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Synopsis: Tekken
While most fighting games rarely, if ever, have a story, Tekken actually has a story amidst of all the characters. For the most part, the main story focuses on the Mishimas.



Pre Tekken 1:

Heihachi Mishima is the owner of a corporation called the Mishima Zaibatsu, which was formerly called the Tekken Zaibatsu and was run by Jinpachi Mishima, Heihachi's father and world renowned martial-artist, until Heihachi overthrew Jinpachi and claimed the Zaibatsu as his own. Heihachi also has a son called Kazuya, whom he mistreats because he believes his son is weak due to his son's kind and loving nature that came with growing up with a loving treatment from his grandfather Jinpachi. Growing tired of his son's kindness, Heihachi takes his son to a nearby cliff and declares that if Kazuya were truly his son and able enough to take the Mishima Zaibatsu, he would survive the fall and climb back up. Heihachi tosses his son off a cliff, and Kazuya survives, but only thanks to the Devil Gene in his blood. To further spite his son, Heihachi adopts a Chinese orphan named Lee Chaolan and raises him only to be a rival to Kazuya, nothing more. As Kazuya grew older, he participated in many martial arts championships, gained an undefeated streak, only to have his record blemished in a draw against Paul Phoenix. Recognizing the growth in strength in Kazuya, Heihachi announced the very first King of Iron Fist Tournament.


After the announcement of the tournament, many people have entered, each with their own goal in mind and the strive to win, Kazuya being one of them. After cutting through many of the participants, Paul Phoenix and Lee Chaolan being one of them, Kazuya makes it to the final round, with his father as the final opponent. After defeating Heihachi, Kazuya tosses Heihachi off the same cliff the former was tossed in as a child. The tournament concludes as Kazuya is now the new King of Iron Fist and the new head of the Mishima Zaibatsu and it seems as though all is well, right?

Tekken 2:

After Heihachi's defeat, Kazuya is now the new head of the Mishima Zaibatsu. With absolute power in his hand, Kazuya goes on to inflict even more unspeakable horrors, marking his deeds even worse as when Heihachi ran the corporation. During Kazuya's reign of terror, it is revealed that Heihachi has survived the fall from the previous tournament and has been training for the day he finally defeats Kazuya and reclaims what he had lost. Hearing that his father has returned, Kazuya announces the second King of Iron Fist tournament to wipe the floor with anyone foolish enough to stand in his way. During the tournament, Kazuya encounters a woman called Jun Kazama, and unwittingly falls for her and impregnates her with his unborn son, Jin. After some time, Heihachi eventually makes it to the final round and battles Kazuya once more. Kazuya is defeated due to his internal struggle between his evil side Devil, and his good side Angel, which appeared after meeting Jun. Kazuya then transforms into his Devil form and does battle with Heihachi for one last time. Kazuya is defeated by Heihachi and to make sure he stays dead, Heihachi tosses Kazuya into an erupting volcano.

Tekken 3:

Fifteen years after the conclusion of the 2nd King of Iron Fist Tournament, Jun Kazama is found living with her son, Jin Kazama. Sensing that something is wrong, Jun tells Jin that should anything ever happen to her, Jin should go to his dear old grandfather, Heihachi Mishima. Speaking of Heihachi, he has organized his own team, the Tekken Force, an organization which has helped protect the Mishima Zaibatsu and has led to world peace. However, Heihachi has heard rumors of a being called Ogre after a squadron of Tekken Force soldiers has been wiped out by said being. With Ogre on his mind, he formulates a plan to capture Ogre and of course, take over the world. On Jin's 15th birthday, Ogre arrives and Jun tells Jin to run away, but against his mother's pleas, battles Ogre, only to be swatted away and knocked unconscious. Soon after, Jin wakes up to find his home completely wrecked and his mother nowhere in sight. Following his mother's wishes, Jin finds Heihachi, tells him everything that has happened and asks to be trained by him so that he can avenge his mother, and is taken in by his dear old grandfather.

At the age of 19, Jin has became an impressive martial arts fighter thanks to his grandfather's training. Heihachi then announces the Third King of Iron Fist tournament so he can lure out Ogre while Jin enters to take down Ogre once and for all, all the while unaware of his grandfather's secret motives. Jin cuts through many opponents, one of them being his rival Hwoarang, whom Jin had defeated during Heihachi's tutelage and is now itching for a grudge match. Jin arrives at Ogre's temple and before Jin can face Ogre, he faces off against his grandfather. Heihachi battles Jin so that he can test his skills and during the battle, Heihachi noticed that Jin was starting to show dangerous amounts of power, the same amounts Jin's father Kazuya had. Jin defeats Heihachi and advances onwards still unaware of what lies ahead. After Paul Phoenix, a contender of the previous two tournaments, defeats Ogre, he pridefully leaves the tournament, unknowing that the tournament still continued after his sudden departure and Ogre had transformed into a much more beastly form. Jin arrives and takes down True Ogre with all the fury he could muster. After True Ogre's defeat, Jin is then gunned down by the Tekken Force led by Heihachi and since Ogre is gone, Heihachi no longer needs Jin for his own ends and blasts Jin in the head. Not long after, one of Heihachi's men is thrown across the room, Heihachi bearing witness to the birth of Devil Jin, due to the Devil gene Jin inherited from his father Kazuya. Jin strikes down Heihachi one last time and flies off into the night, Heihachi in shock and awe of the recent events.

Tekken 4:

20 years ago, Kazuya Mishima was thrown into the mouth of a volcano by his father Heihachi. Many had assumed he was dead.

But he wasn't.

G Corporation, a rival company to the Mishima Zaibatsu, had discovered Kazuya's burned corpse only a few days after the incident. Through the use of cutting edge biotechnology, he was resurrected. Out of gratitude, Kazuya allies himself with G Corporation, voluntarily subjecting himself to experiments in order to study the Devil Gene. He remained the company's greatest secret for 20 years until one day, when the lab was suddenly attacked by members of Heihachi's Tekken Force, in the hopes of stealing their secrets. Kazuya is discovered by members of the Tekken Force, but he effortlessly slaughters them all with his newfound control over the Devil.

Meanwhile, Jin Kazama has been training in a karate dojo in Australia. Ever since the day Heihachi betrayed him, Jin has hated everything involving the Mishima bloodline, and has resolved to end his curse by killing Heihachi. He has unlearned the Mishima-ryu style, and learned traditional karate instead.

It is around this time that new invitations for the King of Iron Fist Tournament are sent out.

Kazuya and Jin proceed through their opponents, until the two are the only remaining finalists. Before their match, however, Jin is captured and taken to the Mishima Zaibatsu's Hon-maru compound. Winning be default, Kazuya confronts Heihachi but loses to him. Heihachi does not kill him, but instead takes Kazuya to Hon-maru to meet his son.

Kazuya and Heihachi arrive at Hon-maru, where Jin is chained with bonds that have been specially designed to nullify his Devil powers. Kazuya immediately turns into Devil upon seeing Jin, explaining that a fragment of itself split off from Kazuya moments before he was burned to death by the volcano, and implanted itself within Jin. After effortlessly knocking Heihachi away, Devil moves towards Jin to take its power back, but Kazuya regains control, and states that he has now merged himself with Devil completely by unifying their powers. Kazuya now has full control of the Devil, and can unleash it at will.

Kazuya proceeds to fight Jin, but Jin gets the upper hand and defeats his father. Heihachi returns to take Jin's power for himself, but Jin effortlessly defeats him too. Poised to finally kill his father and grandfather, Jin transforms into Devil Jin and readies himself to get rid of Heihachi first, but he sees a vision of his mother Jun, and drops Heihachi.

"Thank my mother, Jun Kazama."

With those words, Jin flies off into the night, leaving Kazuya and Heihachi unconscious within the Hon-maru temple.

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