Sliding Scale Of Idealism Versus Cynicism / Meta

  • Even This Wiki invokes this trope. Compare the Sugar Wiki and the Darth Wiki for extremes of both viewpoints.
  • Almost by definition a Deconstruction tends towards cynicism; a Reconstruction tends toward idealism. This does not necessarily apply to the works themselves: deconstructive works can end up being extremely idealistic.
  • In general, many entries on this site seek to discredit hoary or cliched tropes (cynicism) - unless, of course, the point is that Tropes Are Not Bad (idealism).
  • How we view the way tropes should be used:
  • Crapsack World tends to hint the cynical end of the scale, while World Half Full tends to fall on the middle of the scale.
  • In regard to the literary philosophies of Escapism and Realism, works based on the former are more likely to be idealistic while those of the latter will more likely, but not always, tilt towards cynicism.