Shout Out: SpongeBob SquarePants

  • Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy reference both the Batman TV series and Aquaman and Aqualad and Manta Ray is based off of Black Manta.
  • In the episode about the Hash-Slinging Slasher, the flickering lights end up being caused by...Orlok? SpongeBob just laughs it off. "Nosferatu!"
  • Mr. Krabs (shouting in response to Sandy about why there's only one fast-food restaurant in Bikini Bottom) "...There can be only one, drylander!" (Mr. Krabs is Clancy Brown, who played The Kurgan in Highlander).
  • In "Pranks A Lot", Mr. Krabs says "I ain't afraid of no ghosts!"
  • In the episode "Ghost Host", after the Flying Dutchman's failed attempt to scare SpongeBob, he takes the form of a horrible, worm-like monster with the head of J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, complete with pipe.
  • "Spy Buddies" has a reference to James Bond.
  • In "Stanley S. SquarePants", it was revealed that Mr. Krabs has three nephews who solve mysteries.
  • "SpongeBob's Last Stand" features a song called "Give Jellyfish Fields A Chance", which is a parody of John Lennon's "Give Peace A Chance". The scene that the song plays over is a parody of the music video for "Subterranean Homesick Blues".
    • The middle of the jellyfishing song has a slight rewrite of The Toyes' Smoke Two Joints (replace "two joints" with "jellyfishing").
  • Wormsign!" *Cue a shot of a picket sign reading "Worm".*
  • In "Rule of Dumb", "With great power comes great responsibility."
  • In the episode "Sailor Mouth", there is a shoutout to George Carlin's Seven Dirty Words routine in this exchange:
    Mr Krabs: There are 13 bad words you should never use.
    Squidward: Don't you mean they're only seven?
    Mr Krabs: Not if you're a sailor. (chuckles)
  • In "New Student Starfish", Patrick's climb up the mountain of light bulbs has a brief shout out to The Price Is Right's Cliff Hanger Game, complete with yodeling and lederhosen.
  • In "The Camping Episode", Spongebob and Patrick end up smashing a guitar and a drum set, respectively. Okay, quite a few Rockers Smash Guitars, so that could be a Shout-Out to any of those bands, right? Fast forward to the episode "Sweet And Sour Squid" where Squidward and Plankton are clearly singing a parody of "Pinball Wizard", and it seems to indicate that at least one writer among the crew is a fan of The Who, meaning that in the Camping Episode Spongebob and Patrick were most likely immitating Pete Townshend and Keith Moon, respectively.
  • During the tenth anniversary special, Robin Williams asked Patchy if he knew Captain Hook. Granted, this is Robin Williams we're talking about, so that line was likely to have been ad-libbed, but still...
  • In "Squidbob Tentaclepants," Sandy's teleportation device bears a striking resemblance to Brundle's telepods.
  • "Bye Squidward! Bye Mr. Krabs! Bye, Squidward." "You said "Bye, Squidward" twice." "I like Squidward."
  • In "Hooky", when Patrick is riding on a hook like a horse, he shouts, "Heigh-ho, Silverfish! Away!"
  • "Karate Island" is one long shout out to Game of Death, complete with Sandy wearing the famous yellow tracksuit Bruce Lee wore in said movie.
    • If it's SANDY dressed like that, it could be a shout-out to a shout-out, i.e. Kill Bill.
  • The second half of "Squeaky Boots" parodies Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart", where Mr. Krabs steals the rubber boots he gave to Spongebob and hides them under the floorboards of the Krusty Krab, only to still be driven mad by the squeaking.
  • At the end of "Fear of a Krabby Patty":
    Giant Krabby Patty: Just remember, Spongebob, I'll always be with you right here. (points to a part of Spongebob's stomach with a glowing finger)
    SpongeBob: In my heart?
    Giant Krabby Patty: Actually, in your arteries.
  • In one episode, Mr. Krabs enters Sandy's dome for the first time and remarks, "It seems so much bigger once you're inside..." Sandy casually responds, "Yeah, that's what they all say."
  • In "Hocus Pocus", Mr. Magic lives on a brown-tiled road.
    • In fact Mr. Magic himself more or less serves the same role as the titular "wizard."
  • "Plankton!"
  • In "Pizza Delivery", Spongebob is called "Jethro" twice.
  • "SpongeBob B.C." has the weird chanting and famous music from 2001: A Space Odyssey when prehistoric SpongeBob discovers that he can use fire to cook food.
  • Krabs Vs. Plankton: When Plankton enters the courtroom, the theme from The Peoples Court plays. No, not a Suspiciously Similar Song, the actual music.
  • There is an episode called Krabby Road. Three guesses on what that's a pun of.
  • In "Face Freeze", Spongebob and Patrick make a number of ridiculous faces that are just plain creepy. One of the ones Patrick chose to make? A... um... pink monstrosity with square ears, a pointed head, a menacing grin, and sunken-in black eyes... He would be the kind of person to turn the population into chocolate if he could, but isn't that going a little far even for him?
  • In "The Bully", the scene where Flats chases SpongeBob down with a garbage truck is very similar to the climax of Back to the Future Part II where Biff chases Marty down a tunnel in his car - both Biff and Flats are even shown close up and laughing evilly behind the wheel. This would also be a very nice Actor Allusion, as Tom Wilson played both of them.
  • In "To Save A Squirrel", Sandy uses the phrase "Eat or be eaten" to describe was survival training camp is like.
  • "Big Pink Loser" has a shout-out to The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, of all things, when Patrick claims that his life's dream is "to defeat the giant Monkey Man and save the ninth dimension", later amending it to "to defeat the little Monkey Man and save the eighth dimension" when SpongeBob convinces him that it might be too hard. The titular "eighth dimension" was a key part of the plot of Buckaroo Banzai, and it also featured a race of villainous aliens who called all humans "Monkey Boy" ("It's not my goddamn planet! Understand, Monkey Boy?").