Trivia / The Wizard

The 1986 TV show:

  • Recycled Script: The episode "Endangered Species", is about a wolf child turns out to be the heir of a murdered co-owner of a company, and the other co-owner wants to finish the job. It was recycled, almost scene for scene, from an episode of Manimal called "Female of the Species". And then the script was recycled AGAIN in 1994 for an episode of Thunder in Paradise, also titled "Endangered Species". The same writers - Michael Berk and Douglas Schwartz - are credited for all three shows.
  • What Could Have Been: The Wizard fansite has drafts for two episodes that would have been written had the series continued. H.E.N.R.I. the robot was going to prominently feature in both of them, helping Simon and Alex. Curiously, neither draft mentions Tillie at all.
  • Written by Cast Member: David Rappaport helped with "Trouble In The Stars", getting a "Story By" credit in the intro.

The 1989 film: