Stealth Pun / Theater

  • The Bible: The Complete Word of God (abridged):
    "He [Joshua] slew the people of Midian, known as Midianites, the people of Girgash, known as Girgashites, and the people of Paris, known as the French."
  • In Of Thee I Sing, in the Senate scene, the Senator from Massachusetts rises to demand a governmental pension for Jenny, Paul Revere's horse. Another Senator points out that Jenny died in 1805, and after an observed minute of silence the matter is declared finished. To put it literally: it's a dead horse.
  • In the English translation of Tartuffe, which is not a direct translation of the French (the lines rhyme in both versions) we get this after Elmire convinces Orgon, her husband and the head of the household, that Tartuffe is evil, so that he will not entrust him with the family's fortunes. She finally convinces him that Tartuffe is corrupt by seducing him while Tartuffe is under a table, and he must believe her. Later, he tries to convince his mother:
    "To be more certain, what more proof would I need?/Should I have waited until he had ewwww...."
    • This changes based on the performance.
  • In Legally Blonde, Elle's sorority sisters refer to themselves as a Greek Chorus. Get it?