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Super Weight: Comic Books

DC Universe

Wildstorm Universe

  • Wildstorm
    • Type 1: Stormwatch PHD, Stormwatch Achilles.
    • Type 2: Grifter, Zealot, Savant, Nemesis, Daemonites, most retired Tranqility heroes.
    • Type 3: Most of The Authority, Gen 13, Stormwatch and Wild CATS.
    • Type 4: Mr. Majestic (they even call these Majestic class characters)note , Apollo, The High, Maximum Man.
    • Type 5: Jenny Sparks
    • Type 6: Jenny Quantum, the Doctor.

Marvel Universe

  • The Avengers
    • Type 0: Jarvis, Henry Gyrich.
    • Type 1: Nick Furynote , Captain America (without shield), Black Widow, Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Bucky Barnes, Shang-Chi.
    • Type 2: Captain America (with shield) note , the Winter Soldiernote , 3-D Man, Triathalon.
    • Type 3: Any character not listed in the other ranksnote .
    • Type 4: Iron Mannote , Namor, Wonder Man, Carol Danvers, Ultron.
    • Type 5: Hyperion, Scarlet Witchnote , Captain Universe, The Sentry/Voidnote .
    • Type 6: Korvac

  • Captain Britain

  • Cosmic Marvel

  • Doctor Strange
    • Type 3: Wong.
    • Type 5: Clea, Doctor Strangenote , the Ancient One,
    • Type 6: Dormammu, Shuma-Gorath, Zom, Umar, the Vishanti, the most powerful Demon lords in their own dimensions.

  • Fantastic Four
    • Type -1: Alicia Masters.
    • Type 0: Nathaniel Richards.
    • Type 2: H.E.R.B.I.E., Valeria Richards, The Mole King, The Trapster.
    • Type 3: Mr. Fantastic, Crystal, Medusa.
    • Type 4: The Invisible Woman, The Thing, Namor, Doctor Doom, The Human Torchnote , Super Skrull.
    • Type 5: Black Bolt.
    • Type 6: Galactus, Franklin Richards, Hyperstorm, the Marquis of Death.

  • Incredible Hulk
    • Type -1: Miek (at first).
    • Type 0: Bruce Banner, Betty Banner, Jennifer Walters, Thunderbolt Ross, Rick Jones (unpowered).
    • Type 2: The Leader, Tyrannus, The Red King.
    • Type 4: Gray Hulk, She-Hulk, Red She-Hulk, Red Hulk, The Abomination, A-Bomb, Oldstrong, Doc Samson.
    • Type 5: The current Hulk based on that he recently supported the weight of a star, Skaar (his Old Power nearly took apart the Planet), Maestro, Red She-Hulk during "Heart of the Monster", sufficiently angry She-Hulk based on the times she curbstomped the Champion of the Universe and a Thanos clone.note 
    • Type 6: The Hulk's potential.note 

  • The Mighty Thor / The Incredible Hercules
    • Type -1: Dr. Donald Blake (without cane).
    • Type 0: Jane Foster.
    • Type 1: Bill Junior.
    • Type 2: Delphine Gorgon, powerless Herc (with mystic weapons), Amadeus Cho.
    • Type 3: Thunderstrike, the Warriors Three, Sif, Valkyrie, Frost Giants, Malekith the Accursed (without his magic).
    • Type 4: Thor (without Mjolnir), Beta Ray Bill (without Stormbreaker), Hercules, Ares, Ulik, Hera, Loki, Kelda Stormrider, Malekith the Accursed.
    • Type 5: Hela, Hades, Mangog, Kurse, Jormungand, whoever is holding Mjolnir/Stormbreaker.
    • Type 6: Thor with Full Odin Force and Rune Magicnote , Skyfathers (such as Odin & Zeus), Surtur, The Serpent, The Chaos King, Hercules during Chaos War, All-Black the Necrosword.

  • Spider-Man
    • Type -1: Aunt May.
    • Type 0: Mary-Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy, The Daily Bugle staff, Silvermane, the Rose, The Burglar.
    • Type 1: Mysterio, Silver Sable, The Enforcers, Black Fox.
    • Type 2: Hammerhead, The Chameleon, The Jackal, Black Cat, Kraven the Hunter, the Shocker, the Spot.
    • Type 3: Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, Spider-Girl, The Vulture, The Lizard, Tombstone, Doctor Octopus, The Green Goblin, Venom, Morlun, Hydro-Man, the Molten Man, Hobgoblin, the Scorpion, Carnage, Mister Negative.
    • Type 4: The Swarm, Electronote , Sandman, The Rhino.
    • Type 6: Mephisto.

  • X-Men
    • Type -1: Mutants with actively maladaptive mutations.
    • Type 0: Moira MacTaggert, Senator Robert Kelly, Reverend Striker, Bolivar Trask, most other "flatscans," most mutants with physical mutations only.
    • Type 1: Striker Jr.
    • Type 2: Rogue (default), Artie, Leech, Angel (first series), Beast (first series), Multiple Man, Deadpool, Douglas Ramsey, Forge.
    • Type 3: Most X-Men, New Mutants, X-Force, Generation X, and Academy X members, Sentinels.
    • Type 4: Cablenote , Iceman note , Jean Grey, Rachel Summers, Stryfe, Cannonball, Storm, Proteusnote , Juggernaut note .
    • Type 5: Professor X, Magneto, X-Mannote , Apocalypse, Vulcan, weaker Phoenix Force hosts.
    • Type 6: The Phoenix Force as a whole and stronger hosts note , Onslaught, Legion.

  • Others

  • Atomic Robo

  • Chick Tracts
    • Type -1: The Unsaved.
    • Type 1: Various Biblical figures.
    • Type 2: Demons, the Savednote .
    • Type 3: Satanistsnote .
    • Type 4: Angels, big-name demons, Bob Williams.
    • Type 5: Satan, The Popenote , The Grim Reaper ("Hi there!").
    • Type 7: God, including Jesus.

  • Empowered
    • Type -1: The Caged Demonwolf (when caged).
    • Type 0: Normal human bystanders and the likes of Ocelotina.
    • Type 1: Thugboy, Maidman, other non-powered heroes and villains who know how to kick ass.
    • Type 2: Wet Towel, the resident Anti-Magic character; Deathmonger (a huge threat, but mostly because of his mind controlled Superdead and nukes - both of these are technological achievements which aren't implants in 'Monger's body).
    • Type 3: Most superheroes, supervillains and ninjas, including Emp and Ninjette (due to their esoteric "Jutsu" hijinx), and Sistah Spooky's demonic service provider.
    • Type 4: Mindf██k, her brother and Willy Pete. Syndablokk can probably be placed here instead of 3 (especially considering what concrete, which he can control, is made of), and the pre-caged Demonwolf may fit anywhere between 3 and 6 based on how much of his bluster is for real, but is probably 4.

  • Paperinik New Adventures
    • Type -1: Uno and Due.
    • Type 0: Humans, most Evron soldiers.
    • Type 1: Paperinik.
    • Type 2: Lyla, Urk, Evron Generals.
    • Type 3: The Raider, Trauma, the Evron Emperor.
    • Type 5: Xadhoom,Zoster after stealing Xadhoom's powers.It doesn't last long.
    • Type 6: Everybody using the Book of Destiny.

  • Preacher

  • Sonic the Comic and Sonic the Comic – Online!
    • Type -1: Buddy before becoming Chaos.
    • Type 0: Ordinary people, some Badniks.
    • Type 1: All three Babylon Rogues, Big, Vector, Porker Lewis, Shorty the Squirrel before becoming a Cybernik, Cream, Captain Plunder, Pochacamac, Tikal.
    • Type 2: Charmy, Tekno, Rouge, Johnny Lightfoot, Espio, Nack, Robotnik, Mighty.
    • Type 3: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Chaos, Shorty the Squirrel after becoming Shortfuse the Cybernik, Silver, Blaze, Metallix, Amy, Shadow II.
    • Type 4: Perfect Chaos, Super Sonic.
    • Type 5: Super Sonic as Iblis, the Omni-Viewer, the Pirate Omni-Viewer.
    • Type 6: Dr. Robotnik In the Robotnik Reigns Supreme arc.

  • Top Cow Comics

  • Two Thousand AD

  • Wanted
    • Type -1: Seltzer's now wheelchair-bound arch foe (hint: Seltzer is based on Lex Luthor).
    • Type 0: Normal people, Mr. Rictus, Doll-Mannote , The Emperor.
    • Type 1: The Fox.
    • Type 2: Wesley Gibson/The Killernote , The original Killer (Wesley's father), Professor Solomon Seltzer, Adam-One.
    • Type 3: Shit-Head, Sucker, The Future, Deadly Nightshade, Brain Box, the Frightener, Imp when his real name is found out.
    • Type 4: Fuckwit, Sucker after absorbing Fuckwit's powers.
    • Type 5: The Fraternity collectivelynote .
    • Type 6: Impnote .

  • Watchmen
    • Type 0: Ordinary Civilians.
    • Type 1: Comedian, Moloch, Nite Owl, Rorschach, Silk Spectre.
    • Type 2: Bubastis. Ozymandias.
    • Type 5: Dr. Manhattan.

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