Hiya! What do you get when you go chimney sweeping at SomeSortOfTroper's house? You get Sooty!

Sometime when you get the flame of hope, you get the smog of confusion which needs to be cleared out so that we can move on. So that we can keep working on the tropes that form the brickwork of storytelling, Sooty is going to be telling you what the SomeSortOfTroper gang is going to be up to.


* Fix MaskPower wicks to CoolMask (or MaskOfPower when used incorrectly)

* Lined up DVD spine art.


TropeTalk notes

* New Administrivia/{{Namespace}} page
* Recent name changes
** some big issues like NightmareFuel
* Interesting links like "New edit reasons"
* Change to LostAndFound?
** You know you can collapse YKTTW entries to just the title?
* Change to ptitles
* Points about YKTTW creation
* PlayingWithWiki
** HaikuWiki
* The issue with our license
** We now have a tool for seeing all editors on one page.
* the To Do list function
* Is Madrugada a full mod yet?
* Easy code for writing punctuation formatting advice on the fora is to write it in html:
* [[ New Disney namespace]]
* [[softreturn]] blah blah uebfbbsdfkua. [[softreturn]] jack and jill went up the hill...
* [[ Is offsite use more important than on site use]]?

* WalletOfHolding aversions on the discussion page.

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