'''Level of [[{{Pyromaniac}} Pyromania]]:'''
* 6: [[OmnicidalManiac EVERYTHING MUST BURN!!!]] [[EvilLaugh AHAHAHAHAHAHA]][[AxCrazy HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!]]
* 5: [[StuffBlowingUp BLOW STUFF UP!]] [[KillItWithFire KILL IT WITH FIRE!]] [[LargeHam BOOM, BABY!]]
* 4: [[XWingSeries Pretty. What do I get to blow up first?]]
* 3: A well placed explosion can deal with most things, but I prefer not to resort to gratuitous kabooms.
* 2: A grenade here, a rocket there, but that's about it.
* 1: Some small firecrackers for Fourth of July (or other equivalent holiday of your nationality here) or New Year's.
* 0: Fire scares me!