Tabletop Game / Dragon: The Embers

Long ago, dragons ruled the Earth and mankind. It was the Dominon, when a single sneer at a dragon could bring incineration. The dragons liked their power. Then came the day when a mortal realized he could kill a dragon. Realizing they could fight against their oppressors, mankind rose and fought, and soon, drangonkind was forced into hiding. It was the Collapse.

So is the introductory tale of Dragon: The Embers, a fan supplement for the World of Darkness. Dragons are not widespread like vampires, nor do they seem to serve a purpose, like werewolves. Rather, they are dying out, too few in number to take the world again, devouring themselves to live on, forced to literally part with their hearts. An in-progress PDF can be found here. A completed pdf can be found here [1]