Stalker With A Crush / Visual Novels

  • Astraeus from Astoria: Fate's Kiss is one of these. He instantly falls in love with her and tries to kidnap her on several occasions in Hades' season 1 and 2 storyline. In season 3 of the game, he becomes a love interest himself.
  • The dragon in Dra Koi falls in love with the protagonist after he hits the reverse scale on her neck, after which she follows him around blowing stuff up until he agrees to date her.
  • In Deiz, the player character is one of these towards the director Iris, to the point that he knows when she will walk by above his classroom.
  • Miho from Liar Liar was being stalked by Wakabayashi for a while. She feared for her life but the police couldn't do anything until he physically harrassed her, the adults at school didn't believe her, and everyone insisted she was in the wrong for not giving Wakabayashi a chance. She almost hit a Despair Event Horizon but decided to kill him, though she couldn't get herself to do it so she got Yukari to do so. This event was her Start of Darkness.
  • Hibiki from Lux-Pain is this toward Atsuki but is mainly played for laughs because of the situation that makes him seem like one mainly getting Atsuki's number because Atsuki isn't going to give him his number anytime soon and Ryo doesn't have a cellphone in order to give Hibiki Atsuki's number.
  • In Shall We Date?: Can't Say No, Subaru stalks the heroine for days, and rescues her from a couple of thugs who try and rape her. It's implied that he later goes back and straight up murders some of the thugs.