Super Weight: Other

  • Gorillaz
    • Type -1: The kids from Dirty Harry.
    • Type 0: 2D, Paula Cracker.
    • Type 1: Noodle, Russell, Bruce Willis.
    • Type 2: Murdoc, Cyborg Noodle.
    • Type 3: Del, Giant Russell.
    • Type 4: The Boogeyman and the other horsemen.

New Media

Web Original

  • We Are All Pokémon Trainers
    • Type -1: Lone Unown, most baby mons.
    • Type 0: Most humans.
    • Type 1: Badass Normal humans.
    • Type 2: Most humans on the Auric spectrum, first stage mons.
    • Type 3: Advanced level humans on the Auric spectrum, most fully evolved mons.
    • Type 4: "Lower tier" legendaries (Mew and expies, Latii, etc), Psuedo legendaries.
    • Type 5: Non-creation trio box legends (Weather trio, tao trio, etc.), Mewtwo, Deoxys, The Ghost Lord, Annoski.
    • Type 6: The creation trio, Unown hordes, Arceus.
    • Type 7: Narrators.

  • Destroy The Godmodder
    • Type -1: Rare, but a handful of summons ended up here, as well as a few self-summons after the godmodder reversed their modifiers.
    • Type 0: Most of the background characters, the members of several different armies. Most people behind the players.
    • Type 1: Anything of a lower level than this is toast. Tricky the Clown pre-death.
    • Type 2: The level of many summons. Specific examples include individual Vord members, Itchy, and the ghost space pirates.
    • Type 3: The most common level. Dr. Christoff, Pootis, and the goldisaurus are all examples.
    • Type 4: Many self-summons, the UOSS, the Preston Cole, Mechs, and the creepy dummy among others. The players.
    • Type 5: The Operator, many other bosses, and Tricky post-death at the lower end, and Twinbuilder as an entity; Doc Scratch; and the Godmodder at the higher end
    • Type 6: The Secret of the Void, The black Monolith, The First Block, Lord English
    • Type 7: The Game Master.