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My Little Rainbow Princess Pretty Moon Shortcake, Season 1, Episode 10. Preceded by I Have A Mouth And I Must Sing, followed by Huffy The Kitten.

Continued from the eight episode Puppy Ex Machina.

The four characters sat in a square on the floor of the Palace of Unending Bliss. Rainbow Princess had her wings sticking out from her side. The view was birdseye.

Sparkstrike: Rainbow Princess, we have something important to tell you.
Christina: What?
Sparkstrike: We didn't expect you to advance this early. You have just grown wings, and that means you will soon no longer be Rainbow Princess.
Christina: What will I be?
Sparkstrike: Super Rainbow Princess.
Christina: Oh. Okay.
Bella: Will I get anything?
Sparkstrike: Perhaps. We must just wait and see.

After their conversation, the camera entered Christina's POV as everyone stood up. Everyone else started going towards the door.

Christina: Where are we going?
Sunbow: To visit the Grand High Unicorn Mirabell. Come, come!

The camera cut to a montage of going to a mountain range, far, far, away.

Then it showed the character's backs in front of a giant castle.

Christina: So this is it?
Sunbow: Apparently, yes.
Bella: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get in!