Synopsis / Bang Boom Bang

The plot (fasten your seatbelts, it's complicated): We meet some guy called Keek, who lives in the Ruhr area in Germany and is a not that successful little criminal. Some years ago, he and his partner in crime Karlheinz "Kalle" Grabowski robbed a bank; during the robbery, Kalle's Stocking Mask ripped, so his pic was caught on the security cam, and he was found; so they agreed that Kalle would do his time, but get 90% of the money instead. Problem: Meanwhile, Keek has lost all the money when making bets on horseracing. While it seems that Keek still has two years to find a solution, until Kalle will get free, things get complicated (and that's just the start) when Kalle orders Keek to buy him a Mercedes. Hilmi (the same guy who gave Keek the tip to bet on Horst) tells Keek to pay the Danish gang with (obviously) faked money. - Which he does, (barely) successfully.

Meanwhile, Kalle has watched the porn video Keek had given him during the last visit in prison (when Kalle ordered the Mercedes, which involved another little criminal whom we'll meet again, Ratte). Keek got said video from Franky, the guy who owns the video store where Kalle's wife Manuela works. They not only have started having sex (which Keek knows), but even made a porn video together - yes, that one. Kalle is not pleased seeing his wife cheat on him, breaks out and forces Keek to hide him at his (Keek's) place. Fortunately, Keek can fast-talk him about the money, claiming he had invested it and will need some days to retrieve it. Also, Kalle drives over Franky with his new Mercedes, killing him.

Now Schlucke (a former football player and mentor of Keek's buddy Andy, also a football player who had to give up his career as a football pro after an injury) was ordered by his boss Kampmann (also the owner of the football club where Andy and Schlucke played) to fake a burglary at Kampmann's transport firm, because Kampmann wants to commit insurance fraud. Since Schlucke couldn't resist bragging about The Plan, Keek wants to be part of it, and also drags Andy along. Ratte also joins them. Of course, at the storehouse they're surprised to find it empty - Schlucke only told them about the burglary bit. So they decide to crack the safe in the office instead, but there's no money in it, only some files. Schlucke has somehow disappeared while Keek and Andy were cracking the safe, and Ratte also decides it's better to leave. Andy gets angry, kicks the safe door, which rips off Keek's thumb. Who is now unable to open the safe. Andy has the idea to ask Willi (who owns the gas station where Andy works) for help; but since the safe is part of the wall, they have to rip it out with their car and a chain. To make things worse, on the way to Willi (still dragging the safe along on the chain!) they're photographed by a speed cam - which they have to destroy now. Willi helps them since he can't stand Kampmann, but isn't too pleased. While in the hospital, where Keek's thumb is reattached, Andy learns that Kampmann lied to him about his knee injury (to cheat the insurance - again).

Since the break-in wasn't successful, Keek and Andy try to blackmail Kampmann with the files from the safe. Kampmann cheats them again, gives them a suitcase full of old newspapers instead. Andy gets angry, kicks their car - which opens the trunk, with dead Schlucke inside, to their surprise. After they buried him in a forest, they go to Ratte, who's their main suspect. Ratte claims that he didn't kill Schlucke and tells them that Schlucke suffocated after acting suspiciously. They put two and two together (successfully) and find out: Schlucke found a key for a locker in the safe and swallowed it after Ratte inquired what he was doing. After digging up Schlucke again, they indeed find the key in his throat, which is for a locker at the airport. As they guess, it contains money Kampmann got from a deal with a Romanian smuggler's gang.

Oh, and meanwhile the Danes noticed that the money was fake and took the Mercedes back. Now everyone wants to get to the locker at the airport: Keek, Andy and Kalle (whom Keek told that his money was there), the Kampmanns, and the police (undercover). At the showdown, Kalle shoots at Kampmann, but is shot dead himself by the police. Kampmann gets arrested, but when the police forces Keek to open the locker with his key, they find that the bag in there only contains porn mags. So Keek and Andy are free.

And then we see who really took Kampmann's money (in fact, did this some time ago): Noone but the sexy blonde intern at Kampmann's firm, Melanie!