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Something Completely Different: New Media
  • Science Fiction Theater 1,000,000,000, a series based on Mystery Science Theater 3000, did this twice: Episode 303: Attention All Heavy Hitters is done in the style of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, while Episode 405: What's Q, Pussycat? presents the series as if it was part of Toonami's Rising Sun block at the time it was written, which somehow effected the episode itself.
  • Speaking of Toonami, the new block on [adult swim] usually airs action-oriented animation, both japanese and western. However, there are times, usually during special occasions such as Daylight Savings Time and Movie nights, where they decide to air something a little unorthodox. On August 31st, the night they aired Evangelion 2.22, they also aired the kickstarter-funded anime short Kick-Heart. On November 2nd, to fill out the extra hour from Daylight Savings Time, they aired King Star King and Korgoth of Barbaria along with a reairing of Kick-Heart.
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