Tabletop Game / Chess 2

Chess 2: The Sequel is a chess variant chess variant created by David Sirlin, creator of the Fantasy Strike collection of games. In an effort to remove the rote memorization and prolonged endgame, Chess 2 adds the following new rules:

  • A New Victory Condition: Midline Invasion. A player wins immediately once they legally move their king past the center of the board. Additionally, forcing your opponent into what would be a stalemate position in regular chess also counts as a loss for them and a victory for you.
  • Bidding: When pieces are captured, the defender can challenge the attacker to a hidden-knowledge bid that may result in the attacking piece being destroyed as well.
  • Multiple Factions: Each side can play with one of six different armies, including the Classic Chess army as well as five other variations.

Has a video game version of Ouya.

Chess 2 provides examples of:

  • Amplified Animal Aptitude: The Animal Army is comprised mostly of animals, all of which are intelligent enough to move as strategically as any human army.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: The Two Kings Army has two kings instead of one, and both of them are capable of powerful abilities such as extra turns and enacting a whirlwind attack, making them exceedingly powerful members of their army.
  • Jungle Princess: Jungle Queen, actually, the Queen of the Animal Army.
  • Spin Attack: The warrior kings of the Two Kings Army can do this, destroying all pieces around them, enemy or otherwise.