Synopsis: Super Robot Wars Original Generation

WARNING: This page contains unmarked spoilers.

Episode 0: The Lord of Elementals Part 1

Unknown to the humans, there lied another world beneath the surface of Earth itself. It's called La Gias. It's a world that developed differently than the Earth, with the help of the Elemental Spirits guarding it. It is a place where technology and magic blended. The story began when a certain Hot-Blooded Japanese youth named Masaki Andoh was summoned there from the surface via a spell. After being greeted by a Finnish woman, Tyutti Noorbuck, Masaki ended up riding a mecha there, referred as the Masouki, and showed potential in piloting. Without any chance to go back home and the fact that he was alone there, he accepted the offer to live in La Gias, adopted by Sword Saint Zeoroot zan Zenosakis. He also befriended not just Tyutti, but also fellow surface dwellers such as Huang Yang Long, Ricardo Silvera and many more, and even the royal family, such as Prince Feil-Lord Gran Bilseia and Princess Xenia Grania Bilseia of the Langran Kingdom, but most importantly, the head designer of the Lord of Elementals, Wendy Rasm Iknart.

Masaki came to learn of the troubles within La Gias, including the cult of Shiva Volkruss, as well as the force capable of defeating them: The Lord of Elementals/Masou Kishin, and the fact that the machines chose its pilot/herald and the pilot must originate from the surface. Ricardo has been the herald of the Earth Lord of Elemental, Zamzeed, and soon Yang Long and Tyutti was chosen by the Lords of Elementals of Fire and Water, Granveil and Goddess, respectively. Masaki managed to be chosen by the Lord of Elemental of Wind, Cybuster, only after preventing its theft from Volkruss followers. Following of being chosen by Cybuster, Masaki was granted two familiars, two talking cats Kuro and Shiro.

Using Cybuster, Masaki visited the surface once more and encountered the enigmatic Shu Shirakawa and his mecha, the Granzon. On first sight, Masaki knew that he meant trouble. Shu was a half-Earthling and half-La Gias man, so he had his links to the royal family. However, Masaki's hunch was proven true when Shu arrived with his Granzon and declared that he's defecting to the followers of Shiva Volkruss. Masaki was driven off easily, and Zeoroot took his place in battle, and in front of Masaki's eyes, Shuu murdered Zeoroot, instilling Masaki's extreme hatred to the man. After being calmed down by Wendy, Masaki confronted Shu again, and desperate to defeat Shu, Masaki unlocked a potentially dangerous option: The Possession. Possessed by the spirit that blessed Cybuster, Cyfis, Masaki obliterated Shu, causing him to retreat, but he was put in near death condition afterwards, and only with Wendy giving him a Prana Injection that he survived.

The chaos did not end there. Neighboring kingdom Shutedonia realized the chaos happening within the Langran Kingdom, and decided to seize opportunity to take over the land. Amongst the Shutedonian forces was a face familiar with Tyutti, a surface terrorist Rubikka Hakinnen, who murdered her parents and brother and traumatized her, also nearly becoming the herald of Goddess if it wasn't for her stopping it. The encounter lasted several times, and Ricardo, who had a crush on Tyutti, had to save her from succumbing to Rubikka's hypnosis. However, Rubikka had the last laugh as he managed to kill Ricardo as he tried to protect Tyutti, and Rubikka retreated. Tyutti was completely heartbroken with Ricardo's death and she became fearful to start another relationship.

During Ricardo's last stand, Masaki was sent to the Langran capital, but on the way, from afar, he witnessed the capital being bombed until only ruins remained. When he got to the ruins of Langran, he saw Shu there and blamed Shu for the catastrophe, even if Shu denied. Knowing that he no longer had any business in La Gias, Shu returned to the surface to help an 'old friend'. It later became clear that the Shutedonia would still be pressing the opportunity to seize La Gias, declaring war to the crippled Langran Kingdom. Yang Long, Tyutti and many pilots prepared to defend Langran, while Masaki, still suspicious with what Shu was up to, decided to pursue Shu into the surface...

Episode 1: Divine Wars

It's been two hundred years since the beginning of the "Space Era", a time period when human civilization began expanding into the stars. However, by the start of the 21st century, two meteors struck and destroyed much of the Earth, sending humanity into chaos. By year 179 of the Space Era, secret technology dubbed "Extra-Over Technology" (EOT) was excavated by the Earth Federation Government within a third meteor codenamed "Meteor-3" that had hit Earth at the Marquesas Islands in the South Pacific. Around this time, extraterrestrials are spotted within Earth space; although a small armada, it is stopped by one of the esteemed members of the elite Aggressors, Major Elzam von Branstein, who bring parts of the destroyed drones from the advancing fleet to the eyes of the "Extra-Over Technological Institute" (EOTI).

Meanwhile, avid video gamer and mecha Otaku Ryusei Date gets into the finals of the video game "Burning PT", only to witness an alien attack and discover that Burning PT is but a cover to search for psychodriver pilot candidates. He is drafted by Major Ingram Prisken to participate in his experimental "SRX Team" alongside Raidiese F. Branstein and Aya Kobayashi, stationing on the battleship Hagane. Accompanying him are Kai Kitamura, a former member of the Aggressors team, and Latune Suvorta, a young girl who was a survivor of a brutal trading program called "The School". At the same time, pilot cadet Kyosuke Nanbu is transferred to the North American Langley Base following an accidental piloting test with the Wildraubtier. Drafted into the "ATX Team" under the command of ex-Aggressors member Major Sanger Zonvolt, Kyosuke is partnered with Excellen Browning and Brooklyn "Bullet" Luckfield, stationed with the Hiryu Custom battleship.

During a ceremony unveiling the new Shirogane battleship in the Antarctic, the government begins a plot to secretly surrender to the extraterrestrials, but their meeting is interrupted by Shu, who uses his Granzon to decimate Federation forces. Shu retreats when he encounters his rival Masaki, chasing after him after the events that wrecked La Gias (see above). Shortly after, Bian Zoldark, head of the EOTI, reveals the deception of the Earth Federation Government and declares war. Announcing the formation of the "Divine Crusaders", Bian urges any to stand alongside him and the faction to fight the corruption that has crippled the government. The Hagane and Hiryu Custom are deployed simultaneously to quell the rebellious Divine Crusaders in the "Divine Crusaders War" (DC War). The Hiryu fights in space against the United Colony Corps, the independent armed forces of the space colonies who have allied with the Divine Crusaders, while the Hagane travels to the DC headquarters at Aidoneus Island to cut off the head of the rebellion. Sanger even defects to the Divine Crusaders to ally with his old friend Elzam, promoting Kyosuke to ATX Team leader.

The Earth Federation Army's campaign against the Divine Crusaders comes to a head at their headquarters on Aidoneus Island. As the Hiryuu Custom fights off a drop operation lead by Maier Branstein (Raidiese and Elzam's father), Bian Zoldark faces the combined forces of the Hagane with his mighty Valsion. Zoldark is defeated, yet he reveals his true intentions: his rebellion was kickstarted as a means to unite the world, so it will be strong enough to face an impending alien invasion, rather than select the option of surrender. Even with Bian dead, remnant Divine Crusaders continue to harass the government, unaware of their leader's actual motivations. Bian's daughter Lune Zoldark and Raidiese and Elzam's cousin Leona Garstein, former members of the Divine Crusaders, both turn against the remnants and join the Hagane and Hiryu to follow what they believed were Bian's wishes. Just as the Earth Federation Army mops up the remaining Divine Crusaders, Bian's forewarning of the invaders has come true, and the extraterrestrials, calling themselves the "Aerogaters" of the Ze Balmary Empire, arrive with the intent of conquering humanity.

Ingram declares the time has come to initiate the SRX Team's goal of forming the "Super Robot Type-X" (SRX), a combat-ready machine built specifically to fight against the invaders. Unfortunately, at the Battle of Beijing, Ingram sabotages the transformation sequence of the SRX. Revealing himself as The Mole of the Aerogaters, Ingram retreats with his Aerogater masters and prepares for the final battle with the Earth Federation Army in their massive space station, codenamed the "White Star". In response, Sanger and Elzam come to lend their strength to the Hagane and Hiryu. Despite Ingram's betrayal, the SRX Team succeeds in forming the SRX and at the "L5 Campaign" of pushing the Aerogaters away from Earth space, defeats their former commanding officer, who notes they have grown strong enough to persevere. However, even with Ingram's defeat, the army must contend with Levi Tolar, leader of the Aerogaters, who takes to the frontlines with the towering Judecca.

Although Levi proves formidable, the Earth Federation Army disables the Judecca, but the Aerogater leader's defeat triggers a failsafe: Meteor-3 arises and initiates its self-defense mechanism. Calling itself "Seputagint", the sentient meteor prepares its "final judgment" of exterminating all life on the planet deemed a potential danger to the Balmar Empire. It takes everything the Earth Federation Army has to destroy Septuagint and end the L5 Campaign. Though the threat to humanity is gone, Divine Crusader remnants continue to seek a chance to overthrow the government, and the new Earth Federation Government must contend with the reality that they must be prepared for future incursions with any other extraterrestrials.

Episode 2: The Inspector

In an Alternate Universe where the Earth Federation has become so corrupt, the only power capable enough of opposing them is an organization who follows the philosophy of evolution through eternal conflict. Calling themselves the "Shadow-Mirror", they seek to spread the seeds of war through the multiple universes through an interdimensional-travelling device called "System XN". On advice from Shadow-Mirror researcher Lemon Browning, their top ace Axel Almer, an ex-Earth Federation Army soldier, is sent to steal the Time Flow Engine from the Excellence machines of the Gureden siblings Raul and Fiona, believing they would be an asset to the organization. Unfortunately, their encounter is interrupted by the mysterious interloper Duminuss, who attacks the Guredens, causing a wormhole to open from Fiona's Excellence and taking the siblings and their crew into another dimension.

Narrowly escaping Duminuss, Axel rendezvous with the remaining Shadow-Mirror at the Tesla Leicht Institute, as they prepare for their interdimensional jump with one of two System XN devices away from their world into the next. Axel stays behind with his unit Soulgain to buy time for his allies and stall the advance of the Federation's elite "Beowulves" squadron, commanded by his former comrade Kyosuke "Beowulf" Nanbu. Despite nearly losing his life, Axel barely makes the jump across dimensions, detonating System XN to prevent anyone from their world to pursue them...

6 months after the end of the L5 Campaign, Earth President Brian Midcrid announces the "Aegis Plan", with the intent of better rearming the Earth's military to combat future alien threats. In the meantime, the Earth Federation Army continues to mop up remnant Divine Crusaders. After a group of Divine Crusaders successfully hijack a Valsion Custom Type-CF from Isurugi Industries, the ATX Team is relocated to the Shirogane, under the command of Captain Lee Linjun. New to the ATX Team is Lamia Loveless, a civilian volunteer recruited to test pilot her machine Angelg. Despite her awkward and unusual socializing skills, Lamia is given a warm welcome.

When the new Federation prototype "Wild Falken" is hijacked by Divine Crusader remnants, specifically the "Boosted Children" of the ex-Federation funded military academy "The School", the ATX Team and their former allies from the Hagane are sent to retrieve it. The theft of the machine is but a stepping stone for the revitalized Divine Crusaders, rechristened as the "Neo Divine Crusaders", with their goal of toppling the Earth government remaining the same. On multiple occassions, the Earth Federation Army combat against the Neo Divine Crusaders using machines that should not exist, such as the R-Schneide that hasn't been approved yet for mass-production and a mutated Grungust used by a man with similar mannerisms to Sanger.

From out of nowhere, extraterrestrials calling themselves "The Inspectors" begin occupying the Earth-seized White Star, the lunar Moon Cradle and systematically conquer many military installations around the world. Part of the interplanetary Zuvorg Alliance, the Inspectors deem humanity a potential threat to the galaxy, and seek to quell that threat by siezing control of Earth's military and technology. Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of certain individuals, such as Ratsel Feinschmecker assisting Project Terrestrial Dream in their escape from the Inspector-occupied Tesla Leicht Institute, Masaki returning from his search for Shu and the crew of the Hiryu Custom extracting vital units from Mao Industries on the moon, the Earth Federation Army is able to begin mobilization for their push to retake Inspector-occupied space on the planet. Around the same time, Kyosuke and Excellen begin receiving telepathic messages from interdimensional beings calling themselves the "Einst", compounded with the appearance of a little girl with a physical similarity to Excellen named "Einst Alfimi". However, the appearance of the Einst also awaken the "Choukijin", a dragon-tiger pair of machines that opposes them. Aligning with Bullet and his partner Kusuha Mizuha, the dragon-tiger are implemented into their ranks. On the political side, the Federation is considered ineffective to quell the Inspectors threat, causing a successful coup by Graien Grusman, President Midcrid's aide, who begins implementing multiple changes in the government.

Meanwhile, Lee's continuous blunders against the Neo Divine Crusaders takes its toll when he and the Shirogane are captured by their forces. Just as the crews of the Hagane and Hiryu Custom prepare for "Operation Mole Hunt", to root out the Neo Divine Crusaders situated in the Earth Cradle, at the Far East Base in Izu, Japan, the Shirogane appears and Lee announces his defection. Suddenly, Lamia threatens to destroy the Hagane and Hiryu Custom if they do not surrender and join the Shadow-Mirror, who have already arrived from their interdimensional jump from their world into this one, moonlighting as an additional battalion of the Neo Divine Crusaders. Vindel Mauser, leader of the Shadow-Mirror, explains their organization's goals for continuous improvement for humanity through war. When rebuked by Hagane Captain Daitetsu Minase, Lamia, having blended with the crews long enough, chooses to sacrifice herself by detonating the Angelg to destroy Vindel and the Shadow-Mirror.

Though her attempt is unsuccessful, Lamia survives and is rescued and resuscitated by Lemon, who allows her to escape custody. Incidentally, the crew of the Kurogane battleship, headed by Ratsel, Sanger and intelligence officer Major Gilliam Yeager, tails the Shadow-Mirror and extracts Lamia back to the Hagane and Hiryu Custom crews. Revealing her nature as an Artificial Human of her creator Lemon's "W-Numbers" series, Lamia earnestly defects from the Shadow-Mirror. At the same time, Gilliam, who has remained quiet, reveals it was he who created System XN that allowed the Shadow-Mirror to jump dimensions, and urges his allies to prevent them from achieving their goals, as they require Gilliam to effectively use the second System XN device in Vindel's hands.

On Sanger's suggestion, the Earth Federation Army retakes the Tesla Leicht Institute from the Inspectors and acquire the "Dynamic General Guardian" units, Bian's legacy left specifically for Sanger and Ratsel. To prepare for "Operation Plantagenet", the Earth Federation Army proposes a ceasefire with the Neo Divine Crusaders to simultaneously drive the Inspectors away from North America, with the Langley Base being their rendezvous point. However, the operation ends in failure, as the Shadow-Mirror ally with the Inspectors as a result of their actions being exposed to the Neo Divine Crusaders. Furthermore, Lee mortally wounds Daitetsu in a surprise attack with the Shirogane on the Hagane, Axel narrowly kills Kyosuke in combat and the interferring Einst forces all parties to retreat from Langley. Shortly afterwards, Excellen is lured into a trap set by Alfimi and is abducted by the Einst. To make matters worse, a splinter group from the Neo Divine Crusaders at the Earth Cradle begin their own machinations for world domination through the "Machinery Children". With Tetsuya Onodera succeeding Daitetsu's position as captain, the crew of the Hagane is relocated onto the Kurogane. Splitting with the crew of the Hiryu Custom, they simultaneously assault and liberate the Earth Cradle and Moon Cradle from the Neo Divine Crusaders and the Inspectors, respectively. Around this time, Raul and his Excellence crew members appear in this universe, but Fiona is nowhere in sight. Believing his sister has perished from their encounter with Duminuss, Raul and his friends relegates staying in this dimension and align with the Earth Federation Army.

With both ships reunited after retaking the installations, the Inspectors retreat to the White Star as the Einst begin to overwhelm their positions on Earth. The Earth Federation Army is sent to pursue and drive the Inspectors away from Earth space. Excellen, who occasionally reappears but under the influence of the Einst, is freed when her abductors deem her "incomplete". Meanwhile, one of the Inspectors named Mekibos begins to hesistate when he sees how honorable the crews of the Kurogane and Hiryu Custom are. As the ships begin their attack on the White Star, they are met with resistance by the Shadow-Mirror, who are also making their last stand in the space station. Multiple casualties are abound, including Axel, Lee and the remaining Inspectors. Mekibos returns to the White Star to confront Inspector leader Wendolo, urging him to reconsider on their "evaluation" of humanity. Unfortunately, Wendolo remains adamant in their objectives and kills Mekibos for being lenient on the Earthlings. The Kurogane and Hiryu Custom crews soundly defeat Wendolo, but their celebration is short-lived as the White Star begins merging with the Einsts' dimension, covering the internal network of the space station.

As Alfimi and the Einst do battle with the Kurogane and Hiryu Custom crews, Vindel and his surviving Shadow-Mirror operatives make haste to capture Gilliam for System XN. Gilliam and Lamia work to disable Vindel's Zweizergain and send him to a dimension where he may never return, but in the process, trigger a dimensional rift, leading them into the Einsts' dimension. Faced with the Stern Regisseur, the leader of the Einst, it declares its intent to wipe out humanity and restart the cycle of life and death on Earth, merging with the White Star to oppose humanity. Alfimi, having been subjected with the compassion of Kyosuke, Excellen and their allies, assists them in destroying the Stern Regisseur. With the help of the recovered System XN, Gilliam warps him and his allies out from the collapsing dimension. Although they manage to return home, Alfimi, who is bound to the Einst, is unable to physically remain and is destroyed along with them.

With the Inspectors routed and the Einst and Shadow-Mirror destroyed, life returns to normal for the Earth. Certain defected members of the Boosted Children are drafted into the reformed Aggressors along with Lamia, while the ATX Team and their allies are reassigned to different military locations. Gilliam and Lamia take the remaining System XN device and destroy it, preventing any further abuse from it by anyone. Lamia insists on annihilating the last Shadow-Mirror prescence in this dimension: herself, and heads off alone into space, but is convinced by her comrades to continue living, preserving her existence as Lemon's greatest masterpiece.

Side Story

Episode 2.25: Endless Frontier

During Lemon Browning's evacuation of the W Series, she designated a different place to transport the W-Numbers from 00 to 10 than the ones she, Axel and the rest of the W Numbers used to escape with Vindel. This is a personal operation she dubbed 'Operation Endless Frontier', in attempt to find a new world 'so close yet so far away'. The ship she used is dubbed 'Mai Tierra'.

Mai Tierra indeed crashed into a new world connected with Cross Gates. W07, Aschen Broedel, Lamia's direct predecessor, awakened and found all of her fellow Numbers missing, but she found W00, Haken Browning, as an infant, still intact. Carrying him out, she met up with bounty hunter John Moses and he agreed to raise Haken as his own son, and accepts Aschen into his own home. However, it seemed that Haken lacked the memory of his origins.

When Haken came to age, he decided to investigate Mai Tierra to find out about his true identity. What he found was instead the buxom and innocent princess of Kagura Amahara, Kaguya Nanbu, on a pilgrimage. Haken decided to take the job of escorting her on her pilgrimage. This job led him to find out about the crisis of mysterious crystals infesting the worlds, wandering war machines with familiar shapes, and the Einst. After meeting up and joining up with Oni princess Suzuka, two dimension-travelling cops Reiji Arisu and Xiaomu, as well as a mysterious robot called KOS-MOS, Haken started cleaning up the world from Einst, also eventually finding out his identity as W00, although he's pretty nonchalant when he found out.

With the defeat of the remnants of Stern Regisseur, the worlds ended up being merged at the end of Haken's quest, but he decided that since the world still exists, that just means that new adventures await. Kaguya also has formed quite an attraction to Haken and the two ends up quite intimate (albeit they eventually separated).

These events will continue at Episode 2.7.

Episode 2.5: Unified Wisdom

Following the assault on the Earth Cradle by Earth Federation forces against the Neo Divine Crusaders, a group of mercenaries called the "Cry Wolves" are hired by General Mitall Zapad to scavenge the facility. Cry Wolves leader Albero Est, his son Foglia Est and Hugo Medio are forced to fight the Einst as they appear and surround the Earth Cradle. Using special munitions provided by Mitall, the Cry Wolves successfully capture an Einst Regisseur and take it back to the General. The mercenaries are next tasked by Professor Eric Wong to head to the White Star and steal the second System XN from Vindel. Although the Cry Wolves do not find the device or Vindel, they uncover the wreckage of the Soulgain, with its cockpit still intact and its pilot heavily wounded. As the space station is slowly absorbed into the Einst's dimension, the Cry Wolves narrowly escape, only to drop the Soulgain's remains as they flee the White Star. Axel muses to himself how close he is to death, but his prescence attracts the lingering essence of Alfimi, similarly clinging to life. In a last ditch effort before she vanishes, Alfimi merges herself with Axel, rendering him unconscious, but alive, and recovered by the Cry Wolves.

In the same time, the Aggressors, now led by a remaining alumni who has participated in the Divine and Inspector Wars, Kai Kitamura, and with its members Lamia, Seolla, Arado and Latooni, were scouting on the area, clearing away from the Neo Divine Crusaders remnants, until they spotted a strange robot in similar design of the Dynamic General Guardian, the Compatible Kaiser, piloted by schoolboy turned Henshin Hero Kouta Azuma (alter ego: Fighter Roar), and several mysterious Kung-Fu fighting robots belonging to a group calling themselves the 'Shura'. Even in space, strange creatures have been making appearances as well.

The Federation is testing a new unit run on the 'ODE System', but the first unit, Mironga, turned its pilot berserk and had to be killed, being deemed a failure. Its successor, the Bartolls, suddenly went berserk and executed a mass-kidnapping in its showing, and unfortunately, Lamia, Seolla, Arado, Latooni and Kusuha were caught in the act. In the same time, Kouta managed to escape kidnapping, but a red-headed Shura warrior interfered and kidnapped his sister Shouko, giving him enough drive to eventually oppose the Shura and joining the Earth Federation.

After gathering their allies, the heroes assaulted the place where the ODE main computer was stationed: Hellgate Facility. They managed to rescue Kusuha, Seolla, Arado and Latooni. Kyosuke managed to nearly save Lamia, but he dropped his guard down, enough that he let Lamia get shot down and thrown to space by an ODE-possessed creator of the ODE, Wilhelm von Juergen. In rage, the Earth Federation heroes defeat him, but even Juergen found out that he was played as a pawn... by none other than Duminuss, who also introduced her three Homunculus aids: Tis, Despinis and Laliar. The team is forced to retreat, and also witnessed the Swordian Fortress arriving into the realm and is used by the Shura, led by their king Alkaid Naash, as their home base. In the same time, with grief, they had to consider Lamia 'Killed In Action' and had to move on with dealing with these two threats.

Axel awakened in a facility thanks to a doctor called Eric Wong after 6 months of sleeping. They thankfully had fixed his Soulgain so when the facility was under attack by weird monsters and a new Einst-like monsters called Jetzt, eventually revealed to be led by Tis, Axel was able to sortie with Soulgain and help the Cry Wolves. Alfimi materialized and asked Axel to help her hunt down the Jetzt, also refreshing him with the memories about his past exploits in the Inspector Wars. Once he defended the facility, Axel went along with Alfimi.

As the Shura ravaged through the land, the red-headed Shura warrior before, Folka Albark, began to doubt their methods, his interactions with Shouko softened him up further to the point that when the Shura agreed to bring her over to Duminuss, Folka opted to defend her, betraying the Shura and joining forces with the Earth Federation. The Shura, however, had a backup plan with its doppelganger master Arco Katworl and re-kidnapped Shouko regardless. Shortly afterwards, a similar armored female warrior called 'Emi', appeared and attacked the Federation, and revealed to be Shouko under the Emi armor's influence, brainwashed.

The biggest surprise, however, was that out of their prediction, Lamia was not dead, but instead severely reprogrammed by Duminuss and used to demoralize the whole heroes with their inability to save her, especially Kyosuke. In the same time, a strange creature referred as the Youjin also attacked the RyuKoOh/KoRyuOh, although it appeared more sporadic. Around the same time as well, Raul's two friends/assistants Raji Montoya and Mizuho Saiki, were kidnapped by Duminuss' homunculus.

Fortunately, a battle between Compatible Kaiser and Emi's G Thunder Gate opened another wormhole that revealed a nearly-dying Fiona, in which Raul opted to pick her up and save her. Axel and Alfimi also stopped by, and on his own will and to prevent Kyosuke to succumbing to despair and becoming another Beowulf, Axel ended up saving Lamia and winning the trust of the Earth Federation, though he still left for his own purposes.

The team eventually devised a plan to infiltrate the Swordian Fortress and along the way saved Shouko and allowed her to fight on her brother's side. However, they were distracted with the distress call from the Cry Wolves, wiped out by a group of powerful Jetzt monsters, with Foglia dying to protect Albero, and Hugo fatally wounded and they were only able to escape because Axel and Alfimi were stopping by again.

As they infiltrated the Shura fortress, Folka witnessed his brother, Fernando Albark, brainwashed in a bid to increase his power to trounce him. Gathering much of his experience he gathered so far, Folka managed to evolve his machine, the Shura God Ialdabaoth, into a apotheosized form, and drove Fernando away. He was about to convince his elder brother Altis Tarl to join his cause, but Altis untimely died protecting him. Altis' death drove his lover Maysis Mark to fight Folka in attempt of revenge, but then she was nearly killed when it was revealed that everything was a machination of their Treacherous Advisor Mizal Touval. On realizing this, Fernando broke away from his brainwashing and along with another Shura warrior Alion Lucada, they joined the Earth Federation heroes... to fight to death against the very Shura King himself, Alkaid Naash. Alkaid was eventually defeated and christened Folka as his successor.

Mizal made his last stand but was defeated. Duminuss eventually re-emerged and absorbed two of his homunculus, Tis and Laliar, forming Duminuss Triton and fought against the heroes. However, on that time, the heroes were reinforced by not just Axel and Alfimi, but also Shu Shirakawa. On Duminuss' defeat, she called upon her master... Roar's archnemesis Dark Brain, who in turn deemed Duminuss useless and destroyed her. He turned towards the remaining homunculi, Despinis, and nearly killed her, but Raul and Fiona protected her and saying that she deserved a second chance. The team had a very hard battle to eventually defeat Dark Brain, but he would not be gone for long, As Long as There Is Evil, he can always come back...

However, on exiting the Swordian fortress, they were taken in another dimension where Shu suddenly revealed that the team has grown strong enough that he could execute another part of his plan. Tapping on the power of Shiva Volkruss, Shu evolved his Granzon into Neo Granzon and attacked the team. He was defeated and just like Ingram, Shu thanked the team for defeating him and claims that his time merely has come, dying.

On returning to their dimension, Folka decided to leave and wander through the dimensions in search of his Shura brethrens, Axel and Alfimi, unsure of what to do, decided to wander the universe to find out their purpose, while Masaki, with Shu dead, opted to return to his home realm La Gias. Raul and Fiona decided to destroy the Time Flow Engine and their current Excellence units as they realized that it was a dangerous engine that attracted something like Dark Brain who wanted to use it for his own ends. They opened a rescue service company called 'L&E Corporation' as well as adopting Despinis into their family. Even so, life would turn out normal for the heroes as of now... until the next time their strengths are needed.


Episode 2.7: Endless Frontier EXCEED

In the short time after the battle against the Dark Brain, Asakusa City is under siege again, this time by a series of amoeba-like creatures. Kouta transforms into Fighter Roar and deploys in the Compatible Kaiser to defend the city, but is overwhelmed, until Axel and Alfimi arrive as reinforcements, having returned to Earth following their self-imposed exile. Alfimi specifically requests they target the creatures. Unfortunately, so were the creatures, they were trying to capture Alfimi, and nearly succeeded. Despite the Soulgain ruined, Axel remain determined to save Alfimi to repay her saving his life. He picked up a blade-tonfa called Mizuchi Blade, and together with Kouta, rushed in to save Alfimi... but in process they were thrown into a portal. Ratsel, who witnessed the events as well, opted to store the Soulgain into the Kurogane for repairs.

Axel and Alfimi ended up in Endless Frontier universe, but the transportation damaged Axel's brain that he suffered amnesia, that not even Alfimi could restore. He became a flirtuous, happy-go-lucky man. While wandering in the universe, he encountered the lost units of the W-Series, including even the prototype, W00/Haken Browning, and the predecessor of Lamia, W07/Aschen Broedel. To find out about his memories, Axel ventured through the Endless Frontier universe, assisting the Shura warrior and Elfetale Princess; Aledy Naash and Neige Hausen; in their efforts to restore the chaos happening through the merging of verses. He was also reunited with Kouta there. Their quest culminated in the defeat of a rogue W unit, W05/Gymnos Basileus, predecessor of Wodan.

By this time, Axel was fully recovered in memory, and offered Haken to get to the real world and meet up with his other fellow W-units. However, Haken refused the offer as he has other duties with his allies here. Respecting his decision, Axel, Kouta and Alfimi once again stepped into the cross gate and also set up the events of the 2nd Original Generation.

Episode 2.8: Another Century's Episode: R

Months after the invasion of the Shura, resulting in the "Shura Rebellion", Ryusei is testing the ART-1 at the Tesla Leict Institute. Sortied into a sparring match with Kyosuke in the Alt Eisen Reise, both pilots are mysteriously transported by a portal in the middle of the fight. Stranded in an unknown world, they encounter hostile forces, only to be saved by the Ark Alpha battleship, commanded by an android named "Autumn Four", who generated the portal with her ship and requests their assistance in protecting it. Left with no choice, Ryusei and Kyosuke collaborate with Autumn as they journey through the deserted world of "Eria". In a twist, Masaki also arrives on Eria with the Cybuster, having entered a similar portal on his way back home to La Gias, and allies with his old comrades. Furthermore, other people from multiple dimensions make their way to Eria, having been thrown into the portals erupting from their worlds and join the Ark Alpha.

In their travel through Eria, the Ark Alpha and its allies are met with resistance by members of "Season", a group of androids charged with maintaining "System A.C.E.", a planetary shield and defensive grid surrounding Eria. Season leader "Winter One" was responsible for having ordered the death of every person on Eria. Determined to stop Season, the Ark Alpha goes to where System A.C.E. is located, defeating each member of Season until only Winter One is left. When cornered, Winter One's body is suddenly compromised and commandeered by Dr. Shiki, a human who secretly uploaded his mind into the android before death. Shiki claims he created the Season androids and is responsible for having Season turned against the humans of Eria. He intends to use the Ark Alpha to recreate life on the planet, as the battleship houses the necessary genetic materials needed, but with him as the new ruler of Eria. Despite the full power of System A.C.E. at his disposal, Shiki is destroyed, along with System A.C.E. by Autumn Four and her allies.

Autumn Four sends her new friends back to their respective dimensions, while she stays on Eria to reseed humanity with the Ark Alpha. Although Ryusei and Kyosuke's whereabouts are unknown, Masaki returns to their dimension successfully and finds himself in the wilderness, yet among familiar territory...

Episode 2.9: Dark Prison

After Shu perished at the climax of Unified Wisdom, due to his link towards Shiva Volkruss, he was brought back to life by the cult in La Gias. However, he was not restored with his memory intact. A follower named Saphine Zeora Volkruss was assigned to keep an eye on him. In his search for his memories, Shu also joins up with two Langran royalties, Princess Monica Gran Bilseia and Prince Tellius, enarmoring both of them. Another cultist, Gaen, along with a Wild Card ally of Masaki, Middle-Eastern Ahmed Hamdi, test pilot Yong Gebana, and a member of 'Team Jelba', Selena Recital and her partner Alberta also helped out in Shuu's entourage. They also steal a red Grungust Type-2 from a battleship, which Alberta uses as an upgrade.

At first puzzled by his loss of memory, they mostly come back after meeting Masaki again. Remembering the man who killed him, his memories return slowly. By the end of it, Shu recovered all his memories and realized that his death was his plan all along, since he can't kill himself, he manipulate the Earth Federation to gang up on him and kill him to sever his link with Shiva Volkruss and earning his freedom. When he was ordered to sacrifice Monica for Volkruss, Shu turned his back on the Dark God. Volkruss tried to control Sefine and almost succeed but she manage to break free. Volkruss then force Shu to use the Neo Granzon and control him. However since Shu was free from his link to the evil god, it doesn't work as planned and Shu slayed him with the power of the Neo Granzon.

After reaching the surface, Shu and the others had to deal with the Ruina and the Guests. Also, Yong is a member of the Zuvorg Alliance, spying on Zezenan for omitting critical information. The group also steals a Leige Geios for Yong's use while on the moon. The final stage takes place after Shu's direct participation in the events of Gaia Savior. Fortunately Shu and the others (Monica and Saphine) show up as reinforcements in the final battle against Keparoc, who plans on invading Earth after the Earth's armed forces were exhausted in the Sealing War. They stop Keparoc's forces even though they were vastly outnumbered.

Episode 3: Gaia Saviour

6 months have passed since the end of the Shura Rebellion, and the Hagane-Hiryu Custom team is renamed the "Steel Dragon Battle Group". During this time, rumours of a build-up of military activity and weapons development at Aidoneus Island, former headquarters of the Divine Crusaders, is abound, generating suspicion among the populace. On a stormy night in the Pacific Ocean, a lone unit is fleeing Aidoneus Island, chased by Duvan Org and his "sister" Ariel Org. Demanding the rogue pilot to surrender, Duvan captures the unit with his colossal Alles Geist, only for the pilot to self-destruct his machine.

In the same time, the head of the Project Terrestrial Dream, Filio Presty, succumbed to sickness, leaving his legacy Altairlion to his chosen pilot Ibis Douglas and his fiancee Tsugumi Takakura. However, its sister unit was taken away by Filio's disgruntled sister Sleigh Presty and she would be spotted amongst either the Neo Divine Crusaders and the Gaia Sabers. During a test run on Altairlion, Ibis encountered a pod containing a young amnesiac boy who remembered nothing about his past, except his name, 'Ing'. He was soon delivered to either the Hagane or the Hiryuu Custom, but around the same time Ing was delivered, both battleships and several pilots were taken to the underground world of La Gias via summoning of Prince Feil-Lord Gran Bilseia.

Around this time, Masaki arrived from his adventures from Planet Eria and became aware of the current chaos in La Gias. After rendezvousing with the Hagane, he reunited with his old friends; Herald of the Lord of Elemental of Water Gaddeath, Tytti Noorbuck, his adopted sister Presia Zenosakis, and Princess Xenia Gran Bilseia. He also met a girl named Mio Sasuga, who would succeed the Lord of Elemental of Earth Zamzeed. Around the same time, Bian's daughter, Lune Zoldark, who has been involved in both the L5 Campaign, Inspector Wars and Shura Rebellion under the Earth Federation, was also sucked into this world, and reunited with both Kyosuke and Ryusei, the Hiryuu Custom and also the Herald of the Lord of Elemental of Fire Granveil, Huang Yang Long. From both sides, Masaki and Lune solved the chaos and prevented the civil wars pertaining the underground world, and prevented the resurrection of the God of Evil Shiva Volkruss, even at cost of the lives of Prince Feil and Langran General Kirkus Zan Valfarbia. However, to their surprise, they found out that Shu has been revived without his memory. However, behind the scenes, he plotted the restoration of his memories and the fall of Shiva Volkruss itself (Detailed in Dark Prison above). Masaki and Lune stayed in La Gias as both Hagane and Hiryuu Custom returned to the surface world.

On the surface, the Aggressors under Kai were still scouting the Earth to protect it, and along the way also brought along Hugo Medio, recovering from his fatal wounds at cost of being cyborgified, and teaming up with Aqua Centolm, student of the esteemed researcher Eldy Mitte, in hunting the rogue machine 'Medius Locus'. They're also joined with siblings Joshua Radcliffe and Cliana Rimskaya, to test machines using the new Sympathia system. However, unknown forces struck when the Earth forces were still at minimum; not just the suspicious movements of the Gaia Sabers, there's also a rogue AI inhabiting a ninja-like machine called JinRai, hunting down the Dynamic General Guardian units. There were weird creatures claimed to be under the 'Garden of Baral' terrorizing the Earth and capturing the tiger part of RyuKoOh/KoRyuOh, and in the South Pole, Joshua's father Felio accidentally opened a Cross Gate, bringing forth the despair-feeding race Ruina to terrorize the Earth. And a mysterious woman named Amara assaulted the Tesla Leicht Institute and utterly destroyed the whole Huckebein line of mecha. To top it off, another armada of the Zuvorg Alliance, calling themselves 'Guests', led by Teniquette Zezernan, arrived at Earth to continue where Wendolo failed. Thankfully, at the arrival of the Guests, the Steel Dragon Battle Group returned from La Gias.

The Steel Dragon Battle Group, combined with the Aggressors, concentrated on fortifying their defenses, and in the same time, Ing awakened the successor of the Huckebein unit, the Exbein 'Ashe', while a Gaia Saber pilot, Ariel Org, defected from the Gaia Sabers, unable to withstand its atrocities. Soon, however, the Steel Dragon Battle Group was called for a meeting with Arteil Stenback of the Gaia Sabers himself, witnessed by President Graien Gruzman. However, the meeting ended messily, with both Hagane and Hiryuu Custom being attacked by the Gaia Sabers. In process of escaping, they accidentally killed Graien, and Arteil used it to make the group a scapegoat for assassination of the President. Making matter worse, around this time, due to the Ruina's machinations, the Earth was sealed away and both battleships was separated.

In Earth, the Hiryuu Custom took defense of Asakusa city, helped by Kouta after returning from the Endless Frontier universe. They picked up a boy they met during the Shura Rebellion, named Touma Kanou, while Ibis managed to rescue a little girl named Irui. In the same time, the Sympathia system resonate strongly towards some generals of the Ruina, the Melior Esse. Joshua felt a strong link with the Melior Esse of ice, Glacies, while Rim felt a strong link with the Melior Esse of wind, Ventus. In Space, the Hagane dealt with the forthcoming Guests attacks, and also reuniting with both Axel and Alfimi. Alfimi just dropped Axel to the Hagane and left on her own, while Ariel's brother, Duvan Org, starts to get obsessed in trying to absorb Alfimi due to the resonance within the core of his Alles Geist (which he temporarily succeeded much later).

Another assault in the Asakusa City brought the help of a delinquent named Michiru Hanaten, riding the G-Bunkaran, alongside Minaki Tomine, the distraught daughter of the creator of JinRai, Kaoru Tomine. With Minaki's help, the Steel Dragon Battle Group managed to subdue JinRai, and Minaki made preparations to convert it into a force of good, with Touma being designated as its pilot. Ibis also managed to convince Sleigh to bury her jealousy and worked together to make Filio's ultimate legacy come true: the Hyperion. The RyuKoOh is reformed thanks to retrieving the Tiger mecha from the Baral Garden, and Axel joined the Steel Dragon Battle Group for good with his Soulgain fully repaired.

However, Hugo and Aqua also had a shocking revelation, the pilot of Medius Locus turned out to be a disillusioned Albero Esto, along with Eldy Mitte, who has gone insane. This revelation culminated in Hugo nearly dying, and coming back from the brink of death, but they managed to confiscate greater mechas under Eldy. Albero also found out that he's been had, but it was a little too late as Eldy betrayed and killed him. Hugo eventually resolved to stop Eldy. In the same time, Eldy teamed up with Duvan in order to witness the growth of the Medius Locus' AI, AI-1, whom she considered her child in a twisted way.

Around the same time these was happening, the Elemental Lords went to the surface on the hint that Shu was planning something. Shu ends up giving definitive proofs that the Steel Dragon Battle Group was innocent and had the Gaia Sabers and Guests blunder. On realizing the threat the Guests pose, Masaki swore to protect the Earth first before he return to La Gias. In turn, he, Yang Long, Tytti and Mio joined the Steel Dragon Battle Group, and later picked up Lune, Presia and Kirkus' son Zashford. In the short time after, another attack by a Machine Children remnant towards Ing gave him the revelation that he was a clone and his full name is 'Ing Egret'. But in the same time, he managed to awaken the true potential of Ashe, bringing forth the 'EX-Exbein'.

Joshua and Rim eventually recovered Felio's final legacy mecha and strengthened their resolve to understand and befriend both Glacies and Ventus. Around this time, the new and improved JinRai was completed and christened RaiOh. However, when Touma used it, a hidden system called the BSK system brainwashed into a berserker warrior. The group managed to recover Touma, and reoutfitted RaiOh with a Direct Motion Link system, while he is put under the tutelage of Axel in terms of hand-to-hand combat to better pilot the RaiOh. In the same time, Joshua and Rim succeeded in bringing Glacies and Ventus out of the Ruina's services, but not without a cost. Rim secretly hid the fact that she suffered a Split Personality due to testing the Sympathia system, in cockpit, she's the aggressive, serious girl Liana, and outside cockpit, she's the timid, sweet girl Chris. In process of saving Glacies and Ventus, the personality of Chris was sacrificed, leaving Liana the sole soul inside Rim.

Around this time, however, the Garden of Baral made an announcement under its agent Son Ganlong, about bringing forth an utopia, but it involved sealing the Earth in a barrier erected by the Garden itself. The Garden's agents eventually also moved to kidnap their promised 'priestess'... Irui. The team was split due to this second sealing. The Hagane stayed on Earth to eventually defeat the Gaia Sabers. In space, the Hiryuu Custom attempted to save the Moon Cradle from the Guests, but they were not alone. Shu came along with his companions to help the group. Mekibos, surviving his 'death' by Wendolo, resurfaced and convinced the Guest generals that the Zuvorg Alliance has been impressed with the humans and no longer view them as threats. Zezernan, however, proved too stubborn and pressed on with his attack, getting himself killed. As the Guests return, Mekibos stayed with the Hiryuu Custom to eventually become Zuvorg Alliance's representative.

Once reunited, the Steel Dragon Battle Group executed the Operation "Ice Break", eliminating the Ruina in South Pole. They went so far into bringing forth the Ruina leader, Perfectio, possessing the body of the dead Felio, from the Cross Gate inside. However, Perfectio was a being that fed on hate and negative emotions, just like Dark Brain, he couldn't truly perish As Long as There Is Evil. The only way to defeat him was to seal him together with someone, and much to Joshua, Rim and Glacies' dismay, Ventus volunteered to do the job, sacrificing himself.

Eldy and Duvan attacked the group after the defeat of Perfectio. However, Eldy also betrayed Duvan and merged with the AI-1 as a monstrous blob-like creature. Hugo and Aqua put an end to Eldy's madness, and they managed to save Alfimi from Duvan, and they crossed the Cross Gate into the realm of the Baral Garden, where eventually they managed to recruit a betrayed agent of the Garden of Baral, Kukuru. Making their way to the top of the Garden, they came to encounter Irui, now the Guardian of Earth Irui Gan Eden. In her desire to protect the Earth, she sealed the Earth and used the Garden's weaponry to devastate the extraterrestrials that threaten the Earth. The Steel Dragon Battle Group would not stand for this extremist action and eventually they defeated the Gan Eden. However, when they defeated the Guardian God, Arteil Stenback mysteriously arrived, bringing forth the AI-1 and merged it with the Gan Eden and Ing, taking the Steel Dragon Battle Group with him to a mysterious dimension.

In this dimension, they found out that Ing was not just any clone, but a clone of Ingram Prisken, needed by Arteil to fulfill his ultimate plan to surpass the creator of the Cross Gate and attain godlike power to topple the creator... and that his true identity was in fact Euzeth Gozzo. The Steel Dragon Battle Group was at first overwhelmed with Euzzeth's strength and his mecha Adamatron. However, the captain of Gaia Sabers' main battleship Air Christmas, who turns out to be actually a surviving Lee Linjun, arrived in the dimension, fed up with Euzzeth's betrayal. After giving his last words to the Steel Dragon Battle Group and encouraging them to defend the Earth, he rammed the Air Christmas to the Adamatron. He was killed in process, but this action popped Ing and the EX-Exbein out of the Adamatron and he eventually joined the Steel Dragon Battle Group to eventually bring down Euzzeth for good. However, on his death, he left an open Cross Gate in space near Earth. Just like Alfimi before, Kukuru was tied with the Garden of Baral, with its destruction, she perished as well.

With the death of Graien, the more Reasonable Authority Figure was reinstated to the Federation. Masaki, Lune, Shu, the Heralds of Elemental Lord and the rest of the La Gias residents opted to return to La Gias once more. Hugo and Aqua ended up sticking with the Aggressors, while Lamia is sent back to ATX Team in order to help Ariel, who was scouted as a new ATX member, solve her short lifespan problem by reverse-engineering her design of W Numbers. Joshua, Rim and Glacies continue to investigate the Cross Gate, helped with Gilliam, in hopes not just to find a way to bring Ventus back without damaging the seal of Perfectio, but also solving Glacies' similar short lifespan problem. Mekibos also finalized the true alliance between the Zuvorg Alliance and Earth, noting that there will be more threat to Earth, such as Ze Balmary Empire, but the Zuvorg Alliance will help defend Earth and the galaxy.

Unknown to the Steel Dragon Battle Group, the little Irui survived these ordeals, waking up with memories intact in a certain shore, rescued by a follower of the Garden of Baral. Irui held the full belief that she would one day reunite with her friends...

Episode 4: The Lord of Elementals Part 2

Episode 4.5: Revelation of Evil God

Episode 4.7: Pride of Justice

Episode 4.9: Coffin of the Final