Stuff Blowing Up: Fan Fiction

  • A New Dawn Short Story has Robin Garrett, a serial killer teen whose power involves touching things and alchemically creating bombs. He mostly uses this to take revenge on bullies, right wing politicians, and many others.
  • Frequently happens to Bungling Inventors Sherman and Dr. Brainstorm in Calvin and Hobbes: The Series.
  • The Guild of Assassins on the Discworld teaches a module in Applied Exothermic Alchemy. Unlike the Guild of Alchemists, whose explosions are usually random, unexpected and uncontrolled, the Assassins know a little more about crucial components like fuses and reliable chemical reactions. The modern guild even does bomb disposal and controlled detonations. Go to the Discworld tales of AA Pessimal for more.
  • In Dreaming Of Sunshine it's a running gag that Shikako is extremely fond of explosives.
    I nodded to myself and finished the tag I was drawing. Then stared at the huge pile that had materialised while I had been thinking.
    "Got a little carried away?" Shikamaru asked dryly.
    "Don't be silly," I said airily. "There's no such thing as too much explosives." Granted, explosive tags were usually fairly expensive and most ninja never used more than one or two per fight. But since I made my own, that didn't matter to me.
    "Just what are you planning to blow up?" he asked. "Because I need to know when to make sure I have an alibi."
  • Some characters caught up in The Infinite Loops will express their distaste with canon events... rather dramatically.
  • My Little Unicorn:
    • To the point that every time something blows up, the author uses onomatopoeia like Kabloom and Bang.
    • Dyno and Mite like causing this.
  • In Point Of Succession when Light and Matt invade Beyond Birthday's villain lair-as expected it's booby-trapped... with explosives. A lot of explosives.
  • The Next Frontier, being a Kerbal Space Program fanfic, naturally has several.