Tabletop Game: Janus: The Persona

Janus: the Persona is a fangame for the New World of Darkness.

At first, you thought you were going crazy. You started seeing things, hearing things. You dreamed strange dreams. And finally, one day, you... snapped. Broke. Something was jarred loose, somewhere inside you. And that something now speaks to you. It tells you secrets and asks you for things. It makes such promises...

Janus is a game described by its creator as "evil twins meets Jungian psychology," dealing with themes of duality, identity, and self-discovery. Janusi have just discovered they don't know themselves as well as they thought and struggle to regain equilibrium. It's kind of hard to be introspective when your Superpowered Evil Side is whispering terrible ideas in your ear, however.

Now with Codex!

The Splats of Janus are as follows:

Temperament: One's innate temperament.

  • Sanguine: The Performers and Egomaniacs. They posses the animus of Lust and the anima of Envy.
  • Phlegmatic: The Peacemakers and People-pleasers. They posses the animus of Obsession and the anima of Sloth.
  • Choleric: The Leaders and Control Freaks. They posses the animus of Rage and the anima of Domination.
  • Melancholic: The Fighters and perfectionists. They posses the animus of Perfectionism and the anima of Paranoia.
  • Leukinic: The Masterminds and lunatics. They posses the animus of Madness and the anima of Apathy.

Club: One's beliefs about Janusi in general.

  • Chained Order: The most religious Agency.
  • Moorsen Institute: The most scientific Agency. They believe Janusi are created through people's repressed Psychic Powers.
  • Brimstone Society: Modeled after the old Hellfire Clubs. They tend to use their Shadows for fun and profit.
  • Temple of St. Giles: A Martial Order founded in the 13th century by an extremely moralistic but not particularly religious monk. They believe that the Shadow is a demon come to pay penance for its actions.


  • Super Serum: Tinctures. They let you take your Shadow's form. Your Temperament or Agency determines which ones you can get.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Asha, the "evil" counterparts to the PCs.