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Super Weight: Web Comics

  • The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
    • Type -1: Augustus Belstien XVI.
    • Type 0: Chuck Goodrich.
    • Type 1: Dr. McNinja, Mitzi McNinja, Sean "Dark Smoke Puncher" McNinja.
    • Type 2: Dan McNinja & Gordito Delgado (both grew mustaches that supernaturally command respect through sheer force of will).
    • Type 3: Franz Raynard, Mongo the Super Ninja.
    • Type 4: Gordito's Math Teacher.
    • Type 5: King Radical, Sparklelord.
    • Type 6: The Space Monsters.

  • Axe Cop
    • Type -1: Fishy Fish.
    • Type 0: Mr. Stocker.
    • Type 1: Axe Girlnote .
    • Type 2: Sockarang, Leaf Man, Flute Cop/Dinosaur Soldier/Avocado Soldier/etc..
    • Type 3: Wexter.
    • Type 4: Axe Copnote , Iggy and Willy the Mummy Siberian Witch Doctor Cat Brothers, the Water Queen.
    • Type 5: Uni-Man or anyone else with a unicorn horn.

  • Dinosaur Comics
    • Type -1: Morris, Mr. Tusks.
    • Type 0: William Shakespeare.
    • Type 1: The woman in panel 4, Raccoons.
    • Type 2: The dinosaurs, Cephalopods.
    • Type 6: The Devil.
    • Type 7: God.

  • 8-Bit Theater
    • Type -1: Ordinary citizens.
    • Type 0: Regular people who appear more than once (including Onion Kid and Bikke).
    • Type 1: Thief, Fighter, Black Belt, Dragoon, Garland.
    • Type 2: Thief as a Ninja, Fighter as a Knight, White Mage, Vilbert, Drizz'l, the Other Warriors, the cultists, Matoya.
    • Type 3: Red Mage, Black Mage, Warmech.
    • Type 4: The Hadoken, the Four Fiends, Bahamut.
    • Type 5: Fully powered Black Mage.
    • Type 7: Sarda, Chaos.

  • El Goonish Shive
    • Type 0: Sarah, Tedd.
    • Type 1: Justin, Noah (at the least), Nanase (burnt out).
    • Type 2: Nanase (normal), Ellen, Susan, Grace's "Brothers", Mr. Verres, Abraham, Raven, Sensei Greg, Nioi, Magus, Immortals on the physical plane.
    • Type 3: Elliot, Grace, Damien, General Shade Tail, Noah (at the most, probably).
    • Type 4: Chaos (i.e. Pandora Raven) and other Immortals on the spiritual plane.
    • Type 7: Dan.

  • Girl Genius
    • Type 0: Von Zinzer, Lars, Payne, Krosp.
    • Type 1: Dupree, Zeetha, Violetta.
    • Type 2: Sparks, jagermonsters, Othar Tryggvassen: GENTLEMAN ADVENTURER!, Airman Axel "The Unstoppable" Higgs, Zola.
    • Type 3: Punch, Judy, Von Pinn, Klaus Wulfenbach, the Other, Castle Heterodyne.

  • Goblins
    • Type 0: Fumbles.
    • Type 1: Minmax, Thaco, Complains, Fox, Kin, Tempts Fate.
    • Type 2: Forgath, Chief, Ears, Dies, Goblinslayer, Kore, Tempts Fate (with belt).
    • Type 3: Klik, Dies under the control of his arm.
    • Type 7: Herbert the Dungeon Master.

  • Gunnerkrigg Court
    • Type -1: Robot (pre-upgrade and when bodyless), Boxbot.
    • Type 0: Most human students/teachers.
    • Type 1: Dr. Disaster, Steadman, Robot (post-upgrade), Basil.
    • Type 2: Smitty and Parley (separately), Kat, Kat's mother, Diego, Reynardine, Ysengrin, Zimmy, Gamma, Jack while "infected" by Zimmy's nightmare spiders, Jeanne.
    • Type 3: Smitty and Parley (together), Annie (with her blinker stone), Surma, Eglamore, Jones, Brinnie (probably).
    • Type 5: Psychopomps.
    • Type 6: Coyote, Great Spirit.

  • Homestuck
    • Type -1: Tavros (before his legs were replaced), Consorts, Kernelsprites, the Dead, the Cherubim while imprisoned.
    • Type 0: The Kids (starting out), the Exiles (except for AR), citizens of Prospit and Derse.
    • Type 1: The Kids after allocating their Strife Specibi, Imps, most Trolls without psychic powers, Prospitian and Dersite soldiers and Agents, the Midnight Crew.
    • Type 2: The Guardians, low-level Heroes, Sprites, most Underlings, the Felt, low-power psychic Trolls, Sea Trolls, most Lusi, Equius, anyone with the Magic Cue Ball, Rainbow Drinkers, Dirk's Robots, Imperial Drones.
    • Type 3: High-level Heroes, powerful Underlings, high-power psychic Trolls, most of Aradia's incarnations, Pyralspite, Grimdark Rose, Eridan using the Wwhite Science Wand, Dronegorg.
    • Type 4: Monarchs, Denizens, Prototyped Jack Noir, God Tier Heroes, Her Imperious Condescension, The Handmaid, DD while using the Ring.
    • Type 5: First Guardians, Gl'bgolyb, fully Prototyped Jack Noir and PMnote , The Tumor, God Tier Vriska using Ancestral Awakeningnote , Her Imperious Condescension while controlling God Cat, Tricksters, adult Cherubim, Hopesplosion Jake.
    • Type 6: The Horrorterrors, Skaia, The Green Sun, the Genesis Frog, God Tier Jade, Snowman, Lord Englishnote , Andrew Hussienote , John after becoming blurred in Paradox Space, as he is exempt from the rules preserving the timeline.
    • Type 7: Paradox Space.

  • minus
    • Type -1: The balloon-seller-turned-balloon, momentarily.
    • Type 0: Most of minus's schoolmates, and innocent bystanders.
    • Type 1: Larry (lone survivor of the minus-induced apocalypse), the red-haired girl who came back from the bathroom kingdomnote , the obnoxious ghost after minus brings her back to life, the Egomaniac Hunter who boxes a lion.
    • Type 2: The green-haired girl (after minus gives her the ability to fly, and later the ability to see ghosts), ghosts, the man minus gives wings, Lem McNole.note 
    • Type 3: Dishface (omnidisciplinary ninja).
    • Type 4: The Jackass Genie and the giant octopus.
    • Type 7: minus herself (source of most of the above) and possibly the mysterious briefcase guy who "breaks" her temporarily.

  • The Order of the Stick
    • Type -1: Flumphs, Banjo.
    • Type 0: Most NPCs.
    • Type 1: Roy, Haley, Therkla, Mr. Scruffy.
    • Type 2: Belkar, Thog, Miko, O-Chul, the Oracle, Pompey, wights, Blackwing.
    • Type 3: Durkon, Vaarsuviusnote , Sabine, Tsukiko, Elan, Nale, Tarquinnote , Malack.
    • Type 4: Lord Xykon, the Monster in the Darkness, the Inter-Fiend Cooperation Commission, Redcloak, the Ancient Black Dragon, Vaarsuvius under Soul Splice, Leeky Windstaff.
    • Type 5: The gods.
    • Type 6: The Snarl.

  • Problem Sleuth

  • Sluggy Freelance
    • Type -1: Corsica, Dimension of Lame Bun-bun.
    • Type 0: Torg, Gwynn and Sam initially, ZoŽ, Dr. Schlock, Frog, Monicruel, Kiki.
    • Type 1: Torg (after getting Chaz), Riff, Bun-bun, Reynold Strom, Sensei Feng, Sasha, Crushestro, Teresa, Agent Rammer, Berk.
    • Type 2: Oasis and Kusari, many demons, Aylee (in EMP dragon, fire-dragon, or winged humanoid form), Hell Mouth vampires, Gwynn (after learning magic), Dr. Crabtree.
    • Type 3: Aylee (in xenomorph, spikey snake, or mountainous form), Lord Horribus, Cloney, Alien Santa, Satanic kittens, Sam and other powerful vampires, possession demons.
    • Type 4: K'Z'K, Holiday Emperor Bun-bun, Zefolas and Fezeel, the Djinn of the Chamberpot.

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