Shout Out / The DysFUNctional Pirates

Uncle Lester
  • The chapter borrows heavily from episode three of the web-series "The DysFUNctionals" by The Computer Nerd 01
  • Ageha says that nobody's going to get a Samsung phone.
  • Mikuri and Blaise mention that "they're going to Candy Mountain!"
  • Aki's cheongsam has an image of Vince Offer on it.
  • Daisuke is dressed as the Taco Bell logo.
  • Sengoku bribes Daisuke into staying at his house with the 2000 Kids' Choice Awards, Burger King, Garfield coloring books, and Pokémon episodes on demand.
  • Kazuma wonders if the pirates are in Inception.
  • The Capricorn Pirates have a Mumford and Sons vs. Kesha, Florence + The Machine, Gogol Bordello, The Pogues, and Paris Hilton CD.

The CP 9 Victimization Chapter