Stalker With A Crush / Other

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  • These Virgin Mobile ads. God, the crazy eyes...
    • Something that makes it hilariously worse to Supernatural fans, the same actress played the demon Lillith in one episode. She isn't just a creepy stalker, she's a demonic creepy stalker.

  • Yuri in Faeries' Landing cuts up Ryang's (the object of her obsession) face for breaking up with her, and she can and will do anything it takes to keep any other girls away from Ryang.
  • Jae-min in Orange Marmalade follows Ma-ri around a lot at the start and when she accuses him of stalking her he says he's happy when he's watching her. Eventually their relationship becomes more mutual and he stops following her around. Later, when Si-Hoo is introduced, he begins stalking and harassing Jae-Min.

  • The Barenaked Ladies give us "Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hank", based on the Real Life stalking of singer Anne Murray (and referencing a number of her songs in the process).

  • Played with in WHO dunnit, as Bruno is this for Trixie; he keeps a locker full of her pictures and news clippings. Justified in that he's actually her father, Tex, who came back from the dead and is out to protect her.

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