Jade, High School Outcast
(from the Timber Peak Stand Alone Expansion (Not counting returning heroes from the original game))
  • Nikki, Bush Pilot
    • Kill It with Fire - Starts game with a Signal Flare.
    • MacGyvering - Can discard an item to heal a wound from herself or another Hero in her space, or cancel a Zombie Event on the roll of 3+
  • Ed Baker, Lumberjack
  • Alice, Diner Waitress
(from the "Blood in the Forest" expansion pack)
  • Sister Ophelia, Reformed Nun
    • The Atoner/Dark and Troubled Past: It's all in the manual, but Ophelia apparently fell in with The Mafia in her past, and wound up having to kill three hitmen who were ordered to kill her. After getting out of town
    • Continuity Gag: If the story is to be believed, Ophelia killed the three men that Victor would end up arrested for. Considering Ophelia's story mentioned that she "(left) behind her hardluck boyfriend to clean up the mess", there may be more history than we think...
    • Heroic Sacrifice: Her "Redemption" ability lets her take a wound to cancel any Fight on the roll of 3+.
    • Regenerating Health: Her "Dark Past" ability lets her heal a wound if she rolls a 4+ after killing a zombie.
  • Agent Carter, FBI
    • Agent Mulder: Is noted is his bio as "searching for the truth", and his "Hunt for Information" ability allows him to discard the top 3 Hero Cards to draw 2 Hero Cards.
    • CIA Evil, FBI Good: Although holding the "I'm afraid that's classified." philosophy, he's still solidly one of the heroes.
    • Handguns: Starts the game with one based on his "Agent" ability.