Small Reference Pools / Professional Wrestling

  • Apparently, less than a dozen pro wrestlers have ever existed.
  • Hogan is always imagined wearing red and yellow, the black-and-white nWo period notwithstanding. Younger viewers will always think of Undertaker as a longcoated zombie, not a biker or a medieval torturer or a cult leader. Punk's years in TNA are almost completely unknown to the public.
  • The only female professional wrestler you can count on most people knowing about is probably Chyna. Assuming they're aware that women's wrestling exists at all. In The '80s the name would have been The Fabulous Moolah, known at least because her persona was part of Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling on Saturday mornings.
  • The only wrestling moves you can expect a non-wrestling fan to have heard of are the full nelson, the sleeper hold, the headlock, the suplex and the body slam (of which there are many, many variations), which is commonly mistaken for the splash. Some may know of the moves, but can't talk about them without resorting to Buffy Speak. Two examples: "that move where the guy puts the other guy on his shoulders and spins around" (the Airplane Spin) and "that move where the guy wrings the other guy's neck so the other guy somersaults into a sitting position" (the Snapmare).
  • The only wrestling pay-per-view event you can expect everyone to have heard of is WrestleMania - understandable, since it was the very first one to receive mainstream media attention (1985-present). The Royal Rumble might also be mentioned - might - since it is so epic in scope and always has WrestleMania implications. All but the most diehard WCW fans might have trouble remembering anything except Starrcade.
  • WWE is most likely the only pro wrestling company that casual and non-wrestling fans have heard of. Some older people might remember WCW. Justified, as it is the only mainstream American promotion that still exists.