Superlative Dubbing / Dutch Dubs

  • According to Muppet Wiki, "Jim Henson was so impressed by [Paul] Haenen and [Wim T.] Schippers' performances that they are the only Bert and Ernie in the world who are allowed to write their own material."
  • The Rescuers in Dutch is undoubtedly very well done, but what really sells it is Annet Nieuwenhuijzen's incredibly hammy and psychotic performance as Madame Medusa. She really takes the Ax-Crazy aspect of the character Up to Eleven.
  • Most of the Dutch dub of Pocahontas is only above average if not mediocre, but the main character is voiced by opera singer Pia Douwes, which results in astounding amounts of Crowning Music of Awesome. Need an example? Just listen to her hit the high note in "Savages".
  • When Jozsef Nepp's already fairly odd "Mézga Family" series was dubbed into Dutch in the early 1990s, exceedingly snarky translations and inexplicably gender-flipped character names (Géza and Paula became "Annie" and "Karel", respectively, for instance) further cranked up the surrealism.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender has one of the greatest Dutch dubs in existence and manages to match the impressive performances of the original Enlgish.
  • Phineas and Ferb: Doofenschmirz is especially stand-out.
  • The Emperor's New Groove: It is one of the few Dutch dubs that can be considered better than the original English version, with jokes rewritten for a Dutch audience, and amazing performances.
  • Frozen: Many fans of the film hail Willemijn Verkaik's Dutch dub of "Let It Go" (and Elsa in general) as superior to the English.note 
  • The Dutch dub of Marvin Marvin probably counts. Remember how the bad voice acting in the original English version was one of the major complaints. Well, the Dutch version has a dub that was good enough to be on the BENELUX version of Nickelodeon for multiple years and the show still managed to fail at having a truly Vocal Hatedom.