Janggi, or Korean Chess, is similar to TabletopGame/{{Xiangqi}}, with the following differences:

# There is no river.
# Pawns have a sideways move right off the bat.
# The General and Advisors, while still confined to the palace, can move along all lines thereof.
# Elephants move like a non-leaping Zebra in Fairy Chess (i.e. one point orthogonally followed by two at a forty-five degree angle to the orthogonal direction).
# Generals start in the center of the palace.
# Cannons must leap to move as well as capture, and cannot leap each other.

!This contains examples of:
* GambitPileup
* GlassCannon[=/=]OneHitPointWonder
* [[TheChessMaster The Janggi Master]]: You, if you're good enough.
* OhCrap[=/=]DidntSeeThatComing
* TookALevelInBadass: The Pawns, General, Advisors, and Elephants