Synopsis / Tekken

While most fighting games rarely, if ever, have a story, Tekken actually has a story amidst of all the characters.


     The Mishima Bloodline 

For the most part, the main storyline revolves around the Mishima family. Put simply...they don't get along. Their story revolves around a struggle for control over the family's corporate and military empire, with the Devil Gene interfering with the proceedings.

Before Tekken 1:

Heihachi Mishima is the owner of a corporation called the Mishima Zaibatsu, which was formerly called the Tekken Zaibatsu and was run by Jinpachi Mishima, Heihachi's father and world renowned martial-artist, until Heihachi overthrew Jinpachi and claimed the Zaibatsu as his own. Heihachi had a beautiful wife known as Kazumi Mishima, however, he killed her upon discovering her dark secret - she carries a genetic defect of supernatural origin known as the Devil Gene, which can cause her to transform into a demonic entity with superhuman strength. Heihachi also has a son called Kazuya, whom he mistreats because he believes his son is weak due to his son's kind and loving nature that came with growing up with a loving treatment from his grandfather Jinpachi. Growing tired of his son's kindness, Heihachi takes his son to a nearby cliff and declares that if Kazuya were truly his son and able enough to take the Mishima Zaibatsu, he would survive the fall and climb back up. Heihachi tosses his son off a cliff, and Kazuya survives, but only thanks to the Devil Gene he inherited from his mother. To further spite his son, Heihachi adopts a Chinese orphan named Lee Chaolan and raises him only to be a rival to Kazuya, nothing more. As Kazuya grew older, he participated in many martial arts championships, gained an undefeated streak, only to have his record blemished in a draw against Paul Phoenix. Recognizing the growth in strength in Kazuya, Heihachi announced the very first King of Iron Fist Tournament.


After the announcement of the tournament, many people have entered, each with their own goal in mind and the strive to win, Kazuya being one of them. After cutting through many of the participants, Paul Phoenix and Lee Chaolan being amongst them, Kazuya makes it to the final round, with his father as the final opponent. After defeating Heihachi, Kazuya tosses Heihachi off the same cliff the former was tossed in as a child. The tournament concludes as Kazuya is now the new King of Iron Fist and the new head of the Mishima Zaibatsu and it seems as though all is well, right?

Tekken 2:

After Heihachi's defeat, Kazuya is now the new head of the Mishima Zaibatsu. With absolute power in his hand, Kazuya goes on to inflict even more unspeakable horrors, marking his deeds even worse as when Heihachi ran the corporation. During Kazuya's reign of terror, it is revealed that Heihachi has survived the fall from the previous tournament and has been training for the day he finally defeats Kazuya and reclaims what he had lost. Hearing that his father has returned, Kazuya announces the second King of Iron Fist tournament to wipe the floor with anyone foolish enough to stand in his way. During the tournament, Kazuya encounters a woman called Jun Kazama, and unwittingly falls for her and impregnates her with his unborn son, Jin. After some time, Heihachi eventually makes it to the final round and battles Kazuya once more. Kazuya is defeated due to his internal struggle between his evil side Devil, and his good side Angel, which appeared after meeting Jun. Kazuya then transforms into his Devil form and does battle with Heihachi for one last time. Kazuya is defeated by Heihachi and to make sure he stays dead, Heihachi tosses Kazuya into an erupting volcano.

Tekken 3:

Fifteen years after the conclusion of the 2nd King of Iron Fist Tournament, Jun Kazama is found living with her son, Jin Kazama. Sensing that something is wrong, Jun tells Jin that should anything ever happen to her, Jin should go to his dear old grandfather, Heihachi Mishima. Speaking of Heihachi, he has organized his own team, the Tekken Force, an organization which has helped protect the Mishima Zaibatsu and has led to world peace. However, Heihachi has heard rumors of a being called Ogre after a squadron of Tekken Force soldiers has been wiped out by said being. With Ogre on his mind, he formulates a plan to capture Ogre and of course, take over the world. On Jin's 15th birthday, Ogre arrives and Jun tells Jin to run away, but against his mother's pleas, battles Ogre, only to be swatted away and knocked unconscious. Soon after, Jin wakes up to find his home completely wrecked and his mother nowhere in sight. Following his mother's wishes, Jin finds Heihachi, tells him everything that has happened and asks to be trained by him so that he can avenge his mother, and is taken in by his dear old grandfather.

At the age of 19, Jin has became an impressive martial arts fighter thanks to his grandfather's training. Heihachi then announces the Third King of Iron Fist tournament so he can lure out Ogre while Jin enters to take down Ogre once and for all, all the while unaware of his grandfather's secret motives. Jin cuts through many opponents, one of them being his rival Hwoarang, whom Jin had defeated during Heihachi's tutelage and is now itching for a grudge match. Jin arrives at Ogre's temple and before Jin can face Ogre, he faces off against his grandfather. Heihachi battles Jin so that he can test his skills and during the battle, Heihachi noticed that Jin was starting to show dangerous amounts of power, the same amounts Jin's father Kazuya had. Jin defeats Heihachi and advances onwards still unaware of what lies ahead. After Paul Phoenix, a contender of the previous two tournaments, defeats Ogre, he pridefully leaves the tournament, unknowing that the tournament still continued after his sudden departure and Ogre had transformed into a much more beastly form. Jin arrives and takes down True Ogre with all the fury he could muster. After True Ogre's defeat, Jin is then gunned down by the Tekken Force led by Heihachi and since Ogre is gone, Heihachi no longer needs Jin for his own ends and blasts Jin in the head. Not long after, one of Heihachi's men is thrown across the room, Heihachi bearing witness to the birth of Devil Jin, due to the Devil gene Jin inherited from his father Kazuya. Jin strikes down Heihachi one last time and flies off into the night, Heihachi in shock and awe of the recent events.

Tekken 4:

20 years ago, Kazuya Mishima was thrown into the mouth of a volcano by his father Heihachi. Many had assumed he died.

He didn't.

G Corporation, a rival company to the Mishima Zaibatsu, had discovered Kazuya's burned corpse only a few days after the incident. Through the use of cutting edge biotechnology, he was resurrected. Out of gratitude, Kazuya allies himself with G Corporation, voluntarily subjecting himself to experiments in order to study the Devil Gene. He remained the company's greatest secret for 20 years until one day, when the lab was suddenly attacked by members of Heihachi's Tekken Force, in the hopes of stealing their secrets. Kazuya is discovered by members of the Tekken Force, but he effortlessly slaughters them all with his newfound control over the Devil.

Meanwhile, Jin Kazama has been training in a karate dojo in Australia. Ever since the day Heihachi betrayed him, Jin has hated everything involving the Mishima bloodline, and has resolved to end his curse by killing Heihachi. He has unlearned the Mishima-ryu style, and learned traditional karate instead.

It is around this time that new invitations for the King of Iron Fist Tournament are sent out.

Kazuya and Jin proceed through their opponents, until the two are the only remaining finalists. Before their match, however, Jin is captured and taken to the Mishima Zaibatsu's Hon-maru compound. Winning be default, Kazuya confronts Heihachi but loses to him. Heihachi does not kill him, but instead takes Kazuya to Hon-maru to meet his son.

Kazuya and Heihachi arrive at Hon-maru, where Jin is chained with bonds that have been specially designed to nullify his Devil powers. Kazuya immediately turns into Devil upon seeing Jin, explaining that a fragment of itself split off from Kazuya moments before he was burned to death by the volcano, and implanted itself within Jin. After effortlessly knocking Heihachi away, Devil moves towards Jin to take its power back, but Kazuya regains control, and states that he has now merged himself with Devil completely by unifying their powers. Kazuya now has full control of the Devil, and can unleash it at will.

Kazuya proceeds to fight Jin, but Jin gets the upper hand and defeats his father. Heihachi returns to take Jin's power for himself, but Jin effortlessly defeats him too. Poised to finally kill his father and grandfather, Jin transforms into Devil Jin and readies himself to get rid of Heihachi first, but he sees a vision of his mother Jun, and drops Heihachi.

"Thank my mother, Jun Kazama."

With those words, Jin flies off into the night, leaving Kazuya and Heihachi unconscious within the Hon-maru temple.

Tekken 5

Shortly after Jin's departure, an army of Jack robots surround the Hon-Maru temple to eliminate both remaining Mishimas. Kazuya and Heihachi fought together back-to-back for survival, but eventually, Kazuya betrayed Heihachi and tossed him to be dogpiled by Jack robots that executed a sequence of mass self destruct while Kazuya fled by transforming into the Devil. The Hon-maru explosion was witnessed by the ninja Raven and declared that "Heihachi Mishima is dead." Although unknown to Raven, Heihachi was instead thrown far away and survived, but he was unconscious for a very long time.

Meanwhile, with Heihachi's absence, the Mishima Zaibatsu was in a vacuum of power, but all of the sudden, someone took over. The explosion of Hon-maru released the imprisoned Jinpachi Mishima, but in his time of imprisonment, he became possessed with a dark power similar with the Devil. With what remains of his good heart, he used his reclamation of his old Zaibatsu to announce the fifth King of Iron Fist Tournament, and hoped that someone strong will be able to put him out of misery.

Amongst the participants were Kazuya and Jin. Kazuya entered in order to find out if the Zaibatsu was the ones sending the Jacks to kill him. But to his surprise, it wasn't the Zaibatsu, but the very same group that resurrected him: the G Corporation. Noticing this, Kazuya lost interest and dropped out of the tournament to exact his vengeance over this treachery, letting Jin advance to the finals. His intention was to eliminate the cursed bloodline of Mishima and he defeated Jinpachi.

On his victory, Jin received his prize, the ownership of Mishima Zaibatsu. From that point on, something seemed to change as Jin began to look a lot more sinister than usual...

Tekken 6

Upon claiming ownership of the Zaibatsu, Jin began to act a lot more ruthless than usual, repeating the same practices of his father and grandfather and took it even further to initiate a third world war, making people see him as a tyrant. In the same time, Kazuya, after slaughtering everyone in the section of G Corporation that orchestrated his betrayal, managed to take over the Corporation and amassed a lot of influence, enough to match the Zaibatsu's influence. The people saw this as a sign of a savior for the tyrannical Zaibatsu and gave support to Kazuya. To retaliate on this, Jin announced the sixth King of Iron Fist Tournament to eliminate all oppositions.

And even the Tekken Force began to question Jin's methods and decided to rebel secretly. They are led by a charismatic man named Lars Alexandersson, bastard son of Heihachi. During one of his raids, he stumbled upon Alisa Boskonovitch, a robot based on the daughter of Dr. Geppeto Boskonovitch, and took her as his friend. They grew close as they uncover about the whole war between the Zaibatsu and the G Corporation... until Lars finally confronted Jin atop of his throne...

What was formerly a battle Lars could win was turned upside down when Jin reveals that Alisa is programmed to spy on his movement and had her turn against him. Fortunately, Lars was saved by Raven, who took him to a desert area, a ruins of an ancient God. Jin and Kazuya headed there, and in there, Lars witnessed the appearance of the progenitor of the Devil Gene, Azazel. Lars seemingly defeated him, but while exiting, he was ambushed by Jin and Alisa.

After being forced to defeat and dismantle Alisa, Lars managed to defeat Jin, and made him admit that every one of his atrocities was a gambit to ensure Azazel took form so he could be destroyed once and for all and rid the world from the cursed Devil Gene. True to his words, Azazel returned to form, this time as a gold-colored, more powerful version of himself. Jin tackled the beast to oblivion, hoping to perish together with him.

With Jin gone, the Zaibatsu would require another reformation, something that would be taken care of by Jin's bodyguard, Nina Williams. Alisa was successfully repaired by Lee Chaolan (who lent his aid to Lars beforehand) and Lars seemed to return to his duties as a Tekken Force soldier. However, much to Raven's surprise, it seemed that Jin survived... again.

Unbeknownst to anyone, the primary cause of the Mishima bloodline's horrible feud still lingered.

Kazumi alive.

To Be Concluded in Tekken 7

     The Kings 

There is also an on-going sub story revolving the masked luchadores under the name 'King'. While they are not involved with the Mishimas, they also form up a bit of a continuity.


A wrestler named King was once a man without cause except only fighting, until he came across a church and an orphanage. Inspired by the children, he changed his attitude, becoming a Face in a wrestler's arena. He is not alone, he is accompanied with his best bud, Armor King, who serves as his Heel. With the orphanage bill getting too high, he decided to enter the first King of Iron Fist Tournament to cover up for the bill... but ultimately he failed. However, the children were still inspired with his tenacity so King thought all wasn't so lost...

Tekken 2

Unfortunately, tragedy struck upon King. One of the children in his care died, possibly caused by his failure to win. King was sent into depression and began drinking to dissuade the pain. Armor King confronted him and snapped him out of his haze, telling that this wouldn't be what the dead child wanted. Training himself up again, King entered the second tournament. While King obviously did not win, his tenacity won the children over once again, and it seemed that he had regained his spirit and managed to make up for his old failure. The orphanage was somehow saved and stood strong for years to come.

Tekken 3

Years passed, and tragedy once again struck, this time permanently. King was attacked by the fighting God Ogre and was slain. The children were distraught with the death of their hero, but a young man from the same orphanage refused to see the legacy of King end in tragedy. He met up with the one he knew could help, Armor King, and asked to be trained to succeed the old King. While the young man had to struggle to win back the crowd as the successor, he eventually succeeded, and King II is born, carrying the legacy of the old.

When he finally became a great wrestler on his own, Armor King revealed to him about Ogre, the death of the first King, and the upcoming third King of Iron Fist Tournament. King II entered in order to avenge his idol. Although King II did not win, there was a sense of satisfaction from the numerous matches he endured and the fact that regardless if he lost, Ogre was destroyed and King I's death would be avenged.

Tekken 4

And yet, another tragedy passed in a few years after. One day, Armor King was visiting a bar in Australia, and came across a bar brawl initiated by a Vale Tudo fighter, Craig Marduk. Trying to dissuade the man out of his overconfidence and rudeness, Armor King ended up fighting the man, but age caught up to him and Armor King was killed. However, as a consequence for Armor King I's murder, Marduk was convicted to ten years in prison for second-hand manslaughter. However, one day, he was released by a mysterious benefactor and was told to enter the Fourth King of Iron Fist Tournament. He entered the tournament to meet this benefactor...

King II.

Filled with rage at the death of his mentor, King II applied a vicious beatdown to Marduk and after the unforgiving thrashing, Marduk was hospitalized. King II did not win the tournament, but his objective was complete. However, King II felt that Marduk needed to be taught an even more severe lesson. King II visited the hospital, intending to kill Marduk once and for all. However, upon seeing a photo of Marduk and his family, King II realized that he sunk too low in his rage and that revenge was not the answer. King II decided to let the bygones be bygones and left Marduk alone...

Tekken 5

What King II failed to realize was that Marduk's pride was hurt badly and once he recovered, he sought revenge. After training himself, Marduk donned a black jaguar mask and began interrupting various matches brutally while issuing challenges to King II. In order to clean up his master's legacy, King II decided to enter the fifth tournament to end the feud with Marduk once and for all. In spite of the warnings of his friend, Julia Chang, King II was still adamant in fighting Marduk, but he had another plan in mind. Once he fought Marduk, he defeated him fair and square, and lent his hand to Marduk like a true sportsman. Motivated by this kindness, Marduk accepted defeat and started to clean up his ways. But this was not the end...

Afterwards, Marduk was suddenly assaulted by a mysterious man that was dressed like the man he killed: Armor King. King II also encountered this man, but was instead beaten down with techniques that looked similar to his...

Tekken 6

After recuperating from the assaults and hearing of the sixth tournament, King II and Marduk decided to enter the tournament as a tag team and uncover the mystery, as the same Armor King-like man also entered. During the whole fiasco, King II investigated this new Armor King's locker room and found a shocking piece of evidence... a portrait of TWO Armor Kings!? Meanwhile, to make sure that he wasn't seeing a zombie, Marduk was forced to dig up Armor King's grave and see if the corpse was still there. To Marduk's shock, the corpse was still in place, and the same Armor King stood in front of him, just as King II entered the scene with this revelation.

This man then revealed everything... the man Marduk killed years before was his twin brother, and he is the second Armor King, much like how King II succeeded the first King. But unlike King, he will absolutely show no mercy to the killer of his brother...

     The Williams Sisters 

Another key side story in the Tekken lore is that of Nina and Anna Williams, two Irish sisters who, like the Mishimas, have had it out for each other for the longest time. Their storyline ties into that of the Mishimas much more than King's did, but it still manages to remain it's own for the most part.

Tekken 1

Nina and Anna are the daughters of Richard Williams, a former assassin for the IRA. As his wife taught the girls aikido for self-defense purposes, he taught Nina assassination techniques when she was young, but neglected to teach them to Anna.

Around the time of the first game, Nina is kidnapped by an unknown assailant (though likely a mafia-type organisation), drugged, and commanded to assassinate Heihachi Mishima, the host of the Rave War series of tournaments leading up to the inaugural King of Iron Fist Tournament. She enters the tournament in search of Heihachi, while her sister Anna chooses to enter as soon as she discovers Nina has entered in order to settle a feud. However, Nina is unable to assassinate Heihachi, and Anna quickly snapped her out of her drug induced stupor.

Tekken 2

Shortly after the first tournament, Richard Williams mysteriously passes away. Neither Nina nor Anna know the cause of his death, but they both blame each other for it. Some time later, Nina receives a contract to assassinate Kazuya Mishima, who took over the Mishima Zaibatsu after dealing with Heihachi. As she's tracking him down, and fighting her way through the second tournament, Anna, having finally been taught assassination techniques, is hired by Kazuya to be his lead bodyguard. The sisters encounter each other just as Nina encounters Kazuya, and they proceed to come to blows with one another. Anna wins, and Nina finds herself captured by the Zaibatsu - but rather than killing her, Kazuya orders her to be used as a test subject for a cold sleep machine developed by Dr. Gepetto Bosconovitch, with the purpose of determining how long a living being can be preserved in cryogenic suspension. Upon hearing of this, Anna realises she couldn't bear to be alone for so long, and requests to be used as a test subject alongside Nina. The Zaibatsu accepts, and the sisters are both put into cold sleep and do not awake for nineteen years.

One year into the research, Bosconovitch uses Nina's egg cells to conceive a child through in vitro fertilisation (IVF). It is unclear if the baby was grown inside Nina's womb or that of a different woman, but the child, known to the Zaibatsu as NT-01 would grow up to become boxing prodigy Steve Fox. Kazuya orders for Steve to be used in experiments relating to the Devil Gene, but he quickly realises one of the scientists, Emma Kliesen, was getting too close to him. With both of them endangered, Emma chooses to leave the Zaibatsu and convince them that Steve had died, allowing her to transport him to an orphanage.

Tekken 3

Upon his awakening, Ogre senses high levels of power within the Mishima Zaibatsu, in search of a susceptible body to possess. This causes Nina and Anna to awaken from cryogenic suspension, and while Anna remains as she was before the experiment, Nina awakened with amnesia, and could not remember even having a sister. Ogre manages to turn Nina into his own mind slave, and forces her to kill Jin Kazama. She enters the third tournament in order to accomplish this, but fails.

After Jin defeats Ogre, Nina regains control over herself, but is still suffering from amnesia. Anna enlists Dr. Bosconovitch to help Nina regain her memories, in an attempt to make her remember who she was and prevent her from continuing her life as an emotionless killer, but to no avail. Anna then tries taking Nina to their father's grave, and though this causes her to partially remember her family, this still wasn't enough to keep her from denying who she truly was.

Tekken 4

Two years later, Nina, still unable to remember her past, accepts a contract from the Syndicate, an established criminal organisation, to assassinate the current middleweight boxing champion, Steve Fox, as payback for his refusal to throw a fight. She quickly discovers he will be entering The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, and enters in an attempt to track him down. Anna, however, does not enter the tournament, as she feels that all her efforts to help Nina have gone to waste, and she just wants to move on with her life.

After the tournament, Nina tracks Steve down to a hotel in Venice. Before she can prepare a shot, however, she receives new intel that states Steve was conceived as part of a cryogenics research project by the Mishima Zaibatsu - all but outright stating he was her son all along. She goes to prepare a shot anyway, but is overcome with emotion and is unable to bring herself to shoot him. It is then that Lei Wulong bursts into her room, starting a chase that would result in Nina and Steve meeting face to face for the first time. Steve protects Nina from Lei's attempts to gun her down - but is unable to determine why he did so.

Tekken 5

Thanks to the efforts of Lei, the Syndicate is brought to justice, leaving Nina with little to no purpose in life, and a whole lot of questions. She contacts Anna in an attempt to set the record straight, and she agrees to meet with her. But the second they catch sight of each other, Nina's memories come rushing back to her, and she opens fire. The sisters fight for days on end, but eventually come to a stalemate, and agree to settle their differences at the fifth tournament. When they encounter each other at the tournament, Nina swiftly defeats Anna, leaving her dissatisfied and vowing revenge.

Meanwhile, Steve discovers with the help of Lei that he was not only concieved through the cold sleep experiment, but used as a test subject for the Zaibatsu's Devil Gene research. Steve, left not at all happy with what they did to him, enters the fifth tournament determined to make them pay. And he eventually did - by breaking into one of the Zaibatsu's labs and destroying all of it's equipment, then burning the place down.

Tekken 6

After dealing with Anna, Nina is once again left without a set path to follow. It is then that Jin Kazama, now head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, offers her a job as a high ranking officer of the Tekken Force. Nina, not one for being selective with her employers, accepts the offer, and begins work immediately. Once Anna hears about this, however, she quickly decides to once again ally herself with Kazuya Mishima, who recently became the head of G Corporation - the only conglomerate powerful enough to rival the Zaibatsu in the midst of the war that has engulfed the globe.

It is implied by the events of Scenario Campaign that the two once again fought to a stalemate, but the actual events that transpired between the two during the sixth tournament are unknown. However, throughout Scenario Campaign, Nina is seen working closely with Jin and his other subordinate, Eddy Gordo. At the end, after Jin's supposed death, Nina explains to Lars that she knew of Jin's plan all along, and quickly departs from the area on one of the Zaibatsu's helicopters. However, after Heihachi regains control of the Zaibatsu, Nina is implied to have left the Tekken Force to continue work as an assassin.

As Nina and Anna are doing their dirty work for the Zaibatsu and G Corp, respectively, Steve seeks to get back into the swing of things with boxing. Unfortunately, the conflict between the Zaibatsu and G Corp has resulted in most of the noteworthy tournaments being cancelled, and he can't find any other tournaments to enter. However, Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law then come to him requesting he join them in their attempts to win the sixth tournament, and he accepts. What happens to him after this point is unclear.

     Eddy and Christie 

The series resident Capoeira masters, Eddy Gordo and Christie Monteiro, also have a decently developed story.

Before Tekken 3

One fateful day, eleven years after the second tournament, a 19-year-old Eddy Gordo came home to find his father dying from a gunshot wound. His father had been spending years working to bring down a drug cartel in Brazil, but just as he got the evidence necessary to lock up the offenders, someone put a price on his head. Their house was broken into, and he was gunned down.

Mr. Gordo tells Eddy not to seek vengeance for his death, and tells him that the only way he can truly be safe from the people who murdered him would be to falsely turn himself in. Eddy agrees, mainly due to his lack of knowledge regarding what else he could do. He is sentenced to eight years in prison.

As he was doing time, however, a prison riot broke out. He feared the worst. But then, an old man appeared, and fought off the guards using the martial art of Capoeira. Mesmerised by his power, Eddy then asked the old man if he could teach him everything he knows. The old man agreed to do so on the grounds that he teached his young granddaughter Christie the martial art once he was released from prison.

Tekken 3

Upon his release, Eddy set out to get information on who murdered his father. He hears of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3, and enters thinking the Mishima Zaibatsu will have some information on the murderer's identity.

Unfortunately, he is unable to win the tournament or gain sufficient information to track the murderer down. He then returns to Brazil, and proceeds to make good on the old man's request and train Christie the art of Capoeira. To his surprise, what took eight years for him to master only took two years for her.

Tekken 4

In a surprising turn of events, just as Christie completed her training, Eddy mysteriously disappeared. The only thing he left to her was a note saying, "Those responsible for my father's death must pay." Worrying for her master, she proceeded to search for him - with her only lead being the fourth tournament.

At some point between the third and fourth tournaments, Eddy discovered the identity of the man who killed his father. He broke into his house, and proceeded to interrogate him, demanding to know who called the hit. The drug baron pointed towards a set of photos on his table, revealing that the man he was making dealings with, and the man who put a price on his father's head was Kazuya Mishima, former head of the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Coincidentally, Christie eventually found herself up against Kazuya in the tournament, and lost to him. Christie returned home feeling low, but when she came home, she found that Eddy had returned and discovered the truth, as he said he would.

Tekken 5

Shortly after both Eddy and Christie returned home, Eddy's master was finally released from prison. Unfortunately, he had become very weak, and not healthy in the slightest. They rushed him to a hospital, and were told he was suffering from a terminal illness and only had six months to live. However, they were also told a cure would be possible using technology from the Mishima Zaibatsu, and so Eddy and Christie agreed to enter the fifth tournament to acquire the technology necessary to cure the old man.

It is implied they eventually came to a point where they had to square off with each other - Eddy insisting that he take care of business alone, and Christie getting agitated at the whole situation. It is unknown who advanced in the tournament, but canonically, neither of them won the tournament.

Tekken 6

After the fifth tournament ended, Eddy secretly had a conversation with the Zaibatsu's new leader, Jin Kazama, begging him to help his master in any way he can. Jin tells him that if he joins the Tekken Force and does his dirty work, he will look into the matter, as no cure is available at present. Eddy's master is then transferred to one of the Zaibatsu's medical facilities, and Eddy begins work with the Tekken Force immediately alongside fellow subordinate Nina Williams.

Meanwhile, Christie went home to realise that not only was Eddy missing again, but her grandfather as well. She tried contacting Eddy, but to no avail - and then contacted the hospital her grandfather was being treated at to discover he was transferred to the Zaibatsu facility. Feeling suspicious of the lengths Eddy has gone to to cure his master, she entered the sixth tournament to get answers.

Eddy and Christie's ending has Christie at her grandfather's grave, mourning his untimely demise. Eddy turns up, and Christie slaps him - knowing that he was conspiring with the Zaibatsu, and she was lied to. Eddy, left as nothing more than a shoulder for his student to cry on, decides that all the effort he went through was for naught - and breaks off his ties to the Tekken Force. However, it is unclear as to whether or not this ending is canon, and how exactly Christie found out Eddy was working with the Tekken Force, as it is never elaborated on in Scenario Campaign. That being said, this ending could very well be canon, as Jin's Heroic Sacrifice would probably cost Eddy his last chance at curing his master.