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Crossover Danny Phantom

Death Note

  • The Digimon Tamers fanfic Digital Prey has Renamon do this a couple times to Stalkermon, though the first time doesn't work out too well for her.
    Stalkermon: I must say I am impressed; very few Digimon have managed to evade my Sniper Shot attack, much less several times in a row. You may well prove to be worthy prey yet.
    Renamon: Shut up! I do not care about your damned hunt; I am only doing this for the sake of my tamer.

Girls und Panzer

  • In We're All Doomed, a future Gamzee is able to shut down his murderous past self's tirade with one word: HoNk.

Jackie Chan Adventures
  • At one point during Queen of All Oni, Ikazuki gives a captive Tohru a "The Reason You Suck" Speech about how weak humans are, only for Tohru to point out that it was humans who defeated the Oni in the first place, and that even now, they need human bodies to do anything. Ikazuki doesn't take that well.
    • When the blindfold Jade starts wearing following her encounter with Lung allows her to shrug off an onion to the face, she gloats about it, only for Viper to throw a cut up piece of onion into her mouth, shutting her up by leaving her sick for a bit.
  • Webwork: During their confrontation in the junkyard, Daolon Wong tries to torment Uncle by reveling in what's happened to Jade, only for Uncle to yawn, say Wong is boring him, and accusing him of being scared of Uncle.
    • There's a villain on villain example earlier, when Wong is trying to impress Jade and Tarakudo by bragging of his great accomplishments, only for Jade to shoot him down by pointing out how they all turned into failures.
    • Ms Hartman gives one to Tarakudo when he tries to get into her head, telling him that once Jade realizes that she doesn't need him, he'll be left with nothing.
  • In Ages of Shadow, right before the start of her final duel with Trace, Jade offhandedly offers his friends a chance to join her. Mildred tells her to fuck off.

  • Perfection Is Overrated
    • When faced with Shizune, a fundamentalist Christian who kills everyone who disagrees with her, Yukariko denounces Shizune as "nothing more than a murderer who perverts Jesus Christ's teachings of compassion, tolerance and love!" Shizune is unfazed, and says Yukariko is a false Christian as a Catholic.
    • During the Final Battle, The Usurper makes a last-ditch attempt to get the Himes to help him make a perfect new world, only to get rejected yet again.
    Mai: "To hell with your new world that is only perfect for you! We'll decide our own future!"

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
  • Wings To Fly has Lucrezia Noin and Zechs Merquise catastrophically on the outs and they do not actually converse during the Second Battle of Mars, but only because Noin is not speaking on an open channel. Rather than answer him, she commands her squadron to volley their missiles at him.
    Noin: Lightning, come to two-one-seven, arm missiles. Lock Tallgeese.
    Zechs: Noin, may we speak?
    Noin: Launch by my order. ... One Flight, launch. Two Flight, launch. Three Flight, launch.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • Earth and Sky: When the Flim-Flam brothers are in Cloudsdale, Professor Destiny starts giving a rant about how their flight harness makes them superior to the pegasi... only for an angry mob to start pelting them with pies.
  • The Immortal Game: During the second Battle of Ponyville, while Terra is beating the Mane Six and Luna into the ground, she's also ranting about how survival is all that matters in the world, and doesn't understand why they're fighting her even though they have no chance to beat her. They shoot her down simply:
    Terra: What could possibly be more important to you ponies than survival?
    Fluttershy: Friendship.
    • This is immediately followed by Terra stating that she's still more powerful than all of them and trying to finish them, only to be stopped by the previously-neutralized Elements of Harmony reigniting.
    Terra: I have more power than all of you combined. Against me you have nothing. No weapons. No magic.
    (Attempts to kill Twilight, but the Elements reignite, blocking and then immobilizing her)
    Twilight: Hadn't you heard? Friendship is magic.
  • The Pony POV Series has several examples:
    • Twilight does this to Loneliness on multiple occasions throughout the final battle with her. Finally, Trixie finally manages one when she defies Loneliness in the end before grabbing her Element Of Harmony and destroying her.
    • Fluttercruel to Princess Luna, when Luna brings up the possibility that they really can't know who the "original" and who the "copy" is. 'Cruel replies by saying that they're both real and it doesn't matter whose the "original". Luna is impressed by this.
    • Sweetie Belle gets one on Silver Spoon's mother in "Butterflies" — when she says the CMC don't deserve to be Silver Spoon's friends, she points out how well connected they are through their sisters (and Rainbow Dash in Scootaloo's case), and is completely polite while doing so.
    • In the Dark World, Apple Pie manages one when Derpy's refusal to give in to the Valeyard's Breaking Lecture restores her own hope (after he tried to convince her that there are no happy endings in real life), saying she's going to write her own happy ending.
      • During the same fight, Derpy gets another one to the Valeyard when he begs her for mercy while she's beating him to death to force him into a regeneration back into the Doctor.
    The Valeyard: Derpy, we're friends! Don't do this!
    • Later on in Dark World, Rarity has one against Fluttercruel after the latter tries to pull a Not So Different on her when she declares she's going to kill Fluttercruel for torturing Fluttershy's mind for centuries until Cadence's spirit saved her.
      Fluttercruel: At LAST you get it!
      Rarity: No, I don't 'get it' you sad filly. You kill for thrills. I'd do nothing if you just stopped. I'm nothing like you. And that hurts, doesn't it? To know just how alone you really are.
      • She gives Fluttercruel another one when they each summon small armies to aid them. Fluttercruel uses disposable Mooks. Rarity asks for help from the souls of Fluttercruel's victims and gives them stone bodies to use, and points out how they're different.
    • Ironic as it may be, Discord manages to do this to the Nameless Passenger by cutting off her "The Reason You Suck" Speech and pointing out that, this time, she's just trying to make him feel worse to cope with her own Villainous Breakdown at Rancor throwing a wrench in her works (ironically, by stabbing Discord In the Back and mortally wounding him), then comparing the two of them.
      • The Passenger gets two more in Dark World 26. First, when she tries to get Twilight to kill the seapony Aquamarine (who is acting on Discord's orders to take feathers from the petrified Celestia and Luna as part of a means to maintain Sky Ocean after Discord's defeat), Twilight refuses, stating that she won't harm the seaponies, who are innocent of any wrongdoings, despite what the Passenger thinks. Then a little later, Shady's spirit shows up and comforts Discord while the Passenger is mocking him, saying that while Discord has done many terrible things, the self-righteous Passenger is worse.
      • Twilight and company get quite a few against the Nameless Passenger after she reveals herself as Twilight's potential future self Nightmare Eclipse/Paradox as she tries to convince Twilight to become her, shooting down all her arguments.
      • Spike delivered what may be the most awesome Shut Up, Hannibal! in the series, when he refused to restrain Twilight for her.
    Nightmare Eclipse: YOU'RE THE ONE WHO'S LOST HER MIND Twilight! Everything in this world is nothing but shadows of a lie of a fantasy. You're not being rational! Spike! Restrain her!
    Spike: No.
    Nightmare Eclipse: Spike, I'm warning you!
    Spike: I'll have you know I am NOT a robot, or a distortion, or any of those other things. And I need to be loyal to the real Twilight.
    • Bright Eyes gets one against Cruel Eyes/D___t's Shadow of Existence, using her love of Lancer to help her beat his Breaking Lecture.
      Bright Eyes: "...We can't be certain...if what we think of ourselves is true, and we can be certain what others think of us is true. The heart is always subjective. All we have left in the end is who we chose to trust. I'd trust Lancer with my life, I trusted him with my heart a long time ago!"
      Cruel Eyes: This is not over, I swear to you, I shall stalk your soul and its iterations across creation, and when your heart cries out in deepest despair, I will be there to devour you, we will meet-!
      Bright Eyes: (impales him through the heart) Sorry, but that's not happening. (bisects his head with enough force to drive her sword into his chest, destroying him completely) Ever.
    • Cadence gets one against General-Admiral Makarov in Part 15 of the Shining Armor Arc using the Magic Music of a "The Villain Sucks" Song to tap into the bonds of Misfit Actual and the Rebel Deer and kick his flank.
    Makarov: What are you going to do? Sing me a song?
    Cadence: Maybe I will sing.
    • In Shining Armor 18, Minuette gets one against the Master when he tries to tempt her into opening her fob watch and becoming him again. After she resists his attempts, he snaps and yells that she has no choice because she is him. Her reply?
    Minuette: No. I. Am. Minuette. Colgate! (hurls fob watch across the room)
    • In "Character Rerailment", Silver gets a few against her now Nightmarified friend Diamond Tiara while she's trying to convince her she only exists to be her bully toady and is worthless otherwise.
    Diamond Tiara: What have you ever done, Silver on your own? Who has ever liked you when you weren't of any use to them at all? Who would miss you if you died? I know I wouldn't. Your parents? They'd just have another foal to replace you. Fillies like you are a dime a dozen. You're a worthless, pointless, little waste of space."
    Silver Spoon: ...I...I'm not worthless…I'm not worthless! The Crusaders took me in! They didn't need to! I wasn't of use to them at all back then! I was their BULLY! That was the only Silver Spoon they'd ever known! And they STILL helped me...they still SAVED me...My Cutie Mark...I don't know what it means, but it's not 'being born with a silver spoon in my mouth' or being a minion...the heart in the handle is more important. Just because I don't remember the charity doesn't mean it didn't matter to me!
  • In the Chaos Verse (an official spinoff of the Pony POV Series above), that universe's version of Discord offers one to the Dark World version of himself from the main series (or rather, an illusion of him created by Nightmare Phobia; same difference). When Dark World!Discord tries to tempt Chaos Verse!Discord back to evil, Chaos Verse!Discord not only rejects him, but thanks him for showing him the error of his ways, and stating that by extension, it was him who saved Fluttercruel from Oblivion. This causes the illusion to fall apart and allows Discord to break free.
  • The Powers Of Harmony: During their first fight, Applejack at one point shuts up Eclipse mid-gloat by bucking her so hard her head explodes. She regenerates, unfortunately. Or not, given she's possessing Rarity at the time.

  • A Father's Wrath: During a fight against Hidan, Orochimaru is put under a jutsu where his son Naruto appears before him and tells him he hates him and he resents the fact he is the son of a man who did so many horrible experiments to others. Orochimaru is ready to succumb to his words as memories of his past and horrible deeds he did showup until another memory appears and he responds with this line which breaks the Jutsu.
    Orochimaru My son loves me and that means you're not my son!
  • In Desperation Attracts Vultures, Neji gives Naruto the usual "A failure can never become Hokage" speech, only for Naruto to easily turn it around by saying that while he might never become Hokage, Neji would never be more than a slave.
  • Sakura does this to Ami in The Fourth Apprentice, pointing out that unlike her, Ami dropped out of the Academy and quit, whilst Sakura stayed and continued on despite being bullied and became a Kunoichi, so in her eyes, the only loser is Ami and she's nothing but trash. Ami goes to smack her but Sakura thanks to her training effortlessly blocks it and delivers one of her own and warns her to never bother her again.

One Piece
  • In This Bites!, when Cross reveals that callers can call in and be on the SBS, Doflamingo tries to horn in on the show. Cross hangs up on him. Repeatedly.

  • Test Of Humanity has Wheatley of all people doing this to GLaDOS by literally telling them to "shut up" and then punching them in the eye.
    "Shut up."
    GLaDOS looked down at Wheatley, "What did you say?"
    "I said, SHUT UP!" Wheatley shouted too blinded by rage to think clearly...not that he ever really thought clearly in the first place.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Journal has Heath deliver one to the Darkrai Shard in Chapter 31, after a discussion about the inherent pointlessness of Heath's mission.

Power Girl
  • A Force of Four: Queen Hippolyta delivers one:
    Wonder Woman: Fury, Mother, get behind me.
    Hippolyta: Never. I stand between Mars and all others, no matter what the cost. I stand in the name of Aphrodite.
    Mars: She does not rule here. She has no influence here.
    Hippolyta: She rules everywhere. Even in the depths of your alien world-dungeon.

  • Superman of 2499: The Great Confrontation: Superman himself gives a fundamentalist a roasting:
    “Julius Morton,” said Superman. “Industrialist. Double-plus seated, super-secure. One question: why?”
    “You would have to ask why,” grated Morton. “You worship Rao, not Christ.”
    “I have a feeling both of Them would be as disgusted with you as I am,” said Superman. “It’s over.”

The Simpsons
  • Bart Simpson Attorney At Law: After Jeremy Hawthorne's attempt to Blackmail Bart and expose Alex's life as his married man-extorting whore falls apart, he tries to convince Alex to return to him by reminding her of all the "good times" they had, and claiming she is too good for Bart. Alex, however shoots him down.
    Jeremy: "Was it really that terrible, Alex? We were making good money, both well ­fed, nothing to slow us down, nothing. You don't really think that I wasn't going to introduce you to the big people, huh?"
    Alex: "You made me believe a lot of things, back then. I was young, poor, and stupid. All of which, I'm not now. I'm better off without you, Jeremy."
    Jeremy: "I thought that at one time, too, ya know? But then, in an airport bar, I saw that guy of yours on trial for sexually harassing a poor innocent girl . And I thought, "Am I really going to let, dear Alex, throw her life away, for this creep? Hell no. She belongs with me! Me and the fashion kings of Hollywood! Don't you agree? C'mon, Alex. We've had good times, you and me. Remember? There was that time, that…"
    Alex: "No, Jeremy. There were never "good times". You manipulated; brain washed, and corrupted me. I'm staying right here, and if you are wise, you'll get the hell out of my life and stay out".

  • A rare case of a villain doing this to another villain happens at the end of Shadowchasers: Torment where the surviving villains are hauled away. PaniK gives the typical Evil Gloating, but most of the others are just as sick of him as the heroes are:
    PaniK: This isn’t over! The Order of the Dark God will rise again! Soon, you’ll all know the meaning of true fear!
    Roxy: Oh, PaniK, shut up! Do us all a favor and start taking advantage of your right to remain silent!

Warhammer 40,000