Shrinking Violet: Live-Action TV

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • One episode had a girl who acted this way; nobody in the school noticed her, or for that matter even knew she existed. Through a combination of quantum physics Techno Babble and the nature of the Hellmouth, she became invisible and snapped, taking revenge on the popular girls. The end of the episode revealed that she apparently wasn't the first girl this had happened to.
    • Tara also fits this trope, especially in her early appearances (in season 4 and early season 5). She gets killed, though.
    • Willow began the show as a painfully shy and innocent Shrinking Violet, but as her self-confidence and magical abilities improved, she evolved into more of a live-action Cute Witch. Her biggest insecurity was that she still remembered her stammering pushover faze and based too much of her self-esteem on magic (complete with a temporary transformation into a Dark Magical Girl).
  • Ally Dawson from Austin & Ally has major stage fright.
  • Glee's Tina Cohen-Chang is so painfully shy she faked a stutter so that she wouldn't have to interact with people.
  • From Noah's Arc, Noah briefly became painfully shy after being gay bashed.
  • Yuri Kazune from Mr. Brain is shy, although she does have a few moments of assertiveness. Not that anybody listens to her when she does, though.
  • On Boy Meets World when Eric goes to hollywood to be an actor on a Self-Parody Show Within a Show the actor who plays the Shawn expy is one of these, in contrast to the more confident character he plays.