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Sugar Wiki: So Cool It's Awesome
aka: So Cool It S Awesome

People having varied tastes means they also have personal tiers of quality. This is the top tier — works you think are just that good. They are So Cool It's Awesome.

The works you just want to tell all your friends about, unless they already like it too. If you had a Top Ten List of your favorite works in a medium/genre/etc., these would be it. When the corollary of Sturgeon's Law states the remaining ten percent are worth dying for, these are those works.

Often these works are just obscure things you really like, and sometimes they can become blockbusters, often influencing other works.

But be careful about Fan Myopia. Not everyone will feel the same way, and there might even be Hype Backlash for some people. In those cases, it's often best just to sing the praises of your favorite works and then let others make their own judgements (or not bother if they are prone to being Fan Haters).

Related, somewhat, to So Bad, It's Good and polar opposite of So Bad Its Horrible. May lead to Awesomeness Withdrawal.

No examples, please. This just defines the term. Put examples in Gushing About Shows You Like (for works, although that can have merely liked works gushed about).
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