[[AC: SortingAlgorithmOfDeadness]]

Using the scientifically '''''Infallible''''' power of the SortingAlgorithmOfDeadness, who do you think is the next in line for being brought back from the great Bus in the sky?

To use the Algorithm, simply add the Column's "Death Value", and divide by the number of applicable rows.

||align=center border=1 width=100%
|| ''Relative deadness factor'' || '''DeaderThanDead''' || '''[[PutOnABus Maybe Back Later]]''' || '''[[InferredSurvival Be Back Soon]]''' || '''[[ContractualImmortality Death? What's That?]]''' ||
|| '''Death Value''' || '''''[[FourIsDeath 4]]''''' || '''''3''''' || '''''2''''' || '''''1''''' ||
|| ''[[JustForFun/HowToKillACharacter Cause of death]]'' || [[DeathByIrony Irony]], [[DroppedABridgeOnHim Bridge Drop]], [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill Overkill]], StuffedInTheFridge, RetGone || [[RedemptionEqualsDeath Redemption]], [[HeroicSacrifice Sacrifice]], BusCrash, MortalWoundReveal || NoOneCouldSurviveThat, just plain killed in battle || [[SuicidalGotcha Jumping]] ||
|| ''[[LikeYouWouldReallyDoIt Audience Expectation]]'' || AnyoneCanDie, KillEmAll || KilledOffForReal, TonightSomeoneDies || DisneyDeath || BackFromTheDead, DeathIsCheap, NobodyCanDie ||
|| ''Body Found?'' || [[DeaderThanDead Dead]] and [[MeaningfulFuneral Buried]]\\
[[ChunkySalsaRule Only Bits And Pieces]] || [[WakingUpAtTheMorgue At The Morgue]] || [[NeverFoundTheBody Never Found]], [[HumanPopsicle Frozen]], [[TakenForGranite Petrified]] || LeftForDead ||
|| ''Reaction'' || [[ReallyDeadMontage Montage]], BondOneLiner || HesDeadJim || ItsPersonal || FauxDeath ||
|| ''Last Words'' || [[OhCrap Crap]], KilledMidSentence, [[SedgwickSpeech Carry on men]], HisNameIs || CatchPhrase, FamousLastWords, FinalSpeech, ObiWanMoment || [[YouShallNotPass "Fly, you fools!"]] [[TemptingFate "Piece of cake"]] || "MyDeathIsJustTheBeginning" ||
|| ''[[{{Characters}} Characterization]]'' || RedShirt, [[DeathByOriginStory Loved One]], MauveShirt || RecurringCharacter, CListFodder || {{Regular}} || [[ContractualImmortality Protagonist, Archvillain]] ||
|| ''[[SeasonFluidity When did they die?]]'' || 10+ years ago, [[GrandFinale Series Finale]] || 5-10 years ago || Same year || [[StoryArc Same arc]] ||
|| ''[[BackFromTheDead "Died" and come back?]]'' || [[NotQuiteDead Not yet]] || Died once, but got better || [[FakingTheDead Twice]] || [[JokerImmunity I've]] [[StayingAlive lost]] [[DeathIsCheap count]] ||

If the character hasn't died yet (but seems likely to), see SortingAlgorithmOfMortality. All of this is trumped by the FirstLawOfResurrection.

Currently, [[spoiler:Shirley]] from ''Anime/CodeGeass'' and [[spoiler:the real Caulder]] from ''VideoGame/AdvanceWars: Days of Ruin'' have scored 4, the highest possible. The latter is more notable by having 4 in ''every'' category instead of getting the [=CLAMP=] bonus that the former got. No characters have got the lowest possible score of 1 yet, but [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Bowser]] is the leader of the death-defying derby at 1.5, even beating WesternAnimation/SouthPark's Kenny.


'''Baseline Example: The death of {{Superman}}.'''
* Cause: HeroicSacrifice, so he's not coming back from that too quickly, or the sacrifice will be cheapened. 3.
* Genre: It's a comic book, so DeathIsCheap. 1.
* The Body: DeaderThanDead, a PietaPlagiarism too for supes sake! So no chance of FakingTheDead. 4.
* Reaction: ReallyDeadMontage, uh-oh. 4.
* Characterization: Protagonist. 1.
* When did he die: Same year, so 2.
* Come Back?: This was a first, so 4.
* Average: So add it up... we get a pretty high score, 19! Since it's not a videogame, divide by 7, and we get... 19/7 = 2.7, meaning supes isn't coming back for at least a few months, maybe even years. In actuality the ''Death Of Superman'' happened in January 1993 and he came back some time before May 1994.


'''Now let's make a prediction with the recent death of Franchise/{{Batman}} in ComicBook/FinalCrisis.'''
* Cause: HeroicSacrifice, give or take. 3.
* Genre: Comic book, so DeathIsCheap. 1.
* The Body: [[DeaderThanDead Dead and buried]], but it's a little more complicated. Still, it's a 4.
* Reaction: [[HesDeadJim He's Dead Clark]], plus "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?" probably counts as a ReallyDeadMontage. 3.5.
* Last Words: "[[FamousLastWords Try Me]]." 3.
* Characterization: It's [[MemeticMutation The Goddamn Batman]], people. 1.
* When did he die: Same year, so 2.
* Come Back?: This would be the first time, so 4.
* Average: 21.5/8= 2.7. A semi-high score, and DC seems to be sticking to this one for a while. Still, he'll definitely be back, likely before the end of 2010 at the latest.[[supersecretspoiler: CORRECT!]]

'''Note: This sub-page is for TabletopGames examples only. Please ensure that you put new examples in the correct WMG/SortingAlgorithmOfDeadness sub-page.'''


[[folder:''Warhammer 40 000'']]

Let's analyse the God-Emperor of Mankind from the Imperium's standpoint, shall we? (If anyone feels differently, feel free to correct).
* Cause of death? Death by irony - killed by Horus, his most trusted son/clone. 4
* Genre? Anyone can die. 4
* Body found? Stuck on the Golden Throne. 4
* Reaction? Well, considering how the Eccelsiarch preaches about him, this would substitue nicely as a Really Dead Montage. 4
* Last Words? None recorded. 4
* Characterisation? From the Imperium's point of view, a loved one. 4
* When did he die? Several millenias ago. 4
* Back from the dead? Well, let's be kind on techinicality and count being comatose and stuck on a chair as being 'back' from the dead. 3
* Algorithim result: 3.875. That Star Child legend had better be true, or humanity is screwed...

Now Let's do Leman Russ, missing Primarch of the Space Wolves. (This is done to evaluate the likeliness of him being dead).
* Cause of Death: Just missing, so...yea. N/A
* Genre: Anyone can die. 4
* Body: If he is dead, it still has not been found. 3
* Reaction: No body, no reaction to speak of. N/A
* Last Words: gave a great speech before his departure. 1
* Characterisation: Father of Space Wolves. 4
* When: Several Millenias ago (again). 4
* Back from the dead: N/A
* Algorithim score: 3.2 recurring. Slightly better than The Emperor, but still...

And, just for fun, let's try Literature/CiaphasCain, [[FakeUltimateHero HERO OF THE]] [[DrinkingGame/TVTropes IMPERIUM]]!
* Cause of Death: Died of old age after 200+ years of service. For Cain, that's irony. 4
* Genre: Anyone can die. 4
* Body: Buried with full military honors. 4
* Reaction: Hard to say. On the one hand, there's that military funeral. However, the Imperium seems to be treating it as a FauxDeath. So... 2.5?
* Last Words: N/A
* Characterization: Protagonist of seven books and counting. 1
* When: At least several years before the "Cain Archive" was released. 3
* Back from the dead: After his first few disappearances, the Imperium just gave up and decided to leave him on the active duty roster. ''Forever''. 1
Algorithm score: 3.083 recurring. Not good odds, but I'd bet on him before the Emperor.

And yet another Primarch, Vulkan this time, analyzed because his fate after [[DarkestHour Drop Site Massacre]] is a ''mess''. Feel free to correct this as ''Literature/HorusHeresy'' updates show up.
* Cause of Death: Last known, pierced with the ultimate NoOneCouldSurviveThat weapon, fulgurite, in battle, meeting both quotas of 2.
* Genre: Anyone can die. 4
* Body: Found, but then lost. Currently missing. 2
* Reaction: His troops and brothers were shocked, but the latter didn't believe it and the former adopted "Vulkan lives" as their survival mantra. 1.5?
* Last Words: N/A
* Characterization: Recurring in ''Literature/HorusHeresy'', but only ShroudedInMyth in main 'verse. 3.5
* When: Like Leman, several millennias ago. 4
* Back from the dead: His shtick as a [[FromASingleCell Perpetual]]. He did it several times just in ''Vulkan Lives''. 1
Algorithm score: 2.571. Of everyone thus far, he's the most likely to return in foreseeable future.

Another Primarch, because analyzing stuff is fun. This time - Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines, who's not dead as much as stuck in stopped-time field seconds before death.
* Cause of Death: Nearly got himself beheaded by his own brother, a perfectionist like him. Combining irony and death in battle, that gives... 3?
* Genre: Take a guess. 4
* Body: Found, on display on Ultramar. 4
* Reaction: Empire flat out worships him, with millions of pilgrims visiting his temple every month, so probably MeaningfulFuneral. 4
* Last Words: Left behind a BigBookOfWar, which should count as FinalSpeech. 3
* Characterization: Regular in ''Literature/HorusHeresy'', often mentioned in current-day Imperium. 2.5
* When: Yet again, several millenias ago. 4
* Back from the dead: Once survived being in space for a few hours. 3
Algorithm score: 3,313. Only Emperor has a worse score, so Guilliman's return ain't very likely.