Synopsis / GoldenEye Wii

The story begins in Arkhangelsk, Russia. British secret agent James Bond and his partner, Alec Trevelayan (agent 006) are infiltrating the military base of Russian general Arkady Ourumov, who's been stealing military equipment and selling it on the black market. The infiltration quickly goes wrong, forcing the agents to charge through Ourumov's forces directly. As the spies seek refuge inside a control room, 007 notices an EMP-hardened helicopter flying by.

Subduing guards, killing Russian soldiers, and gathering intelligence along the way, the two eventually find the base's fuel tanks and 007 plants explosives on them. Unfortunately, before they can escape, Alec is captured by Ourumov, who orders Bond to surrender. Bond agrees, but Ourumov shoots Alec anyway, prompting Bond to detonate the explosives and escape on a nearby conveyor belt that leads outside. As chaos runs rampant outside the facility, Bond shoots down the EMP helicopter spotted earlier, then steals a motorcycle and leaps after a plane to flee the exploding base.

Following up on the intelligence he gathered earlier, Bond is sent to a Barcelona nightclub to meet with a Russian gangster, Valentin Zhukovsky, whom Ourumov had previously asked about getting an EMP-hardened helicopter. Though bitter, Zhukovsky tersely tells Bond to go to an arms fair in Dubai. Zhukovsky is then suddenly killed by one of his waitresses, who immediately fingers 007 as the assassin! Shooting his way through Zhukovsky's gangsters, Bond manages to escape before the police arrive.

MI-6 identifies the shooter as Xenia Onatopp, a Russian helicopter pilot working with Ourumov. The two have been traced entering Dubai, intent to steal the fair's EMP-hardened helicopter to replace the one destroyed at the base. Bond arrives at the fair first, just as Ourumov attacks and try to steal the helicopter! Fighting throught Ourumov's forces, Bond is unable to stop the robbery — but manages to plant his multipurpose Smartphone on the fleeing helicopter.

The helicopter is soon traced to an alleged weather station at Severnaya, deep in the wastes of Siberia. As Bond infiltrates the area, the base emits a gigantic EMP burst, the opening to an attack by a group of mercenaries known as Janus. While the Russians and Janus forces battle each other, Bond makes his way into the bunker, where Ourumov and Onatopp are testily directing the Janus soldiers to steal the control software for the GoldenEye device and destroy the facility. As Bond makes his way down to the server room, he rescues Natalya Simonova, a computer engineer who quickly flees. Unfortunately, Ourumov manages to steal the GoldenEye controls, then detonates explosives throughout the base. Fleeing, Bond finds and rescues Natalya again, and the two escape just as additional Russian troops arrive.

The two are taken to the Russian Archives, where Defense Minister Mishkin interrogates Bond and threatens him with execution for terrorism. As Natalya tells him that Ourumov set off the initial EMP burst, Ourumov enters the room. He quickly uses Bond's Walther P99 to kill Mishkin and a guard, then escapes with Natalya while yelling for reinforcements. Escaping the Archives, Bond pursues Natalya and Ourumov, and eventually steals a Russian tank and chases after them through the streets of St. Petersburg. He finally tracks them to a train yard and quickly derails Ourumov's train with the tank. Fighting through more of Ourumov's men, 007 eventually finds Ourumov, Onatopp, and Natalya in a train car. Taking the GoldenEye controls, Onatopp suddenly kills Ourumov, then throws in a grenade and locks the door behind her. Bond cuts through the floor and escapes with Natalya, who tells him that she overheard them talking about a meeting with the leader of Janus at Memorial Park that night.

At Memorial Park, 007 leaves Natalya in his car while he sneaks through the Janus soldiers, learning more about the organization in the process. Unfortunately, Natalya ends up getting captured; Bond fights through more of Janus' men, but is soon cornered by their leader — Alec Trevelyan. Alec explains the reason for his betrayal: disillusionment with the government in the wake of the 2007 economic crash, during which the government protected the banks responsible by putting the burden on the citizenry. _ After getting knocked out by Alec, Bond wakes up in the pilot's seat of the stolen EMP helicopter, which has been programmed to fire its rockets at itself. Hitting the emergency eject button with his foot, 007 is propelled away from the blast, then checks in with MI-6.

The latest intelligence ties Janus to Pan African Power, a company with a large "clean energy" facility in Nigeria. As Bond flies in, a missile cripples his plane and he crashes in the jungle. Eluding more mercenaries, 007 eventually reaches the energy facility, but is attacked by Onatopp rappelling down from an attack helicopter. As she gets him in a lethal chokehold, Bond is able to shoot the chopper down, pulling her into a ravine and killing her.

Bond makes his way into the solar plant, then uses explosive charges to sabotage the facility. He manages to prime the cooling towers for detonation, but is captured before he can infiltrate the cradle section. The forces of Janus take him inside the control center, where Alec explains his plan — to use the GoldenEye device and erase all of England's financial records as payback for the banks' engineered financial crisis... but not before Janus has broken into the Bank of London and loot billions of pounds.

As Alec prepares to use Natalya's fingerprints to frame her for the EMP burst, Bond taunts him that it's a glorified bank robbery. Irked, Alec grabs Bond's Smartphone and deactivates the charges... but the buttons were previously reprogrammed by Bond, so he detonates them instead!

In the ensuing chaos, Natalya quickly reprograms the GoldenEye satellite to stop Alec's scheme while Bond holds off reinforcements. Once the situation has been defused, 007 chases Alec to prevent him from restabilizing the GoldenEye's orbit, fending off attacks from Alec and the mercenaries in the process. After a taunting firefight, Bond and Alec find themselves at the bottom stalk of the antenna, hundreds of feet above the ground. As the two fight in hand-to-hand combat, Bond deactivates the main computer console, and Alec is severely injured by a pipe falling from overhead. Defeated but defiant, Alec staggers and asks if Bond intends to shoot him "for England?" Bond coldly replies, "No — for me."

007 shoots the traitorous agent, and Alec plummets to his doom. Before the scaffolding collapses around him, a helicopter commandeered by Natalya flies by, and Bond leaps to safety just in time. The pilot lands in a nearby field where they are met by a small unit of U.S. Marines. As MI-6 calls Bond and asks for a full debriefing, Natalya throws his phone away and rewards him with a passionate kiss.