Tabletop Game: ICONS: Superpowed Roleplaying

"First and perhaps foremost, I do not believe in the concept of one true game."

ICONS: Superpowed Roleplaying is one of the more recent Superhero Tabletop Games created by Steve Kenson, who had hand in creating Mutants & Masterminds. Unlike the Mutants & Masterminds, ICONS is not a Point Build System, it is a superhero creation is done by the Random Number God. Because of this, it tends to have some incredibly interesting characters, simply because your background, skills, and powers are all randomly generated. The game itself is very reminiscent of the Silver Age, with enemies like ConfederApe. It uses a 2d6 system, assigning one die as "positive" and one as "negative", which was inspired by FATE, which was, in turn, inspired by FUDGE.

Tropes In This Pen and Paper RPG:

Alternative Title(s):

Icons Superpowed Roleplaying