Stealth Pun / Fan Works

  • In Three Messengers, one of the fortune-tellers is Old Woman Riley — in Japanese, this would be Riley-obaba. The author is a fan of The Who.
  • Most Actor Allusion Fan-Art of characters cosplaying as other characters with the same seiyuu for both characters is never said out loud unless someone actually asks. Like all those Shana, Louise, Nagi and Taiga Fan-Art.
  • The fanfic Azuvengers gives the Azumanga Daioh girls the powers of different Marvel Comics characters - Sakaki is the Sentry, Yomi is the Incredible Hulk, and so forth. Osaka learns magic, gets a flying umbrella, and communicates clairaudibly with a man named Steve. She's Dr. Strange.
  • In the Haruhi Suzumiya/TV Tropes crossover Kyon: Big Damn Hero, chapter eleven's name is Yeah, It Went There. It's saying this chapter will get Up to Eleven.
  • There's a Daria fanfic where it turns out that Tiffany's biological father is one of the actors from Osamu Tezuka's Star System. Specifically, Lampe.
  • Metal Gear fanfic The Joy of Battle: Historical Espionage Action is full of stealth puns, especially in the chapter titles. The second chapter is called "Schadenfreude" which includes the word "joy" (freude in German), also the main character's name. The most bizarre is probably the chapter "Stained Glass" in which there is a moment near the end where a grassy lawn is stained with blood. Stained grass... incredibly lame and probably entirely on purpose.
  • This Pokémon fan comic has a Stealth Pun that doubles as a Shout-Out. The pun in question is the species of the Pokemon, Quagsire... which is based off the word Quagmire, which also happens to be the name of a legendarily perverted character from Family Guy.
  • In the Sherlockian fic The Ghost Map, Colonel Moran has a Side Kick/Dragon named Yorick. In the Sequel Hook at the end of the story, guess who bites the dust, courtesy of the Bigger Bad? That's right. Alas, poor Yorick!
  • In the Deliver Us From Evil Series, the youngest of the Baker Street Irregulars, Kelly, has Green Eyes.
  • Calvin and Hobbes: The Series has a character (actually, several) named Klein. Calvin & Klein, anyone?
  • Evangelion: Nobody Dies casts Mana from the first official Evangelion spin off game as a cyborg who has had a lot of her body replaced. This would make her a Girlfriend of Steel.
  • Game Theory (Fan Fic) has a fight between Linith and Lotte; since both of them are Catgirls, it's a Cat Fight.
  • Hivefled: Orphaner Dualscar is Killed Mid-Sentence, leaving an Orphaned Punchline.
  • Turnabout Storm:
  • Like the show, the author of Equestria: A History Revealed seems to love any kind of pun, ranging from horse related puns, to any kind of pun that can be mustered. If there's a word that can be substituted for a horse pun, you can bet it'll be used. Not even the bibliography is exempt from this. The sources are chockfilled with bad puns too.
    "Ravished by civil wars up the ass (no pun intended, the deciding battle was fought on Donkey Doodle Peak), and saddled with the responsibility of repairing the broken nation, the new griffon government desperately needed supplies and help."
  • Jewel of Darkness: During the Final Battle of the Jump City Arc, Beast Boy turns into a bat just before the Titans' literal Batman Gambit against Midnight.
  • Queen of Shadows: The Kamikiri (Mantis Khan) are the priests of the Shadowkhan. Yes, they're praying mantises.
  • The second chapter title of this Homestuck fanfic is called "The Start of a Series of Lame Jokes". On the surface, it sounds like Self-Deprecation, but it actually has a double meaning; most of the humor is made at the expense of Tavros. In addition to jokes about being lame.
  • In the Homestuck fan adventure Alabaster: The Doomed Session, there are a lot of hidden jokes about various stories, such as "Beros-Keros" for a giant doghouse, in reference to Keros-Beros from Cardcaptor Sakura. However, most of the jokes are Homestuck-focused. The [LE] arc is nothing but a giant pileup of Homestuck stealth puns, down to its title.
  • In the Medaka Box fanfic World As Myth, Hinokage mentions that Maguro thought Unknown Hero deserved analysis. Analysis is also the name of Maguro's own Abnormality.
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen fic The Black Dossier Vol 2 details the Hundred Acre Wood Artillery Crisis, in which the British government threatens the Civilised Animals of the wood and Animal Farm moves to defend its comrades. This is the Cuban Missile Crisis with London as the US, the Wood as Cuba, and the Farm (of course) as the USSR. The stealth pun is on the Bay of Pigs.
  • In the Dangerverse, a prophecy at the start of the series states that after Voldemort is defeated "Then has the age of hope begun/And peace comes to the man who won". Sounds like it just means that life would be peaceful...except that at the end of the story, babies Nadia and Irina are conceived and their names mean 'hope' and 'peace'.
  • A.A. Pessimal's Discworld continuum is full of them. Blue Öyster Cult LP's, song titles, and band personnel crop up more often than is humanely feasible. The story Hear Them Chatter on the Tide actually introduces a religious sect who venerate shellfish of a cerulean colour, for instance, as well as making liberal use of the song SubHuman. In Fresh Pair Of Eyes, the song Harvester of Eyes becomes part of the Order of Service in the Temple of the Great God Blind Io. Who is intimately associated with eyeballs. (In-Universe, the sung liturgy is attributed to the Reverend Bloom and the Reverend Roeser). It isn't just BOC lyrics. Barely-there canonical character Miss Smith-Rhodes is fleshed out as an Assassin from "Southern Africa" because in our universe, a man called Cecil Rhodes founded a country called Rhodesia; a man called Iain Smith was its last white leader before Robert Mugabe took over. The name "Smith-Rhodes" could only be associated with the general concept of "South Africa". And there are many, many, more.
  • In Chapter 16 of This Bites!, after Luffy plows through a dozen or so buildings to get to a restaurant, sending Smoker and Ace flying in the process:
    Cross: (referring to Luffy) Are you a human, a monster, or some freak force of nature?
    Soundbite: D: all of the above!
    • The MI4 leaders and Cross all have code names based on the western zodiac. Smoker's? Cancer.