Stealth Pun: Stand-Up Comedy

  • A somewhat well-known joke concerns a pair of hikers who die while rock-climbing. As their souls ascend to heaven, they see a pair of eagles and exclaim, "Ah, eagles!" The eagles, to be polite, say nothing.
    • "Ah, souls!" (Say it out loud. Works best with a British accent.)
    • Another variation involves a flounder and a sole who bump into each other on the bottom of the ocean. Same punchline.
  • Conan O'Brien on Late Night, doing one of the 'cat is to kitten, what dog is to puppy' routines:
    "The New Orleans Hooker (long pause) had sex with several miners."
    "Michael Jackson (an even longer pause, with audience already chuckling) was famous in the 80's! What did you think I was going to say?"
  • In Crazy with a Capital F, Dan Cummins talks about an ant infestation he once had and says he imagines that all ants speak with a British accent. It's because they colonize. Well, it was a stealth pun until he explained it.