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* The English dub of ''Series/StarFleet'' is generally more well regarded and remembered than the original Japanese version (part of that being the series failed in Japan, whereas it was loved in the United Kingdom). The English dialogue even fits the puppets mouth movements better than the original Japanese dialogue.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Creator/{{Atlus}} and [[Creator/NipponIchi NISAmerica]] are pretty famous for this. Even if a game has the option to change the spoken language to Japanese, you'll rarely do so, the dubbing is so good. Specifically:
** The ''Franchise/ShinMegamiTensei'' and ''Franchise/{{Disgaea}}'' series are incredibly well dubbed.
** In particular, both ''VideoGame/{{Persona 3}}'' ''and'' ''VideoGame/{{Persona 4}}'' have amazing dubs. Both games feature highly prolific voice actors throughout, like Creator/VicMignogna, Creator/LiamOBrien, Creator/YuriLowenthal, Creator/LauraBailey, Creator/KarenStrassman, Creator/TaraPlatt and, of course, Creator/TroyBaker. In each of those cases, you could make a serious argument for their ''Persona'' roles being the best performances they've ever given, with the help of the amazing scripts. Tara Platt gets past her occasionally stiff typecasting and gives DefrostingIceQueen Mitsuru a real heart; Vic Mignogna somehow manages to make Junpei ''not annoying'' and a best friend you'd want to have; Liam O'Brien combines {{Adorkable}} with BloodKnight for Akihiko while still sounding coherent ''and'' giving one of the biggest TearJerker monologues in the series; Karen Strassman handles Aigis's emotional transformation beautifully and then sounds completely unrecognizable (and adorable) as Nanako; and Yuri Lowenthal (Yosuke), Laura Bailey (Rise) and Troy Baker (Kanji) are clearly just having the time of their lives, knocking all their comedic scenes out of the park, and ''still'' managing to bring sincere emotion to their roles when it's called for. Even minor characters like Takaya (Creator/DerekStephenPrince) are unforgettable because of their voice acting.
** ''VideoGame/SoulNomadAndTheWorldEaters'' with TokenEvilTeamMate [[{{Jerkass}} Gig]], whose English performance is largely regarded as superior to the original version.
* Creator/BandaiNamcoEntertainment has some hits and misses. But, boy! When they hit, they hit really hard! Examples would be the ''VideoGame/{{Xenosaga}}'' trilogy, the ''VideoGame/AceCombat'' series and some of the ''VideoGame/TalesOf'' games, especially from ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia'' and ''VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss'' onward. While their dub of ''VideoGame/BatenKaitos'' was terrible, their dub of ''VideoGame/BatenKaitosOrigins'' was spectacular, especially in comparison. Highlights include characters actually showing emotion and Guillo's VoiceOfTheLegion being pulled off quite well.
* The period of 2011~2012 saw the rise of British voice actors dubbing {{Eastern RPG}}s; with ''VideoGame/{{Xenoblade}}'' and ''VideoGame/TheLastStory'' having some simply superb voice work. The former had several casting issues in the original Japanese (with LargeHam Creator/NorioWakamoto being cast as, of all things, a SmugSnake and [[TeamDad Dunban]] sounding like a hyperactive teenager in battle). The English actors did their own thing with every last one of the characters and they were ''not'' afraid to go overboard when required; leading to the creation of many a beloved meme. ''TLS'''s British cast, on the other hand, got the memo on how the game is effectively [[DarkerAndEdgier a much more political and far more grown-up version of]] ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' and chucked as many JRPG and anime dubbing cliches that they could out the window; with the actors instead going for a big mix of regional accents to convey the class-struggles while writing the English script to convey more of a ''Franchise/DragonAge''-style medieval fantasy tone.
* ''Franchise/FinalFantasy''[='=]s dubs were widely regarded as lacking; partly due to the LipLock. Then, along came ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII'': which mixed Brits, Europeans and Americans together to create a great sense of cultural variety for the game's world and featured a script that completely ''nailed'' how to convey the subtle schemes and plots that the story revolved around.
* The English dub for ''VideoGame/KidIcarusUprising'' set an unprecedented standard for a Nintendo property: after years of shaky performances in ''Franchise/StarFox'' games, ''VideoGame/SuperMarioSunshine'' and ''VideoGame/MetroidOtherM'' (released 2 years prior to ''VideoGame/KidIcarusUprising''), we got a dub entirely comprised of well known voice talent such as Creator/CreeSummer, Creator/AliHillis and Creator/TroyBaker. With a game this packed with dialogue, good voice acting was a necessity, but everyone involved gave an inspired and enthusiastic performance. Special mention must go to S. Scott Bullock as [[spoiler: Hades]], playing one of the [[EvilIsHammy hammiest villains in gaming]].
* The English dub for ''VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening'' really ''really'' splurged, just like in ''VideoGame/KidIcarusUprising''. While both games were handheld (which are typically given much ''less'' standards to voice acting than other video games), looking at the voice credits, you can really see that they spared no expense. While they do have a few actors playing multiple characters, almost all of them manage to make their characters sound ''very'' different from each other. The one exception is Creator/TaraPlatt, who voices Miriel and Flavia (and it's pretty obvious that they're the same person, given how often you're likely to hear Miriel and Flavia's VoiceGrunting and voice clips). The fact that the game has so ''little'' voice acting compared to other titles (like ''VideoGame/KingdomHeartsBirthBySleep'' and the PSP ''Franchise/StarOcean'' remakes) makes the dub even ''more'' impressive. Of the voices in the game, Creator/LauraBailey's Lucina seems to be one of the most lauded, thanks to her voice acting embodying the character's strength, beauty, determination and cuteness all at the same time.
* After the controversial localization and voice acting for ''VideoGame/FireEmblemFates'', the localization team (8-4) and production studio (Cup of Tea Productions) that were used for ''Awakening'' were bought back for ''VideoGame/FireEmblemEchoesShadowsOfValentia'', and their might combined with their actors ''shows'', amplified by the fact that this game is fully voice acted throughout instead of reserving it for cutscenes. The leads (Creator/KyleMcCarley as Alm, and Creator/EricaLindbeck as Celica) and the supporting cast (Creator/MaxMittelman as Gray, Creator/RobbieDaymond as Tobin, Creator/CheramiLeigh as Mae, Creator/KeithSilverstein as Saber, and Chris Hackney as Boey) are beautifully executed and natural-sounding, and Creator/IanSinclair playing the new villain Berkut's epic breakdown scene during Act 4 is another highlight.
* ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes'' is an unusual case: when the game was originally released in Japan, it featured English voice acting with Japanese subtitles instead of the usual Japanese voice acting. The voice acting was quite good, though, with Creator/RobinAtkinDownes as the {{Otaku}} BloodKnight Travis Touchdown (pulling off an amazingly convincing FakeAmerican accent, at that). The trend continued with ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes2DesperateStruggle'', and the voice acting was still amazing. Then the original ''NMH'' was given an UpdatedRerelease on the [=PS3=] which included Japanese voice acting, and in a strange turn of events, players preferred the English voice work to Japanese. Is it a case of players being too accustomed to the English VA work, or was it just plain better than the Japanese VA work? Whatever the answer, the fact remains that the English voice work is quality stuff.
* It took a long time for the ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'' series to find vocal talent that didn't piss off at least ''some'' contingent of the fandom's infamously BrokenBase, but the decision to bring on Creator/RogerCraigSmith as Sonic was a good one. While a bit deeper than expected, he nails Sonic's attitude perfectly. Perhaps an even better decision was to keep Creator/MikePollock, the one member of the 4Kids voice cast to be universally beloved, as the nefarious Dr. Eggman. Outside of Sonic as a character, Kate Higgins is said to be the best Tails in the franchise's history, and same with Laura Bailey and Omochao; though Omochao is still TheScrappy of the franchise, he was tolerated in ''VideoGame/SonicGenerations'' rather than outright hated.
*** As of 2014's ''VideoGame/SonicBoom: The Rise of Lyric'', the only voice anyone seriously has issues with (besides possibly Sonic's) is Creator/KirkThornton's Shadow. Say what you will about [[ObviousBeta the game itself]]; it has probably the best voice acting in the entire series.
** Interestingly enough, now that they've been gone a while, people seem to be considering the 4Kids actors to be a strong cast in their own right, particularly Creator/DanGreen as Knuckles, Creator/LisaOrtiz as Amy Rose, Bella Hudson as Blaze/Wave, and Creator/JasonGriffith as Sonic (2007 and beyond). As an overall group, they started out with several rough spots (Sonic sounded more high-pitched and nerdy), (Mike Pollock admitted he was trying to do a Dean Bristo impression before he found his voice for the character), and it didn't help their introductions to the franchise were ''Anime/SonicX'' and ''VideoGame/ShadowTheHedgehog'' which weren't the most well written entries. But over time the cast audibly improved greatly. Griffith's work in ''VideoGame/[[SonicStorybookSeries Sonic and the Black Knight]]'' is considered one of the finest demonstrations of Sonic's character in the franchise.
** Speaking of ''Sonic Boom'', the [[WesternAnimation/SonicBoom the TV series]] is an even bigger improvement on the ''Boom'' games. With the chance to record their lines together and work on several dozen episodes, the cast quickly polished their character voices to perfection with excellent comedic timing and a moment or two to show off some range. ''Creator/CindyRobinson'', in particular, who started out widely disliked as Amy sporting a Mini Mouse-esque tone found her own range with a lower, warmer style, many fans are considering her to be at least just as good as her previous actress. This was solidified in the season 2 episode "Give Bees A Chance", which she wrote starring Amy, where she displays a variety of emotions from bubbly to depressed, and pulled them off well.
* The English cast of the ''Franchise/MetalGear'' series is among some of the best in the industry, particularly when the original ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid'' was released, back in a time when English voice acting in games, dubbed and domestic, tend to range from "tolerable" to "laughably bad". There's no two ways about it: Creator/DavidHayter ''is'' the war-weary chain-smoking Solid Snake. The other voice acting powerhouses behind ''Solid'', including Creator/PaulEiding as Colonel Roy Campbell, Creator/JenniferHale as Dr. Naomi Hunter, and Creator/CamClarke as the villainous Liquid Snake, also bring their A-game.
* ''VideoGame/FistOfTheNorthStarKensRage'' has an excellent English vocal track. The nuances of the characters are retained, as is the overall feel of the game. Creator/KaijiTang's deep, sober-voiced Kenshiro, Creator/LexLang's polite and calm Toki, a surprise Creator/RichardEpcar with a nicely psychotic Zeed and Creator/DougErholtz giving us a tragic and obsessive Shin, all come together to make for a very enjoyable English dub of the first game. Impressively, almost everyone manages to pronounce the Japanese names of their [[LimitBreak Signature Moves]] properly. The sequel/remake doesn't have an English track, unfortunately.
* ''VideoGame/{{NieR}}'' had a peculiar development cycle where the scripts for the Japanese and English versions of the game were written side-by-side, fundamental translations aside since it IS a Japanese game. This led to a pretty good script, with some pretty cool bouts of Woolseyism. The voice actors are all very memorable and likable in their roles, particularly Liam O'Brien as the haughty and arrogant Grimoire Weiss.
* ''VideoGame/OdinSphere'' has a most stupendous dub. While some may criticize it for it sounding overly dramatic, it actually works for a game where the cutscenes produce an aesthetic not unlike Shakespearean plays.
* While the voice acting in Working Designs games were what you would expect from people who were literally hired off the street (some horrible, a few gems like John Truitt's Ghaleon, but most mediocre or bland), their song dubs, almost all sung by Jenny Stigile, were excellent, especially for their time. Of particular note is Wind's Nocturne from ''VideoGame/LunarSilverStarStory'', which even got Jenny's performance some attention from 2channel, resulting in the "Shii's Song" meme.
* Another great example of dubbed songs done right would be ''VideoGame/WildArms3'', all of the songs lyrics were faithful to the original meaning but flowed and rhymed, and Samantha Newark's powerful performances of the songs easily surpass the original Japanese versions.
* Both ''VideoGame/{{Bayonetta}}'' and ''VideoGame/{{Bayonetta 2}}'' have terrific voice acting, with Helena Taylor as a sultry, sexy, and ultimately emotional Bayonetta. Yuri Lowenthal also gets to have a lot of fun as Luka, Music/GreyDeLisle as Jeanne, and Enzo and Rodin are quite enjoyable to listen to as well. Hey, even Crispin Freeman plays a part in the sequel!
* ''VideoGame/{{Elsword}}'' is one of those rare moments where a Korean MMORPG have select character voices that doesn't sound like they hired random people from the streets. Instead, they hired voice actors from Creator/VizMedia's talents along with a great ADR director Creator/MichaelSorich. There is the option in game to switch languages from Korean to English, and the majority of players don't actually mind playing with the English Voice Overs.
* The dub quality in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfHeroesTrailsOfColdSteel'' is one of the games highlights, mainly because it shows the love given by Xseed in localizing it. Creator/SeanChiplock as the lead Rean Schwarzer manages to capture many important scenes very well such as [[spoiler:the revelation that Osbourne is still alive ''and'' is his father]], Creator/MelaLee fits the voice of hypercompetent maid Sharon Kreuger very well, Creator/CarrieKeranen succeeds in being a slacker-yet-badass school instructor, Creator/EdenRiegel greatly captures [[https://youtu.be/vnsbfcN7h3A?t=1h11m51s Duvalie's scream of frustration]], and the list goes on...


[[folder: Visual novels]]
* ''VisualNovel/RumblingHearts'': Every character sounds perfect, and the script is unbelievable. Even in the midst of all sorts of crazy melodrama, each and every character sounds like someone real - especially the high school/college-age kids, which anyone will tell you is particularly unusual in anime dubs. This is quintessential in a series that plays itself as a "slice-of-life" drama. Particular highlights include Kevin Connolly as stoic-yet-sensitive Takayuki, Carrie Savage both playing and powerfully subverting her typecast role as the "shy, delicate moe girl", the always-great Creator/LuciChristian teaming up with Creator/MonicaRial to deliver a collectively hilarious performance as Ayu and Mayu, and Creator/ColleenClinkenbeard, who does one of the best performances running the gamut between spunky and high-spirited tsundere and desperate, emotionally broken woman since Allison Keith as Misato Katsuragi (see above). By contrast, the Japanese cast was lifted from the corresponding hentai game, and as such delivers with all the subtlety and passion you might expect.[[note]]Okay, they're not ''that'' bad, but they're hardly as exceptional as the English cast turns out to be.[[/note]] The script is fantastic and filled with extremely well-done {{Woolseyism}}s. You know who wrote it? Eric Vale.
* ''VisualNovel/VirtuesLastReward'' also has an English voice cast that's considered to be superior to the Japanese original. In particular, Creator/KarenStrassman as Phi (who has a perfect amount of sarcastic tone for the Main/DeadpanSnarker Phi is) and Creator/CindyRobinson as Zero (who switches between at least FIVE different voices and is really having fun with the part) are considered better. Special mention should also go to Creator/ErinFitzgerald as Quark- even people who normally dislike her work like her perfomance here.
* ''VisualNovel/SuperDanganronpa2'' holds it's own against the impressive original cast. Most of the cast is extremely well-known and turns in performances supporting this and even the two relative newbies (Creator/NatalieHoover as Sonia and Creator/JaniceKawaye as Peko) turn in impressive performances. Chiaki, Gundham, and Hajime seem to be particularly well liked. However, the performance that really stands out was Creator/BrycePapenbrook as Nagito. While Papenbrook is a rather divisive voice actor, Nagito is considered one of his best roles.
* While it's not voice acting exactly as the game does not feature spoken dialogue, similarly to the ''Creator/WorkingDesigns'' example, the songs in ''VideoGame/RhapsodyAMusicalAdventure'' were all sung by professional singers, and while the songs themselves are delightfully cheesy, the tunes are [[EarWorm catchy]] and the voices fit their characters well. It's an impressive feat, as the game was released on the first UsefulNotes/PlayStation'' console which was notorious for its games having wooden, clunky voice work, let alone a game with twenty musical numbers.

[[folder: Western Animation ]]
* People from the UK who grew up in the '80s will remember the animated shows produced by Spanish studio BRB Internacional thanks to their wonderful English dubs. The fact that these shows were produced with an international audience in mind (which was, and still is, pretty rare for shows produced in Spain) definitely helped.
** ''WesternAnimation/AroundTheWorldWithWillyFog''
** ''WesternAnimation/DogtanianAndTheThreeMuskehounds'': With Cam Clarke giving voice to Dogtanian. One of his most memorable characters, which is saying a lot.
** ''WesternAnimation/TheWorldOfDavidTheGnome'': This show became very popular in America as well due to years of being rerun on Nick Jr. The entire voice cast is quite good.
* ''WesternAnimation/CodeLyoko'' is generally agreed to have a good dub, as it was in fact dubbed by the very company who made it in France.
* Speaking of French shows, ''WesternAnimation/MiraculousLadybug'' has a quality English dub containing an AllstarCast. The incomparable Creator/CristinaValenzuela is the star of the show, making Marinette ditzy and adorable in her civilian identity, and as Ladybug she's noticeably more confident and a LargeHam. Creator/BrycePapenbrook manages the opposite, giving Adrien a calm, somewhat stoic tone and an {{Adorkable}}, hammier side as Cat Noir, who's just earnest enough that his terrible puns come off as endearing rather than grating. Creator/MelaLee as Marinette's FairyCompanion Tikki is utterly {{Moe}} with her high-pitched voice and giggles that's in contrast to her usually bratty or cruel characters. Creator/KeithSilverstein channels pure Saturday morning cartoon villainy with Hawkmoth, and [[LargeHam seems to be enjoying every second]], and yet manages a reflective, even sad moment in the episode "Simon Says". Creator/CarrieKeranen is the perfect supportive girl friend any girl would want her age that still has a lot of sass. Due to being animated around an English demo, there's a lot less LipLock than usual, making for some cheesy, but rarely awkward dialogue. While the script is admittedly goofy, the changes were done with the creator's oversight, which only enhances the comic book inspiration. It's so widely watched by English-speaking fans it's assumed you're talking about the dub, having to specify the French cast when you aren't.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSmurfsAndTheMagicFlute'': Both English dubs (UK and U.S.) of the original French film are equally strong, as well as entertaining, but the U.S. dub from 1983 tends to stand out the most.[[note]]The only thing to nitpick about the UK dub is the fact that a couple scenes contain missing dialogue, most notably during the Smurfs' party sequence, when Brainy Smurf delivers a lecture to Greedy, who [[PieInTheFace throws a pie in his face]]. The same problem occurs in another scene when Johan and Peewit have a few lines, while the Smurfs cut down a giant tree. These two scenes were fixed in the U.S. dub.[[/note]] Today, only the UK dub can be locally found on DVD releases from Creator/ShoutFactory and Imavision, as well as streaming on Netflix and iTunes. But it is believed that the U.S. dub is still in someone's warehouse.