Synopsis / Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story

So the damn thing starts when orphanage director James Morgan discovers a way to syphon magical powers from their wielder. He casts a demon into a clown doll, and kills the Hunt couple, taking their surviving son - and in the process, frees the legion of demons they sealed inside a chest. Unknown to all, youngest child Kim hid behind the sofa and created a doll from all the good things in her house, before developing amnesia.

James Morgan takes Sam to his machine, and tries to take his powers - only for Sam to be split into a good copy of himself named Jimmy and an evil older clown who takes the original name. The case of the Hunts remains unsolved, until Edgar Torres shows up. He finds Kim, who reveals that the culprit was James Morgan. Morgan attempts to burn the clown doll he buried in the cemetry (because of it's connection to Evil!Sam), but is arrested by Torres. The clown goes on a killing spree. He targets James Morgan first, and makes him look like a clown. He finally traps Torres in a strange lock, and the town is plunged into darkness. (The Investigation)

A few years later, Jimmy and the clown have merged back into Sam, with the town in darkness. However, it can't last, and they begin to separate again. Sam has since married Danielle Hunt, the protagonist. A mysterious knocking occurs on the door, and Sam disappears, separating into Jimmy and the Clown. A box is all that's left. Danielle opens it, to find that Kim has sent the doll. The doll takes her to the town where Sam grew up - well, she crashes there.

She finds Jimmy, who gives her a dollhouse. The town is plunged into darkness seconds after. Danielle finds Edgar at the police station, and frees him, before he reveals that the killer's name is Samuel Hunt. (Predictable, huh?) Danielle heads for the Hunt's house (which Jimmy refused to let her enter before recieving the dollhouse) and the stairs are set on fire. (Concept art reveals it to be a demon.)

She puts out the fire, and proceeds upstairs, where she is phoned by Kim. She is told to go to the theme park. The darkness is lifted from the Hunt's house. She gets into the toy shop, where she meets the clown, and discovers Morgan's murder of the Hunts. She takes an underground passage, where she saw Sam slither away. She finds Sam hanging in a cage and the clown locked in a trap. She frees the clown, who shows her how to open the cage - and then pushes her in. Turns out, it's a mannequin. She escapes and heads for the theme park - meeting Jimmy, who gives her a tape telling her how to enter the orphanage. She finds Kim at the theme park, who paints a picture of the Hunts and claims them to be her family. She finds the graveyard, before returning to the other side of town by removing the old train carriage blocking it off. She then watches the tape.

Entering the orphanage, she finds the clown attempting to kill Jimmy. By telling him that Kim is alive, she convinces him to merge with Jimmy for good. (Darkness Comes)

The darkness is lifted from the whole town. Sam is back, but he can't leave the town. Danielle finds Morgan's office, and she collects the gasoline and the lighter and destroys the doll.

The demon, finally free, destroys the town. The doll stays behind to save the escaping Hunts (Sam, Danielle and Kim) from the destruction. Only a thin layer of ash indicates that the town was ever there. (Our World)