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Synopsis: Poetic Edda

Codex Regius

Mythological Part

  • "V÷luspß" ("Prophecy of the V÷lva / Seeress" or "The Song of the Sybil")
  • "Hßvamßl" ("Sayings of the High One")
  • "Vaf■r˙­nismßl" ("Sayings of Vaf■r˙­nir")
  • "GrÝmnismßl" ("Sayings of GrÝmnir")
  • "SkÝrnismßl" ("Sayings of SkÝrnir")
  • "Hßrbar­sljˇ­" ("Song of Hßrbar­")
  • "Hymiskvi­a" ("Poem of Hymir")
  • "Lokasenna" ("Loki's Flyting", "Loki's Wrangling", or "Loki's Quarrel")
  • "Thrymskvi­a" ("Poem of Thrym")
  • "V÷lundarkvi­a" ("Poem of V÷lundr")
  • "AlvÝssmßl" ("Sayings of AlvÝss")

Heroic Part

The Helgi Lays

  • "Helgakvi­a Hundingsbana I" a.k.a. "V÷lsungakvi­a" ("First Lay of Helgi Hunding's Slayer" resp. "Lay of the Volsungs")
  • "Helgakvi­a Hj÷rvar­ssonar" ("Lay of Helgi Hj÷rvar­sson")
  • "Helgakvi­a Hundingsbana II" a.k.a. "V÷lsungakvi­a in forna" ("Second Lay of Helgi Hunding's Slayer" resp. "Old Lay of the Volsungs")

Sigurd and the Niflungs

  • "Frß dau­a Sinfj÷tla" ("Sinfj÷tli's Death")
  • "GrÝpisspß" a.k.a. "Sigur­arkvi­a Fßfnisbana I" ("GrÝpir's Prophecy" resp. "First Lay of Sigurd Fßfnir's Slayer")
  • "Reginsmßl" a.k.a. "Sigur­arkvi­a Fßfnisbana II" ("Sayings of Regin" resp. "Second Lay of Sigurd Fßfnir's Slayer"
  • "Fßfnismßl" ("Fßfnir's Sayings")
  • "SigrdrÝfumßl" a.k.a. "Brynhildarljˇ­" ("Sayings of SigrdrÝfa" resp. "Song of Brynhild")
(The Great Lacuna)
  • "Brot af Sigur­arkvi­u" ("Fragment of a Sigurd Lay")
  • "Gu­r˙narkvi­a I" ("First Lay of Gu­r˙n")
  • "Sigur­arkvi­a hin skamma" ("Short Lay of Sigurd")
  • "Helrei­ Brynhildar" ("Brynhildĺs Ride to Hel")
  • "Drßp Niflunga" ("The Slaying of the Niflungs")
  • "Gu­r˙narkvi­a II" a.k.a. "Gu­r˙narkvi­a hin forna" ("Second Lay of Gu­r˙n" resp. "Old Lay of Gu­r˙n")
  • "Gu­r˙narkvi­a III" ("The Third Lay of Gu­r˙n")
  • "Oddr˙nargrßtr" a.k.a. "Oddr˙narkvi­a" ("Oddr˙n's Lament" resp. "Lay of Oddr˙n")
  • "Atlakvi­a" ("Lay of Atli")
  • "Atlamßl" a.k.a. "Atlamßl in grťnlenzku" ("Sayings of Atli" resp. "The Greenlandic Lay of Atli")
  • "Gu­r˙narhv÷t" ("Gu­r˙n's Inciting")
  • "Ham­ismßl" ("Sayings of Ham­ir")

Eddica Minora (Eddic poems from other sources than the Codex Regius)


AM 748 I 4to

  • Baldrs draumar (Vegtamskvida)

Codex Wormianus

  • Rigsthula


  • Lay of Hyndla (Short V÷luspa)

Several MSS, mostly 17th century and later

  • Grogaldr
  • Fj÷lsvinnsmal
  • Grottas÷ngr
  • Hrafnagaldr Odins


Hervarar Saga

  • Lay of Hl÷d (Battle of Goths and Huns)
  • The Waking of Angantyr ľ from Hervarar Saga


Njalĺs Saga

  • The Song of the Valkyries

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