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Tabletop Game: Dungeons And Dragons Encounters
Dungeons And Dragons: Encounters or D&D Encounters, according to the Wizards of the Coast website, is a series of Dungeons & Dragons scenarios sent out by Wo TC to your local gaming store. The sessions are pre-determined so that each week, anyone can show up to any session and start playing with a character of the appropriate level, or even select a pre-generated character that comes packaged with the module. Each session is pre-planned to include at least one battle and last no more than one or two hours, allowing people with busy schedules to play when they can. Naturally, Wo TC's attempts to reach out to casual players tend to polarize its already Broken Base.Each campaign or "season" is broken up into chapters, each of which is further broken up in to "sessions."

This series contain examples of:

"Encounters" as a whole

"Keep On The Borderlands"

"March Of The Phantom Brigade"

"Dark Legacy Of Evard"
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alternative title(s): Dungeons And Dragons Encounters
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