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Stealth Pun: Puppet Shows

  • On Eureeka's Castle the character Batley wore big glasses and crashed while he landed from flying. Playing on the phrase "blind as a bat"
  • A Stealth Pun is used to continue the "Hare Krishna" Running Gag in The Muppet Movie. Kermit and Fozzie fall asleep in their car just outside a little church (where the Electric Mayhem happen to be holed up). Just before their very loud musical entrance, there is a wide-angle shot of the church. In the foreground is a sign that reads, "Lost? Have you tried Rev. Harry Krishna?"
  • The Muppet Christmas Carol. In order to get both Statler and Waldorf into the movie, they had to invent a brother for Jacob Marley. They called him Robert. Think about that for a second. Get up, stand up...
  • One episode of The Muppet Show opened with the Bug Band, a group of four insects, singing "She Loves You". Backstage after the song, Kermit says that the group needs a name and instead of the obvious suggestion they come up with The Who and The Grateful Dead.
    • In the "Bear on Patrol" segments, Patrolman Fozzie Bear's superior officer is Link Hogthrob, a "pig". Think about that for a second.
  • Lampshaded somewhat in a vintage Sesame Street short where Kermit the Frog reports live from the court of Old King Cole, just as he's about to call for his pipe, his bowl, and his fiddlers three.
    Old King Cole: Bring me my royal pipe, and step on it!
    Kermit: At this point you probably think we're going to make a dumb joke. But we're not.

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