'''@/MajorTom's Scale of {{FPS}} {{Dakka}}:'''
* 5: Mo' Dakka? Mo' betta! Aka Never Enuff Dakka. You only seek out the fastest, shootiest, guns. To hell with their damage, ammunition and accuracy!
* 4: DAKKADAKKADAKKADAKKA and so on. You prefer firerate to shot power but prefer some degree of ammunition supply and/or accuracy.
* 3: A Soldier Is You. You somewhat like fast-firing weapons, but only if they are tactically beneficial e.g. plenty of ammo, decent accuracy etc.
* 2: The Automatic Rifleman. You generally dislike rapid fire weapons but prefer automatic capability with high shot power. Historical weaponry such as the Browning Automatic Rifle are among your highest preferences.
* 1: The Marksman. Full auto? Are you crazy? If I can't kill in one accurate shot, it's not worth my time!